Actor Jean Rochefort: filmography, personal life, photo

Actor Jean Rochefort: filmography, personal life, photo
Actor Jean Rochefort: filmography, personal life, photo

Jean Rochefort is a workaholic actor who cannot imagine life without his favorite job. By the age of 85, this charming man managed to appear in more than 150 films. The Frenchman, despite his advanced age, continues to accept roles, delighting fans with interesting novelties. What films with his participation are definitely worth watching, what is known about the life of a celebrity outside the set?

Jean Rochefort: biography of a star

The real name of the French actor is Robber. Jean Rochefort was born in 1930, his birthplace is the small town of Dinan. The parents of the star were ordinary people, far from cinema and theater, which did not prevent him from indulging in fantasies about the stage as a child. Little is known about the Frenchman's childhood. Only that he grew up as a cheerful, friendly guy, easily found contact with others.

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Jean Rochefort began to make his dream of acting a reality when he became a student at the Paris Conservatoire. Interestingly, Belmondo studied with him on the same course, the young people were friends. After graduating from an educational institution in which he mastered the basicsacting, the young man served in the army.

First successes

Waiting for a star role, Jean Rochefort starred in tapes that did not bring him fame. But the young man knew how to wait, luck, in the end, smiled at him. The role, thanks to which the Frenchman became known to the general public, went to him only in 1961. Philippe de Broc invited him to take part in the filming of his comedy Cartouche. This is the story of a daring 18th century bandit who is the French equivalent of Robin Hood.

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The main roles went to Belmondo and Cardinale, Rochefort embodied the image of Mole. The popularity of the film went beyond France, Jean got his first fans. The film project "Angelica, Marquise of Angels", which was released in 1964, helped to consolidate the success of the rising star. In it, he played a police officer Degre, who assumed the duties of an assistant to the legendary baroness. Having successfully coped with the role, he also took part in the filming of the next two films dedicated to the adventures of Angelica.

Bright roles of the 70s

The talented actor got his first Cesar award only at the age of 45. She was brought to him by the tape "Let the holiday begin", in which he starred in 1975. The drama tells about the problems of France in the 18th century, standing on the threshold of revolution.

The first "Cesar" was followed by the second, it was received already in 1977 by Jean Rochefort. The filmography of the celebrity has acquired another bright film project, which was the "Drummer Crab". In it, the actor got the role of a captain who has cancer and wants to make the last seajourney.

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"Let's run bolder" - a 1979 melodrama in which Jean reincarnated as an ordinary pharmacist who falls passionately in love in his declining years. He and Catherine Deneuve made a wonderful couple, forcing the audience to freeze at the TV screens again and again.

Best movies of the 80s-90s

The next two decades also proved to be fruitful for the actor who does not stop acting. In 1987, the comedy Tandem was released, in which the Frenchman tried on the image of a TV show star who arranges performances in different cities. Critics and viewers also liked the comedy "The Barber's Husband", in which the hero of Rochefort intends to marry an employee of the barber shop.

In 1996, he plays the Marquis involved in the intrigues of the court of Versailles. The tape is called "Mockery", belongs to the category of melodramas. By the way, this film project earned an Oscar nomination. The audience warmly welcomed the film "The Man from the Train", in which the French actor portrays the former teacher.

Jean Rochefort, whose photo with his wife can be seen below, brilliantly copes with comedy roles. Even playing in thrillers and melodramas, this person knows how to give the audience a great mood.


Filming is far from the only, though the strongest passion of a talented actor from France. Jean Rochefort sits down in the director's chair from time to time, shooting mostly documentaries. An example of such work is the tape dedicated to the personality of the actor Marcel Dalio, called "With respectfuldisrespect.”

Jean Rochefort filmography

In addition to directing, Jean is seriously involved in breeding horses, perceiving this business almost as a second profession. He does not forget about the rest, he is happy to meet with friends - Richard, Belmondo.

Private life

The actor is not among the representatives of the creative profession who are unlucky in love. Alexandra Mosava, a Pole by nationality, became the first girl whom Jean Rochefort married. Personal life at that time was not as important for the Frenchman as work, it is not surprising that the couple quickly broke up before they had time to have children. But his second wife, with whom he is married to this day, gave birth to two daughters. His wife's name is Francoise, she has nothing to do with the world of cinema. According to rumors, Jean also has a son born to his former mistress.

The last film project to date, in which you can see the actor, was released in 2015. The movie is called Florida.

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