Belarusian army: history, uniform, ranks, numbers and weapons

Belarusian army: history, uniform, ranks, numbers and weapons
Belarusian army: history, uniform, ranks, numbers and weapons

The observed increase in the number of armed conflicts on the planet causes natural concern. The Republic of Belarus conducts peaceful diplomacy without aggression towards its neighbors.

But the army of the state keeps the gunpowder dry and is able to protect the integrity and independence of the country by force.

From the Soviet overcoat

The Belarusian army was formed on the basis of the military district of the same name, the equal of which could not be found in the former union state.

The territorial formation was in the main strategic direction, propping up the shock fist in Germany. Actually, therefore, even in the era of socialism, enterprises were built to repair and restore military aircraft and armored vehicles. The armed group had at its disposal a developed infrastructure that ensured life in peacetime and use in wartime.

Abundance of warehouses, dense network of access roads; reserves in readiness to deploy here an army of a million personnel. The famous quality of roads is explained by the fact that they were created as a reserve"jump" airfields for aviation. Pilots are polishing the takeoff and landing on highways today. The Day of the Belarusian Army was first celebrated on March 20, 1992. This is the date when it was decided at the government level to create the armed forces of the new country.

Reformation took place in two stages: a reduction was made and a new structure was created.

The size of the army turned out to be excessive, so in 1992-1996. 250 military units were reduced or reorganized. At this time, the nuclear missile demilitarization of the republic was completed.

Armament of the Belarusian army



Armored vehicles


Artillery systems


Combat aircraft


Attack rotorcraft


The table shows the structural composition of the modern armed forces. The Belarusian army today is an integral combat-ready organism. Here are both liable-for-military citizens and civilian employees.

Belarusian army strength

Category As of year:
2005 2016
Military personnel 48 50 252 people
Civilian personnel 13 16 407 people
Total 61 66 932 people

The peacetime staff will remain unchanged if there is no clear specialization of the armed forces with a focus on increasing the number of aviation units and air defense.

Belarusian army today

Type Base Brigades Shelves Parts
Mechanized 4
Mobile (air assault) 2
Special Operations Forces 2
Missile 1
Artillery 3
Rocket-artillery 1
Aircraft missiles 4
Aviation 3
Radio Engineering 2

Alteration of the armed forces will soon be completed.

After reorganization

Now the tactical unit is a brigade; in the Air Force - with the prefix avia-, in the Airborne Forces - with the name "mobile" with the entry from now on into the Special Operations Forces. The ranks of the Belarusian army remained the same as in Soviet times.

There was a delimitation of powers between the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff, based on experience with most countries. Ground troopsand Air Force - types of armed forces of the Republic of Belarus.

Composition of the Belarusian army

Ministry of Defense of the Armed Forces

Republic of Belarus

General Staff

Provision parts, maintenance

and security

Ground Forces Air Force and Air Defense

Special Forces


Special Forces Armaments Rear Universities and organizations

The strength of the Belarusian army is expressed in the following figures: officers - 14,502, warrant officers - 6,850, privates and sergeants - 25,671, cadets - 3,502, civilian personnel - 16,407.

The staffing of the troops is of a mixed type - both conscripts and contract soldiers serve. If a war breaks out, Belarus can easily put 500,000 trained fighters under arms on its own.

The call is constantly held in spring and autumn, the age limit is 18-27 years. How many people will have to serve in the Belarusian army depends on pre-conscription training.

Service life by call-up category in months


Higher education






Taught at the department of the university or faculty under the training program for junior commanders


For serving officers oncall


The staff is trained at the academy and at the military departments of civilian state universities. Junior commanders are trained at the joint training center.

Weapons stored in warehouses and arsenals will be enough in case of armed conflict. Experts believe that the training of the soldiers of the Belarusian Armed Forces is carried out with high quality. Emphasis on mobile defense.

