"Iblis State" (IG): chapter. IS fighters. "Iblis state" is

"Iblis State" (IG): chapter. IS fighters. "Iblis state" is
"Iblis State" (IG): chapter. IS fighters. "Iblis state" is

Today, the "Iblis State" is a criminal organization whose activities are banned by a number of European countries. It is difficult to put into words how dangerous the ideas that this Muslim community is putting forward. But what is more frightening is what her followers are willing to go to achieve their goals.

So, let's find out what the "Iblis state" is? How was it formed? And why is it so dangerous to modern society?

Iblis state

The Idea of ​​the Caliphate

It should start with the fact that according to the laws written in the Koran, only one person should rule all living things on earth - the caliph. It is he who is the vicar of Allah, and his orders should not be questioned.

Alas, the last caliphate was abolished in 1924, after which the Muslim community began to live without a common leader. But not everyone agreed with this. Subsequently, those who wanted to revive the old traditions began to appear.

"Iblis state": history of occurrence

And at the dawn of the 21st century, a terrorist organization appears in the Islamic world, wishing to create a new power. Initially, this group was called ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), but then they decided to remove the last two letters in order to summarize the range of their activities.

But not all Muslims were happy that the terrorists call themselves the "Islamic State", thereby casting a shadow on the entire religion. And therefore, the criminal organization is renamed the "Iblis State".

By the way, according to the Koran, Iblis is an ancient angel who disobeyed God and did not kneel before Adam. He is a kind of Christian Lucifer, though with a certain oriental flavor.

iblis state head

The birth of a new Caliphate

So, the Iblis state is an organization that wants to revive the Caliphate. And to be more precise, she had already announced his appearance. But so far, no civilized country recognizes it. After all, states cannot be born just like that, by someone's will or order.

However, the opinion of the civilized world does not bother ISIS. And therefore, every day this organization recruits more and more new members into its ranks. And it should be said that such an increase in the number of the "Iblis state" makes one wary, especially given the radical attitude of the adherents.

Frightening laws of the new state

It should be noted that people are not afraid of the idea of ​​a new Caliph, but what will follow. After all, IS wants to revive the old lawsIslam, which, to put it mildly, are inhumane.

For example, blasphemy is punishable by public death, as is renunciation of the faith. All who do not belong to Islam must become second-class people and pay duty to the caliph. Moreover, slavery will return again from the sands of time, although people have been trying to ban it for many hundreds of years.

Iblis state is

Iblis State: Head of the New World

The first official emir of the then "Islamic State" in 2006 was Abu Umar al-Baghdadi. Very little is known about this man's identity other than that he served in Saddam Hussein's forces and that he was assassinated in 2010.

But the first real caliph of the new "state" was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. It was he who, on July 5, 2014, delivered an appeal to Muslims around the world in the hope that he would rally under his black banners.

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