Oliver Queen: the hero who made the actor

Oliver Queen: the hero who made the actor
Oliver Queen: the hero who made the actor

The series "Oliver Queen" was released on television in 2012 and immediately received its audience of viewers. The plot seems to be not new, and those who have already watched the series will find a clear similarity with "Batman", but it is good in its own way and attracts with its mystery and understatement.


Oliver Queen is a guy from a family of billionaires. Since childhood, his parents did not refuse him anything, and, of course, he grew up to be a spoiled and selfish playboy.

My name is Oliver Queen

But one day everything changed. The ship that Oliver was on sank due to the fault of a certain Malcolm Merlyn, who staged the catastrophe. And after a long search for the poor man, the family considered Oliver dead and buried him in absentia.

But five years later, a surprise awaited everyone: Oliver was found on a little-known island and returned home. After returning and a touching reunion with his family, Oliver reconsidered a lot in his life and changed his views on many things. These changes also could not hide from his relatives, who mourned for him for a long time. Therefore, by day Oliver remained for everyone a spoiled boy and a laid-backplayboy, and at night he turned into a hero, putting on a mask and taking with him a bow and arrow.

But the appearance of the hero on the streets of the city did not really please the bad guys, who were now and then pacified by the night avenger. By the way, the police were not particularly enthusiastic, because someone is doing their job. Therefore, both of them decided to arrange a hunt for the "green arrow" who was administering his personal justice. But this is only the tip of the iceberg of the hero's problems, there are still many secrets of the past, which he will eventually learn about.

TV series Oliver Queen

Interesting about the seraglio

Interesting facts about the painting:

  • Oliver Queen's character appeared in 1941 for the first time, in the comic book "Mor Fan Comics" 73;
  • George Papp and Mort Weisinger co-wrote "Green Arrow", which was made into a TV series;
  • The facade of the police headquarters shown in the picture is actually the Los Angeles City Library;
  • Coast City is used repeatedly in the Oliver Queen TV series, and in the comics it is the hometown of one of the Green Lantern characters, Hal Jordon;
  • The character Judge Grell was created in honor of Michael Grell (Michael wrote Green Arrow comics for quite some time);
  • landscapes and views of the city shown in the series - in fact, these are several frames taken from different parts of the world: Frankfurt (Germany), Tokyo (Japan), Center City (Philadelphia) and Back Bay Boston (Massachusetts)).

Movie quotes

  • The island whereI was found called Lian'yu, "purgatory" in Mandarin. I was thrown into it five years ago. Since then, every cold night I dreamed of salvation, with one single thought, with one goal - to survive.
  • My name is Oliver Queen. On the island, I had to become what I had not been before. I return home not as a boy who once got to the island, but as a man who will repay those who poison my city.
  • The same can be said about you. I've waited five years for the chance to joke like that.
  • Do you think that if you care for others, you can die? I think caring keeps you alive.

Oliver's conversation with governess Raisa:

  • You're different Oliver, you haven't read a book before.
  • Have I really changed? We both know I've been bad. Now I want to become what you wanted me to be.
Oliver Queen

The Unknown Actor

Stephen Amell is a Canadian actor who was born in Toronto on May 8, 1981. Oddly enough, the boy grew up quiet and calm. Parents sent their son to a private school, where he had plenty of time to play sports, which helped the guy a lot in the future.

Oliver Queen actor

The idea of ​​acting came to Stephen only at the age of 22, at a time when things were not going well with his main job - in an insurance company. But things were not as easy as Amell had hoped. Having an excellent physique and attractive appearance, Stephen hoped for a fast and fast career, but the guy's ambitions were not crowned.success.

Only a year later he had the opportunity to try his acting skills. He got the role of a bike race coach in the TV series Close Friends. And it became small, but the start for further development.

In 2005, he got a role in the film project "Dante's Bay", where his character was noticed and film critics responded well. And in 2006, the actor was nominated for the "Jammy" award for "Best Guest Actor" after participating in the TV series "Coffee House". And a year later, Stephen received his first Jammy Award for his participation in the sci-fi series ReGenesis. The work of the actor was highly appreciated by film critics, and this award gave a good impetus to the rapid development of Amell's acting career. After that, he was invited to many fairly well-known projects, such as The Vampire Diaries, Stallion, 902010, Private Practice.


Summing up, it is worth noting that thanks to the hero Oliver Queen, the actor has become recognizable and quite in demand. Once upon a time, a dream came true. But without diligence and diligence, the guy would not have succeeded much, because he studied archery for several weeks and studied the techniques of wrestling and the intricacies of parkour day by day, and thanks to one hundred percent dedication and dedication to a great cause, he performed almost all the tricks himself. Therefore, the series turned out to be dynamic and very professional.

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