Akzo Nobel products: assortment and description

Akzo Nobel products: assortment and description
Akzo Nobel products: assortment and description

Akzo Nobel is a world-famous manufacturer of paints and varnishes and the first company whose specialists developed the technology for the production of powder coatings. To date, the range of manufactured goods of this concern is incredibly wide. The main areas are decorative and functional coatings, as well as speci alty chemicals.

Decorative coatings

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Akzo Nobel is a leading manufacturer of decorative paint coatings for interior and exterior applications. Every year, the company invests a lot of effort and money in the development of new paintwork and improvement of old ones, focusing on the quality of its products and environmental friendliness.

  • Interior paints are specially designed and divided into several lines: ceiling, floor, wood and metal surfaces. There is also a series of special coatings for interior decoration - to create the effect of marble, velvet, silk.
  • Exterior paints are distributed by type of surface: wood, metal, as well as plastered, concrete and stone facades.

Decorative coatings "Akzo Nobel" are successfully used in everyday life, office and industrial premises. They are used for minor repairs and large projects, meeting all the requirements of today's developers.

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Functional coatings

Akzo Nobel functional coatings are used in 60 countries, and the number of industries where these products are used is in the hundreds and even thousands. To date, the company identifies five main areas:

  • Aviation and automotive coatings.
  • Marine, aerospace and defense.
  • Powder coatings.
  • Industrial.
  • Glues and coatings for wood.

Speci alty chemicals

Akzo Nobel supplies functional and industrial chemicals, surfactants and chemicals for the pulp and paper industry, which are used in a wide variety of products.

Product Applications

Varnishes, putties, coatings, oils, cleaners, Akzo Nobel paint have found their application in 5 areas:

  • Industrial production. A series of industrial polyesters and epoxy polyesters allows you to achieve a high IP for products that operate in harsh conditions or aggressive environments. A series of electrical insulating paints based on epoxy resin used in the manufacture of electronic equipment. And the RESICOAT RT 9000 line has found its application in the production of equipment that requires reliablecorrosion protection.
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  • Automotive industry. Akzo Nobel products are also firmly rooted in this industry. Lacquer, like powder, is used to cover almost all car parts. They can be applied alone (in one coat) or together with a primer as a top coat.
  • Architecture. For more than 30 years, leading designers have been using Akzo Nobel products to turn any seemingly unrealistic fantasy into reality. A wide range of colors and shades, non-ferrous metallics, a full range of NCS and RAL, quality, environmental friendliness and durability are decisive factors when choosing products for both small cosmetic repairs and large-scale projects.
  • Furniture industry. Akzo Nobel wood protection products contain fungicides and UV filters, are deeply absorbed into the surface, and prevent the appearance of fungus and pests. Having a light texture, they lie on the surface with a light, imperceptible layer, emphasizing the texture of the wood. Funds can be applied independently or in the system.
  • Production of household appliances. The concern is engaged in the production of powder paints with increased fluidization and ultra-thin coating, which are the best option for manufacturers of household appliances.
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Product Features

Every year, the Akzo Nobel Decor company, reviews of which are the best advertising, improves its products, making themhigher quality, more economical and environmentally friendly. But even without this, the quality of the goods of this manufacturer has practically no disadvantages. For example, ceiling paints have a good consistency, making it not flowing, and long drying allows you to treat the surface carefully, getting an excellent result. Products for walls are characterized by good hiding power, non-draining consistency, high vapor permeability, odorless and fast drying. Floor paints have a key quality: they are durable and require little maintenance.

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