Lack of funds

Technologies are improving every day: what was advanced yesterday, today is the last century. This is directly related to defense technologies. The problem of the Belarusian army is antediluvian weapons and used equipment, dilapidated infrastructure. Time is the enemy, if nothing is done, the obsolete becomes with the prefix "hopelessly" ancient. And more costs are required for maintenance, not to mention conversion. Considerable funds are needed for updating and maintaining. There comes a time when hard decisions have to be made. Such a situation developed in 2012: the modern Belarusian army was forced to abandon the SU-24, -27 fighters and withdraw them from the Air Force.

In this situation, they buy new, less expensive aircraft. The current aircraft costs $30-50 million, a tank costs $3 million, and large quantities of equipment are needed. For Belarus - an unbearable burden. The proportion of advanced weapons is declining: the Defense Ministry admits that the re-equipment plan is not true. They are trying to solve the problem, repair and restoration enterprises are modernizing aviation and armored vehicles of other countries.The Belarusian army buys weapons from the Russian military-industrial complex, but there are also difficulties. Over the past five years, the Tor-M2 air defense system was purchased to create one and the S-300 PS to equip four divisions, as well as 4 UBS Yak-130. The scarcity of funds does not allow buying more.

Do what you can

The military-industrial complex of the republic began to produce: navigation equipment, avionics, space and satellite communications and accessories. Belarusian UAVs have long been used in the army, robotic destruction systems are being developed.

The Polonaise MLRS complex, which belongs to the class of high-precision weapons, has been tested. Adjustment and improvement of combat aircraft has been mastered, a set of measures is being taken to improve the Grad installations.

modern Belarusian army

As a result of the events, 900 units of repaired and brought to mind weapons and equipment were put into operation. The limiting moment of transformation at the expense of the military-industrial complex is the lack of funds.

The new Belarusian army, despite this, looks convincing in the post-Soviet space. A component of the national Armed Forces is territorial defense, based on the popular partisan experience of national or national struggle.

A special department has been created in the structure of the General Staff, instructional manuals have been approved. It was organized to solve the problems of transitioning to martial law, combating paratroopers, saboteurs and illegal armed groups, and protecting facilities.


New military uniform approved in Belarusianarmy in 2009, this is equipment that meets all sanitary requirements. On practical experience, we were convinced that this field clothing withstands everything that it is supposed to do for its intended purpose. The configuration of the pattern makes the fighter invisible through optical observation devices in conditions of insufficient visibility. The uniform of the Belarusian army is in harmony with the natural background of Belarus, which once again confirms the defensive doctrine of the republic's policy.

As experts assure, the material meets hygienic requirements, is resistant to abrasion, moisture resistant and retains color. About the shortcomings. Shoulder straps of the Belarusian army will show only the military rank, nothing else can be found out, the uniform is impersonal: belonging to the military branch and the country is not identified - a feeling of deep secrecy. This is in defiance of other states, where they do not hesitate to present themselves in full glory, and immediately catches the eye when specialists from other countries come to inspect Belarusian units.

shoulder straps of the Belarusian army

NATO uniform is a clear confirmation of this. Attach Velcro - no problem: use all kinds of chevrons.

The design is also underdeveloped, few pockets. The main drawback is impracticality. The uniform of the Belarusian army today does not retain heat well and does not remove sweat well. Cotton manufacture in the past was controlled by temperature fluctuations. Not so with semi-synthetics. Russia was already stepping on the rake when it introduced the uniform. An explosion of colds in the autumn-winter season among conscripts revealed the unsuitability of clothing. What is thiscloth.

Light industry tried to create an almost perfect material, and it succeeded. Similar materials are available in the states of the world. At first, the equipment was sewn from the right fabric, but for a short time: it did not fit into the allocated funds. The developers have focused on reducing costs and retained only the appearance. There is no other explanation, but is it possible to save on security?

Successes and failures

In 2006, the end of the reorganization in the Armed Forces was announced. Summing up, it is clear what the Belarusian army is now. The event passed without public upheaval.

