Familiar strangers - US Indians

Familiar strangers - US Indians
Familiar strangers - US Indians

Once upon a time, the notorious navigator Columbus, having landed on unknown shores, decided that he had sailed to India. And therefore, without thinking twice, he called the natives of America he saw Indians. Fortunately, there are still some similarities between the inhabitants of India and the Indians discovered by Columbus. Yes, and scientists believe that the American Indians have their roots in Asia. According to some studies, once between these two continents - America and Asia on the site of the modern Bering Strait

US Indians

there was a wide isthmus along which the distant ancestors of the current North American Indians migrated from Asia to America. For many thousands of years the American Indians of the USA inhabited the lands of North America and owned it alone. Until Christopher Columbus opened the way for Europe there, and European colonization of American lands began.

Before that, American Indians lived mostly in tribal communities. And only the mostadvanced ones, such as the Aztecs and Mayans who predicted the end of the world that did not take place in 2012, had already known the joys of class society by Columbus. Before colonization, about 2,200 Indian peoples lived on the American continent. At the beginning of the 21st century, as a result of well-known events, about a thousand of them remained. All Indian peoples in the 15th century united into 400 tribes, each of which spoke its own language. Until the 19th century, these tribes did not have their own written language, however, some of them used pictographic writing. By the way, there is no foul language in any of the languages ​​of the North American tribes. Do not swear

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US Indians. Just as they do not have the ambiguous irony familiar to Europe and modern civilized America. Indians in the USA do not joke about topics below the waist. Sexual relations for them is something from God. That is, holy.

Hunters and farmers of North American tribes left a lot of beautiful and mysterious history. For example, a recipe for a wonderful meat concentrate, perhaps the first sublimated product in the history of mankind, the progenitor of

Indians in the USA

current bouillon cubes. The product was called pemmican and was made from dried or dried bison meat, lard and dried berries. The Indians of the United States took pemmican on military campaigns and on a long journey. The advantage of pemmican over other products was that, having a small relative weight and volume, it provided a person with all the nutrients and energy. In addition, carefully dried raw materials could notspoil for years, despite the absence of preservatives and stabilizers in the concentrate. These features allowed pemmican to become the number one product for Arctic and Antarctic explorers, and is widely used in our time.

Today in the US, according to official information, there are 565 tribes of American Indians living on reservations. This complex legal structure - reservations - did not appear from a good life, but successfully exists to this day. They do not have the laws of the American states, and today's US Indians can form their own governments, make laws, establish and pay taxes. In a word, such a strange story. And lots and lots of politics.

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