Anna Vishnevskaya: biography, photo, personal life

Anna Vishnevskaya: biography, photo, personal life
Anna Vishnevskaya: biography, photo, personal life

The whole world claims that Russian girls are the most beautiful. It is impossible to disagree with this: no one will deny this fact. Many Russian models have conquered the most famous catwalks around the world.

One of these Russian beauties is model Anna Vishnevskaya.

Anna Vishnevskaya

Biography of Anna Vishnevskaya

Anna was born on 09/01/1987. Her parents divorced when the girl was very young, and, according to the standard, Anna was raised by one mother, her father practically did not appear in the life of the family.

When little Anya was nine years old, her mother gave her to a ballet school, which, perhaps, prompted the girl to decide to become a model - after all, at the ballet school she learned to be graceful, feminine, acquired an excellent become.

In St. Petersburg, Anna was educated as a conflictologist, but she did not want to work by profession - by the time she graduated from the university, she was already a successful model.

Anna Vishnevskaya


The girl received her first award for her beautiful appearance at the university - she won the Miss University contest. A year later sheparticipated in the interuniversity beauty contest, where she also became the undisputed winner, the owner of the title "Miss Universities". Thanks to these victories, the girl began to seriously think about the career of a model.

Anna Vishnevskaya gained her fame with the help of the Internet. She somehow registered on the portal and received an offer to participate in the Miss Internet contest. Having gone through all the stages, the girl won, and Anna turned from an ordinary student into a sought-after model.

In 2008, Anna decided to try to participate in the Beauty of Russia contest, but, unfortunately, she did not win: the girl took an honorable third place.

Photos by Anna Vishnevskaya adorn the pages of several magazines, such as, for example, 9 Months, Monaco, Maxim.

Anna Vishnevskaya

After participating in beauty contests, the model decided to try herself in the acting profession and starred in several films, including the youth series OBZH.

Also, Anna Vishnevskaya participates in various shows on several channels, such as TNT, STS, NTV.

Now Vishnevskaya has abandoned her modeling career, she prefers the role of a famous socialite. She tries not to miss any important social events.

The fact that Anna turned out to be a beautiful model can be called a gift from nature. A girl practically does not need to go in for sports, exhaust herself with diets in order to look beautiful. But Anna Vishnevskaya encourages a he althy lifestyle, she even wrote several books on this subject, the most famous ofwhich is "Express diet for slender goddesses".

Private life

Despite the fact that Anna is in her early thirties, she has already been married twice.

The first marriage was unsuccessful, but the second was lucky.

The model met her second husband, no matter how trite, with the help of the World Wide Web in 2007. Their wedding took place in Las Vegas. There were no relatives at the wedding, they watched the ceremony through the Internet.

Shortly after the wedding, the couple had a son, who was named Nikolai, and six years after the son, the beautiful daughter Ellen was born.

Anna calls her husband an ideal, a gift of fate. He helps his beautiful wife in everything: both in his career and in the difficulties of family life; even managed to attend the birth.

Anna Vishnevskaya with her husband

During pregnancy, Vishnevskaya gained a lot of weight, which frightened even doctors. Anna has a fragile physique, so initially she did not plan to give birth herself, she wanted to do a caesarean section. However, the doctors were able to convince the model that she could handle it herself. And Anna managed, although the process was difficult.

Both after the first and after the second birth, the young mother quickly got into shape thanks to proper nutrition and the diet necessary during breastfeeding.

Anna about herself

Anna does not follow any exhausting diets to look beautiful. She tries to lead a he althy lifestyle. The source of protein for her is seafood. He loves vegetables, especiallybroccoli. Of all sports, he prefers walking.

During breakfast, Anna Vishnevskaya always drinks a glass of water with honey and lemon. She considers it the best detox.

The model calls the Maldives a paradise.

Anna Vishnevskaya's family lives in a beautiful city in France - Nice.

Anna's idol is Grace Kelly, whom she considers the most beautiful, educated, talented. However, she is inspired by any successful people.

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