"Fabulous" is a borrowed word, but what does it mean?

"Fabulous" is a borrowed word, but what does it mean?
"Fabulous" is a borrowed word, but what does it mean?

Often, people use words in their speech, the meaning of which they do not fully understand. For example, such a statement can be criticized: "The boring party at the party was just enchanting!" And all because the author of this expression does not know the meaning of the word he uses. After all, “enchanting” is fabulous, magical, wonderful. Can boredom be wonderful and magical?

The origin of the word "fabulous"

This short adjective was born from the French word "fee", which translated as "fairy, sorceress". Later, a single-root derivative "feerie" appeared, meaning "magic spectacle." It was in this form that it migrated to us in Russian speech. Of course, it was used mainly in book vocabulary, in theatrical productions, when it was necessary to emphasize the pathos of the characters. A little later, the very word "extravaganza" in the Russian language acquired a broader meaning, including works of both literary and stage art. One quality remains important: the definition of "enchanting" is an indication that the speciesthe described object or phenomenon is necessarily associated with fantasy, magic, miracle. So, for example, the famous works of Alexander Grin are called extravaganza stories, because their plots can be classified as somewhat fabulous. Yes, and "Master and Margarita" Bulgakov belongs to the same genre.

it's enchanting

Figurative meaning of the word

Unfortunately, there are few miracles in the world, there is no magic at all, according to atheist scientists. Almost everything is explained scientifically. And the word still lives, no matter what! And all because today the meaning of the word "enchanting" has changed a little. Most often it is used in a figurative sense. Indeed, in the mouths of writers, poets, enthusiastic people who love a beautiful figurative style, the night can be magical, if we talk about its extraordinary beauty, the view of a waterfall may well be fabulous. Therefore, the phrase “The stream of water rushed down, and its appearance was amazing! It was simply enchanting…” This statement emphasizes the unearthly beauty of the waterfall, comparable to a fantastic sight.

the meaning of the word enchanting

Defining "fabulous" as a superlative degree of skill

Who would argue that a job well done is often compared to a miracle? The same goes for the process itself. This is especially true for the work of actors and singers. An example is the text: “Charlie Chaplin is a talent, his game is so enchanting that it is impossible to look away from this ridiculous clumsy little man! Meanwhilethis actor had beautiful features, was extremely dexterous and flexible, serious and thoughtful, smart and hardworking.”

From this we can conclude: the word "enchanting" is used only to express strong positive impressions, it characterizes only positive qualities and phenomena. And, of course, it is ridiculous to use it in a conversation along with colloquial expressions.

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