Director Andrey Kravchuk: biography and filmography

Director Andrey Kravchuk: biography and filmography
Director Andrey Kravchuk: biography and filmography

"Admiral" - a film thanks to which Kravchuk Andrey won the love of the audience. The talented director started by creating documentaries, then switched to feature films and succeeded very well in this direction. What is the history of the master, what is known about his creative achievements?

Kravchuk Andrey: the beginning of the journey

The creator of the films "Admiral" and "Viking" was born in St. Petersburg (Leningrad). It happened in April 1962. Kravchuk Andrei comes from an ordinary family, there are no movie stars among his relatives. At school, the boy studied well, gravitated towards the exact sciences. Relatives predicted a brilliant career in the scientific field for a talented child.

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After graduating from school, Andrey continued his education at the Leningrad State University. The young man completed his studies at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics in 1984, then entered graduate school and began to think about defending his Ph.D. thesis.

Andrey Kravchuk became interested in the world of cinema thanks to a chance acquaintance. He met Alexei German, who offered the guy a job as an assistant director. AndrewI had to work in this capacity on the film "We're going to America." It was then that Kravchuk realized that his real vocation was the creation of films. Shortly thereafter, he entered the St. Petersburg University of Film and Television.


Andrey Kravchuk received a second higher education, then became an employee of Lenfilm. At first, the novice director was afraid that he would not pull a large-scale project. The creation of short films and documentaries helped him acquire the necessary skills.

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For the first time, Kravchuk was able to attract public attention thanks to the film “Semyon Aranovich. Last frame. The documentary tells the story of the famous director and actor. The tape was included in the cycle of works prepared for the 85th anniversary of Lenfilm.


In 1999, novice director Andrey Kravchuk joined the team that worked on the TV project "Streets of Broken Lights 2". In 2000, he and Yuri Feting presented the melodrama "Christmas Mystery" to the audience. The picture tells the story of the relationship between Maxim and Masha. The main characters fell in love with each other during their school years, but circumstances forced them to leave. Many years later, they meet again, which is where the fun begins.

Followed by work on the TV projects "Black Raven" and "National Security Agent 3". Then Kravchuk filmed the mini-series "Gentlemen Officers", which tells the story of three friends who fought together inAfghanistan.

Highest hour

"Italian" - a picture thanks to which Andrei Kravchuk gained his first fans. The filmography of the master acquired this tape in 2005. The film project tells the story of a boy who does everything possible to find his own mother. The film not only received a standing ovation at the Berlin Film Festival, but also received an Oscar nomination. Although there were critics who considered Kravchuk's film propaganda. They said that the picture calls for a ban on foreigners to adopt Russian children.

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"Admiral" - a film thanks to which Andrey Kravchuk woke up famous. The biography of the star reflects that this happened in 2008. The focus of the audience is a very controversial personality - Alexander Kolchak, the hero of the Civil War. Key roles were played by Khabensky and Boyarskaya. The film received mixed reviews from critics, in particular, the director was accused of being too loose with historical facts. However, the audience liked the picture.

What else to see

"Viking" is another famous film created by Kravchuk. Events unfold during the Middle Ages, when warriors were armed with heavy swords, and the laws of blood ruled the world. The audience is focused on the difficult fate of the famous historical hero - Prince Vladimir.

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In 2018, the next creation of director Kravchuk is expected. It will be a historical dramatelling the story of the Decembrist organization Union of Salvation.

Private life

Personal life is a topic that Andrei Kravchuk flatly refuses to discuss with the press. There is no information about the family of the talented director.

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