The republic inherited the base of the district, new military camps built with German money for the contingent withdrawn from Germany. The republic switched to an army staff with a heterogeneous staffing: conscripts and contract soldiers. As a consequence of this, hazing is extremely rare in the Belarusian troops. A compact army can afford to recruit only the worthy.

Armed forces are gradually drawn into politics. Workers on ideology were replaced by educators. During election campaigns, they help ensure the desired result. It is difficult after this to assert that the army is out of politics. The current "commissars" are having a hard time, since there is still no clear ideology.

uniform of the Belarusian army

The weak point is the park of military equipment. Own updating is extremely limited, the reason is banal - lack of money. Hopes are pinned on the help of Russia, the course towards the formation of a single stateis preserved, and the formation of a grouping of the armed forces of the two countries is vital - a joint air defense has been created. Russia will help re-equip the Belarusian army. First of all, the Air Force and Air Defense, which are waiting for the S-400 air defense system and 4 ++ fighters. Military experts note that the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus are beyond competition in Eastern Europe.

Military hierarchy, shoulder straps of the Belarusian army




Patches Stars


on the chase

In millimeters
Width Diameter


Senior 1 2 3 4 10 30 13 16 20
Soldier Clean
Corporal + + Across
Sergeant + + + +
+ + +
+ + + +
Sergeant Major + + Along
Ensign + + +
+ + + +
Lieutenant + + + Clearance 1
+ + +
+ + + +
Captain + + +
Major + + Prosvet 2
Lieutenant Colonel + + +
Colonel + + +
General Mr + +

Along embroidered with gold thread

Lt + +
Pk + +

Armor is strong

Military equipment is rapidly aging due to the introduction of advanced technologies. The issue of updating or replacing with new samples is acute. Products that are listed on the balance sheet of the Ground Forces are already the history of the Belarusian army. Problem solved.

Time is inexorable, but so far it is not critical. The issue is topical for the armed forces of most states.

belarusian army photo

Belarusian army adopted one tank model - T-72B. This is a simple and reliable machine, comparable to the heroic T-34. Distinctive features: dynamic hull protection, improved firing system - firing a cumulative guided missile through the muzzle. "Dynamics" covered the car, but against the current means of destruction, it is rather weak.

"Achilles' heel" - placement of ammunition in the rear area of ​​the tower. When a projectile hits this zone, the stowage inside is detonated, which leads to the death of the vehicle and crew.

Todaythere is no urgent need for re-equipment. The tank has a reserve for improving the fire potential, fire control equipment, modern means of communication and navigation. There is no money for the purchase of new tanks and is not expected; if you indulge in dreams that finances have appeared, the option of acquiring the Ukrainian Oplot tank will be rational. The machine is far superior in performance to the Russian T-90. In the case of military-industrial cooperation, it would be appropriate to use Belarusian fire control equipment in this tank, which will reduce the price without reducing performance.

For infantry cover

The workhorse of the motorized riflemen of the Belarusian army remains the BMP-2 for the transfer of personnel to the battlefield. The vehicle has shown itself positively in combat operations, combining mobility and firepower. BMP-2 has been a reliable assistant for three decades now. An acceptable replacement option is the transition to the BMP-3M. Due to the exceptional potential of the new weapons, the firepower has increased significantly, and the equipment of the vehicle with dynamic protection provided it with additional survivability.

the size of the Belarusian army

The new complex is able to withstand tanks. Equipping Belarusian motorized rifle units with these infantry fighting vehicles will help to re-equip, which will increase the combat capability of the units. Armored personnel carriers BTR-80 are on the balance of infantry units, their purpose is similar to the BMP. The car is reliable, fast, overcomes trenches, funnels and crosses water barriers without any problems, the Belarusian army deserves respect for the “armor”.A photo of the BTR-80 demonstrates its menacing beauty.

