What made US President A. Lincoln famous? Memorial in Washington: description, history, information for tourists

What made US President A. Lincoln famous? Memorial in Washington: description, history, information for tourists
What made US President A. Lincoln famous? Memorial in Washington: description, history, information for tourists

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most famous US presidents. It was he who led the state during the Civil War and won it, putting an end to slave labor and legitimizing the equality and freedom of all citizens. Today, not only Americans, but also many representatives of other nations know who Lincoln is. The memorial of the sixteenth president of the United States of America is one of the iconic landmarks of Washington and will be of interest to every tourist.

History of Creation

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Lincoln did a lot for the prosperity of his country and the American people. The decision to perpetuate the memory of this outstanding politician was made in 1867. However, for various reasons, the start of the construction of the majestic complex was postponed and postponed several times. In 1913 they finally chose a placefor construction and approved the project. A year later, the first foundation stone was laid. The grand opening took place in 1922. The ceremony was attended by the son of the great president - Robert Todd Lincoln. The memorial turned out to be impressive and incredibly beautiful. Today it is a popular tourist attraction. It is officially administered by the National Park Service.

Description of the attraction

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The author of the project is Henry Bacon, an architect who proposed to make a memorial in the tradition of ancient temples - with a magnificent colonnade and other characteristic elements. Limestone brought from Indiana and marble quarried in Colorado were used to build this majestic building. The facade of the building is surrounded by 36 columns - that is how many states were united by the day Lincoln died. The memorial is not only a sign of memory of an outstanding politician, but also a symbol of the equality of all representatives of the American nation and civil freedom. On the walls of the building you can read the names of 48 states of America (that's how many there were at the time of completion of construction). Later, two more appeared: Hawaii and Alaska were the last states to join, so they are mentioned on a separate plate.

Statue of the great president

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Not only the appearance of the memorial deserves attention. Inside it is a huge statue of Lincoln. The height of the sculpture is 5.79 meters, and the total weight is 175 tons. The President is depicted in a sitting position, in a comfortable chair. His face is turned towardsCapitol and Washington Monument. Various urban legends interpret this feature of the sculptural composition in different ways. However, the most common version is that Lincoln calmly and thoughtfully contemplates these buildings, without expressing any vivid feelings. Inside the memorial there are also two commemorative plaques, one with the president's speech during the inauguration, and the second with an address after the battle of Gettysburg. The interior of the memorial is decorated with frescoes reflecting the life path and personal convictions of the great politician.

Interesting facts and folk legends

According to some versions, the statue of Lincoln is not at all simple. The face of General Robert E. Lee is said to be carved into the back of the president's head, looking out over the former home, now the cemetery. Another belief is also popular, according to which Lincoln shows his initials in sign language with his hands. Representatives of the National Park Service officially refute such urban legends. Meanwhile, the sculptor who created this statue really knew American sign language and could well give the president's hands the right position.

How to get to the Lincoln Memorial?

Where is the Lincoln Memorial

Today, one of the main symbols of freedom and equality of all people in America is open for tourist visits all year round. The memorial is located on the National Mall in Washington, and during its visit you can see other significant sights. Very close to this monument is the famous sparkling pool. AccurateAttraction Address: 2 Lincoln Memorial Circle, Washington, District of Columbia 20037, United States. If you are not familiar with the United States, know that it is enough to get to Washington and ask any local where the Lincoln Memorial is located. Attention: during the day there are too many tourists. If you want to fully experience the grandeur of the monument and be alone with your thoughts, come early in the morning or after sunset. At night, the majestic memorial is illuminated and looks completely different than during the day, somehow mysterious.

Does everyone like the Lincoln Memorial (Washington)?

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The citizens of America are especially reverent about the history of their state and outstanding figures of the past. All schoolchildren are instilled with a deep sense of patriotism and a special attitude towards political figures. Abraham Lincoln (a memorial dedicated to him has long been considered one of the significant symbols of Washington) is also for his people one of the special presidents who made a significant contribution to the prosperity of his country. However, despite widespread love and respect, the main monument to the 16th state manager, apparently, is not liked by everyone. The Lincoln Memorial has been vandalized twice. For the first time, its back wall was painted, and the second time, the legs of the statue were poured with paint. The persons found guilty in these cases failed to adequately explain the motives of their actions. These incidents stirred up the public, most of the respectable citizens of the United States were excited and outraged. Memorialconsidered one of the national symbols and is liked by most Washington residents.

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