Jeffrey Donovan: career and personal life

Jeffrey Donovan: career and personal life
Jeffrey Donovan: career and personal life

Avid fan of the Boston Red Sox, raised in poverty, Jeffrey Donovan has long made his way into Hollywood. He is best known for his role as Michael Western on Black Mark.

Geoffrey Donovan

Early years

Jeffrey Donovan was born on May 11, 1968 in the town of Amesbury in northeastern Massachusetts. He has Irish and American roots. Jeffrey and his two brothers (Michael and Sean) were raised by their mother alone. The family lived on welfare. Money was sorely lacking. And they had to move frequently because they couldn't pay their electricity bills.

Jeffrey Donovan's dream of acting in films was helped by his teacher Patricia Hoyt. Despite the fact that the boy was brought up in poverty, with her help he was able to organize a drama circle at school. Jeffrey received his secondary education at Amesbury School, and then entered the State University of Bridgewater. He later transferred to the University of Massachusetts with a major in drama. Here he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. After that he decidedcontinue his education and received a master's degree from New York University with a degree in fine arts.

Starting career and filmography

Geoffrey Donovan has been active in his acting career since 1995. His debut was in the detective series Homicide, where he played the roles of Miles and Newton Dell. In the same year, Donovan starred in the television series Law & Order, as well as in the film The Cast. The following year earned him the role of Henry Addison in Sleepers. The first fame came to the actor after playing the role of Vance Manson in the comedy "Shooting Rules: The Hitch Method".

After this film, Jeffrey began to receive proposals for the main roles. A truly breakthrough role for him was the role of Michael Western in the television drama series Black Mark. Filming in this series, he received 135 thousand dollars for only one episode. Donovan also directed the series' spin-off, Black Mark: The Fall of Sam Ax.

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Currently, the actor continues to star in successful television and film projects, such as the post-apocalyptic film "Welcome to Harmony", the biopic "J. Edgar" and the thriller "Changeling". Since 2016, he has been starring in the television series Psych, where he plays Charlie Haverford, a former failed illusionist who now works as a clairvoyant. In the spring of 2017, the series was renewed for a secondseason.

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Private life

Donovan has been practicing martial arts for over 20 years. While in college, he received a black belt in Shotokan karate and competed in state competitions. After that, he studied aikido and Brazilian jiu-jitsu for over six years.

Despite creating a very positive image in the movies, in real life the actor does not always behave accordingly. For example, on July 12, 2009, Donovan was arrested in Miami for alleged drunk driving. However, these charges were replaced with reckless driving charges.

August 25, 2012, Jeffrey Donovan married beautiful model Michelle Woods. She became a truly loving and faithful wife for him, and in December 2012 she gave birth to a wonderful daughter, whom the couple named Claire.

Jeffrey is actively involved in public life and is constantly involved in charity work.

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