However, the experience of using machines in a combat situation is indicative. There is no escape from "land mines": armor-piercing bullets "pierce" the armored personnel carrier through and through. One can agree with the deployment of personnel inside the vehicle, but with landing from it - no way. This led to the fact that the personnel are forced to move on top of the armor - there are more chances to stay alive when undermined. The designers of the Russian military-industrial complex are developing new vehicles, they have created the BTR-82. Anti-fragmentation armor protection has been improved here and air conditioning has been installed.

God of War

The Belarusian army is armed with self-propelled guns of 152 mm caliber. In divisions of mechanized brigades - 122-mm 2S1. Self-propelled guns "Msta-S" and "Hyacinth" have a serious range of fire, but do not differ in accurate hit due to the lack of modern automated control systems, high-precision projectiles in sufficient quantities and primitive decay. There is not even talk of rearmament, it is clear here - lack of money. A partial cosmetic update is acceptable, equipping the automated control system for self-propelled guns 2S3 and 2S5, which will increase performance.

serve in the Belarusian army

Along with self-propelled guns, 2A65 152 mm howitzers are in service, which are a successful invention. The gun being towed is just a target in the current war, transfer to a self-propelled base is necessary. The composition of the Belarusian rocket artillery includes MLRS of 122, 220, 300 mm calibers. The presence of such weapons is capable of defeating a potential enemy at a distance of 70 km. This type of artillery causes minimal unrest in landparts:

  • changing the BM-21 chassis of the Ural model to the Mazov one increases the reserve by 40 shells;
  • permissible age of the MLRS "Smerch" - 25 years;
  • interest on the part of the country's leadership in the problems of rocket artillery gives a chance for further modernization of artillery units.

Don't be bad yourself

The Polonaise MLRS, capable of hitting targets at a distance of 50-200 km, entered service. The Belarusian army has been waiting for a rocket launcher for a long time. The photo below demonstrates this type of technique.

modern Belarusian army

The product was developed and produced in Belarus. This base hosts a number of Russian systems, such as the Iskander. In addition, serial production of ammunition has been established. The country has created a rocket science NPC and is engaged in defensive strategy. The essence is to make the enemy think: continue aggression or stop.

This is a humane defensive tactic - a final warning. The army was equipped with means that will cause serious damage. Belarus is obliged to rely on the concluded international agreements and treaties and at the same time improve its weapons. Work continues to extend the service life of the means of destruction that are stored in warehouses. Previously, ammunition was thoughtlessly disposed of. Today, such an attitude is unacceptable, not the time. Thanks to this prudent approach, 10,000 destruction units are given new life every year.

Ghost prospects

The army of Belarus is redundant, despite its compactness. Membership in the CSTO makes it difficult to reducearmy ranks so that the military structure receives a clear specialization. The process has been launched, as a result, everything that is beneficial to Russia will remain: air defense, special operations units, electronic personnel. In its current form, the army will not survive without an alliance with Russia. Otherwise, the state will lose new military equipment, and there will be no reason to feed the group of troops in the center of Europe. People and old equipment will be laid off, the armed forces will become professional.

What will the opening of the Russian airbase bring to Belarus? The SU-27 fighter of the “4+” generation flies with such a radius of action that the United Kingdom is seen under the wing. Why do the allies insist on taking this step: it is impossible to reduce the strategic weight of the direction, at the forefront of which the Belarusian Armed Forces. Belarus is not able to buy new aircraft, so it seemed possible to compensate for the strength of the Belarusian Air Force with Russian power. We must not forget - the states are allied, integral air defense is necessary.

The appearance of the national army will be transformed over time. The plan for the construction and development of the armed forces for the current five-year plan plans to change the financing of the defense department.

The funds will be used exclusively in the necessary areas that form the country's combat potential and give an undeniable result.

The leadership needs to strengthen patriotism in society, form an ideology, and prevent alien influence in the army.

The Armed Forces of the Republic are combat-ready and capable of repelling aggression. The technique is outdated, but not critical. Herewhat is needed is the training of commanders, the ability to fight and take charge of military operations in difficult times. Train personnel, because it is not the weapon that shoots, but the soldier from it.

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