Vitaly Milonov - Russian politician, deputy: biography

Vitaly Milonov - Russian politician, deputy: biography
Vitaly Milonov - Russian politician, deputy: biography

Milonov Vitaly Valentinovich is a politician, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg (4 and 5 convocations). He is a member of the United Russia political faction.


Vitaly Milonov was born in January 1974 (on the 23rd) in Leningrad.

Vitaly Milonov

Vitaly's parents are a naval officer and a primary school teacher.


The North-West Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (with a degree in State and Municipal Administration) he graduated in 2006. After a short period of time, Vitaly Milonov successfully enters the Orthodox St. Tikhon University for the Humanities (for distance learning).

Vitaly Valentinovich Milonov

In the late nineties, some media posted information that in 1994 Milonov studied at the Pacific University (Hawaii) with a degree in Politics and Economics, as well as the Robert Shauman Institute of Budapest. However, this information was removed from the world's Internet resources in subsequent years.

Career Ladder

Vitaly Valentinovich Milonov began his own political career in 1990-1991. At that moment hebecame a member of the Free Democratic Party of the Russian Federation. In the ninety-fourth year, he becomes an assistant to Savitsky, a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Milonov's term of service as a personal assistant is 365 days.

Deputy Vitaly Milonov

The beginning of Vitaly Valentinovich's career growth was marked by active social activities in the Young Christian Democrats.

In 1997, Vitaly Milonov served as an assistant to the deputy of the State Duma Starovoitova. In 1998, Mrs. Starovoitova nominated Milonov for election races in the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly. However, the sudden death of her mentor Starovoitova (she was shot dead on 11/20/1998) forced Milonov to withdraw his personal candidacy, thus enabling his competitor Vadim Tyulpanov to fill a vacancy in the deputy ranks of the Legislative Assembly. Vitaly Valentinovich is now Tyulpanov's personal assistant.

In 2004, Vitaly Milonov became a deputy of the Dachnoye municipality in the city on the Neva. In 2005, he was the head of the administration of the Krasnenkaya Rechka education in the Kirovsky district of the northern capital.

In 2007, Milonov again ran for the Legislative Assembly of the city on the Neva. Elected deputy of the 4th convocation. For a rather long period, the politician has been chairman of the commission on the structure of state power, administrative-territorial structure and local self-government. At the same time, he was a member of the Budget and Finance Committee. In 2009, he sits as head of the legislative committee.

In 2001, Milonov was elected deputy of the LA of the fifthconvocation. From now on, there is a reception of Vitaly Milonov, information about the schedule of which can be found on the official website of the AP.

Vitaly Milonov's reception

In parallel with his active political activities, Milonov becomes a member of the parish council of the Orthodox Church of St. Peter and actively takes part in divine services, not missing a single one.

Milonov's special offers in 2011

In 2011, politician Milonov comes up with a list of initiatives that, in his opinion, can improve the lives of citizens of the Russian Federation:

  1. On his initiative, the law banning hookah smoking comes into force. He explains his position by the fact that smoking hookahs is extremely harmful to he alth and promotes the distribution of drugs.
  2. Becomes the author of a bill that provides for administrative liability for citizens who promote pedophilia and homosexuality.

What the politician proposes in 2012

  1. Introduces a proposal to ban photography and video filming in the subway.
  2. Proposes a ban on the study of Darwinian theory in school. Vitaly Milonov has repeatedly made statements that the concept of "evolution" is stupid, and man appeared by the will of God.
  3. Deputy Vitaly Milonov initiates a ban on sexual education of children in schools, believing that it corrupts children and negatively affects the emerging psyche.
  4. Vitaly Milonov in his youth
  5. Fanatically opposes embezzlement to Alexander Sokurov title of Honorary Citizen, explaining his position by the fact that he, as a director, allegedly creates films that contradict God's commandments.
  6. Milonov opposes the broadcast of the MTV channel, believing that the persons who run the program are immoral, and advocates its closure.
  7. Initiates the creation of a morality police in the city on the Neva.
  8. Trying to get a ban on the functioning of the Juventa Medical Diagnostic Center, which conducts abortions.
  9. Vitaly Valentinovich Milonov puts forward a proposal in which he tries to give the embryos the rights of citizens. Clearly, this bill is rejected. Most of the deputies call this project crazy.

Milonov's controversial proposals in 2013

  1. Milonov is trying to amend the Federal Law on Advertising (in the microcredit section). Politician demands that advertisements for microfinance providers show the true annual interest rate.
  2. He has drawn up a project that restricts the production, import and sale of food products in the Russian Federation that contain more than 2% trans fatty acids. This project quickly found supporters among the deputies of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly.
  3. Vitaly Milonov wife
  4. Vitaly Valentinovich repeatedly opposes the Eurovision Song Contest in society. Because, in his opinion, homosexual relations are promoted at this contest. Instead, he proposes to organize a similar titled "RussiaVision".
  5. Politician tries to debate ban on free abortions for no good reason. In the category of exceptions, he makes only cases when there is a pregnancy after rape, and for medical reasons.
  6. The politician is the author of a draft legislative document that establishes fairly large pen alties for utilities that do not comply with the rules for providing services to the population. This bill is positively received by the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly.
  7. Milonov proposes to relocate people without a fixed place of residence to collective farms that are considered abandoned.

Controversial initiatives by Vitaly Milonov in 2014

  1. The politician is the author of a legislative act on the creation of pet walking areas in St. Petersburg.
  2. Initiates a draft law that provides for pen alties for creating false personal pages (fake) on the Internet. For individuals, in this case, it is proposed to determine a fine in the amount of 5,000 rubles, for legal entities - up to 2,000,000 rubles.
  3. Deputy Vitaly Milonov is the author of the cancellation of classes at schools on Saturday, in his opinion, a six-day week for children is a lot.
  4. Trying to ban beauty contests for children in the city on the Neva, explaining that such events have a negative impact on the child's psyche.

Private life

Vitaly Milonov married Eva Liburkina in his youth. She bore her husband a daughter and a son, whomThe names are Marfa and Nikolay. Somewhat later, Vitaly Milonov, wife Eva adopted a boy.

1991 in the personal life of the politician was marked by the fact that Milonov begins to attend meetings of Evangelical Christians. In 1998, he joined the Orthodox science. He was repeatedly seen in public places, wearing a T-shirt with a rather extremist inscription "Orthodoxy and Death".

The politician is well educated, encyclopedically erudite, fluent in Norwegian and English.

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