Time cafe in Samara: review, addresses, photos and reviews

Time cafe in Samara: review, addresses, photos and reviews
Time cafe in Samara: review, addresses, photos and reviews

Winter is already breathing down the back of the head, dark evenings and slush do not at all cause a desire to take a leisurely walk, even among regular fans of this activity. But where to spend evenings with friends, loved one or family? Bars and restaurants are, of course, a way out, but you really want something new.

In many cities of Russia there is a novelty - a time cafe. This type of entertainment establishment has already managed to gain popularity not only among young people, but also among the adult part of the population. The number of time cafes in Samara and the Samara region is growing steadily. This article will help you find out which of them are the most popular, highlight the list of entertainment services offered to guests in Samara establishments.

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Time cafe. What is this?

This type of establishment has other names: anticafe, time club. On the territory of Russia and the CIS, this type of entertainment facilities appeared relatively recently. Time cafe in Samara is a place where you can have fun, chat, play games, as well as have a snack anddrink hot tea or coffee.

The institution got its name for the reason that the time that the visitor spends in it is paid by the minute. The guest only pays for the time. There is no need to worry about the cost of snacks or a cup of coffee, as all the treats in the establishment are free.

The interior in such establishments is the most diverse, but for most visitors it does not matter at all. There their time passes for computer or board games, a cup of coffee and cheerful communication. Some come there to relax after a hard day's work or even work, as there are specially equipped free zones - coworking. Information about the addresses of the time cafe in Samara can be found in this article. More details about some establishments will be discussed below.

This innovation is gaining more and more popularity. If at first the idea of ​​paying for time seemed wild to visitors, now many people already really like this type of establishments. The time cafe is non-smoking and does not sell alcoholic beverages, but you can bring your own snacks.

Molodogvardeyskaya street

Time cafes are also very popular in the Samara region. But in the regional center there are most of them, there are, for example, entire chains of establishments.

Time Cafe "Ripe Place"

"Speloe mesto" is a network of cozy establishments. There are three time cafes in Samara:

  • st. Sklyarenko 32;
  • Moscow Highway 53;
  • st. Karl Marx 55.

Establishments are open daily from 12 noon to 5 am.

"Ripe place" occupies a room of 350 square meters. meters, which by the standards of an ordinary cafe is simply unrealistically many. The hall is equipped with areas with upholstered furniture and a separate area for playing Xbox. By visiting the "Ripe Place", visitors can play:

  • to Xbox game consoles;
  • various board intellectual games;
  • table football or tennis.

The cafe staff are people who will help guests learn how to play games whose rules they do not yet know. The establishment has a free buffet with a wide range of drinks and sweet snacks. Those who wish can order dishes from a partner cafe.

time cafe samara addresses

"Speloe Mesto" is a time cafe in Samara where you can celebrate children's and adults' holidays. In addition, various promotions are constantly held in the cafe, there are also holiday specials.

Time Cafe Taste of Life

This popular establishment is located on the street. Molodogvardeiskaya, 172. Visitors plunge into the atmosphere of goodwill and comfort right from the doorstep. Here they can drink aromatic tea, watch an interesting movie, listen to music and play games.

Taste of Life offers its guests:

  • free wi-fi;
  • tea and desserts;
  • screen and projector;
  • assortment of board games;
  • tablet and internet access;
  • conducting seminars and trainings;
  • holding theme nights;
  • master classes and more.

The cafe does not cook food, does not sell alcohol, it is forbidden to smoke here, butyou are allowed to bring snacks with you or order, for example, pizza by phone. If necessary, the atmosphere of the cafe is transformed. So, you can create a cozy booth for two or organize a large dance floor.

Time cafe in Samara is open every day, from 11 am to 12 am. The first hour costs 150 rubles, then the payment goes by the minute - 2 rubles. per minute.

Kiwi Time Cafe

Very cozy place, which is ideal for socializing and fun, as well as for work. The time club hall is divided into several zones: coworking, an Xbox zone, a common room with tables where visitors can drink coffee. Also, "Kiwi" is equipped with a hall for watching films, which, if necessary, turns into a conference room. Here you can lead:

  • competitions in board and computer games;
  • poetry and literature evenings;
  • training lectures and trainings;
  • exhibitions and other events.
time cafe ripe place

Kiwi time clubs are located at:

  • st. Novo-Sadovaya 8, 1 building;
  • st. Soviet Army 120.

The cost is 2 rubles. per minute during the first hour, the next time is paid at one ruble per minute.

"Murzik". What is it?

Time-cafe Murzik opened in 2104. This is the only place of its kind where visitors can interact with their pets. "Murzik" is located on the street. Mologvardeiskaya 63.

time cafe in the samara region

This idea came tous from Japan. Places where you can pet cats are designed for people who love these furry creatures, but who do not have the opportunity to have them at home. "Murzik" cooperates with the animal shelter "Nadezhda". Thanks to this interaction, many animals found new owners. Each animal that enters the Murzik club undergoes mandatory sanitization. The foster children are vaccinated and sterilized. Animals are treated as needed. Specially trained personnel are also involved with cats, because they must be prepared to communicate with people. Over the three years of the existence of the cafe, about a hundred cats were attached to good hands. Any of the animals can be taken home after a preliminary conversation with an employee of the Nadezhda shelter.

The cost of visiting the Murzik time cafe is 200 rubles. the first hour, then the payment is per minute (2 rubles a minute). As soon as the counter reaches 500 rubles, it stops. Especially for children there are discounts - 120 rubles. in an hour. For visiting with children, the cafe is open from opening until 4 pm.

Time Cafe "Idea"

This time club is located on 98 Molodogvardeiskaya Street, open daily from 10 am to 12 am. If necessary, the institution can be open until the last guest. At the service of visitors:

  • more than two dozen varieties of board games;
  • free wi-fi;
  • game consoles;
  • Plasma TV.

There is a varied program every day, such as role-playing games, workshops, live concerts and more.

There is a hall for lectures, seminars and trainings. Guests of the cafe can taste aromatic coffee prepared by a professional bartender, as well as about three dozen different types of tea and sweet snacks.

For those who are hungry, the cafe administrator will help you order pizza, rolls and other dishes from establishments that are nearby. It is forbidden to drink alcohol, smoke and use foul language in the cafe. The cost of the first 40 minutes is 2 rubles. per minute, the following hours are paid at 1 ruble per minute. As soon as the counter shows the amount of 400 rubles, it will stop. It turns out that for 400 rubles. you can spend the whole day in a cafe.

time cafe murzik

Advantages and disadvantages of a time cafe

Institutions of this type are very attractive with their aura of free space. There are many benefits to visiting a time cafe:

  1. This is a great opportunity to expand your social circle, make new friends, find your love.
  2. For newcomers who don't know the city, the time cafe is a chance to meet people and get comfortable in the surroundings.
  3. The time cafe has free drinks and sweet snacks.
  4. This is a convenient place for seminars, lectures and trainings.

But the institution has its drawbacks:

  • Smoking bans are a serious disadvantage for some;
  • the inability to gather friends for a party who do not want to pay for the time spent in a cafe;
  • time cafes are not suitable for those who do not like noisy gatherings.


As already mentioned, time cafes are popular. Visitors say that the relaxed atmosphere helps to escape from everyday problems, take a break from work, chat with friends and make new acquaintances.

Have a nice holiday!

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