Hygiene products for women: review, reviews and photos

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Hygiene products for women: review, reviews and photos
Hygiene products for women: review, reviews and photos

The choice of intimate hygiene products is a delicate topic, but this is no reason to ignore it. Women's genitals need special care, ordinary toilet soap is not suitable for daily use in this area. Therefore, it is better to choose a special tool.

Intimate hygiene: opinion of a gynecologist

Gynecologists traditionally do not recommend caring for sensitive skin and genital mucosa with ordinary soap. Alkaline toilet soap can disrupt the acidic microflora in the vagina, cause active reproduction of opportunistic microorganisms and weaken local immunity. Various fragrances can irritate and dry out the skin.

Gynecologists recommend using ordinary soap no more than once or twice a week, and the rest of the time limiting yourself to washing the intimate area with running warm water a couple of times a day or more often (during menstruation, after going to the toilet). This restriction does not apply to various hygiene products for women, the composition of which is specially selected to ensure gentlecare for intimate areas.

Special fund release forms

Personal care products for women come in several convenient forms. Gel is a cosmetic product in the form of an emulsion with useful components that support the he alth of the intimate sphere and lactic acid. This is the most common form of issuing funds.

Intimate soap acts more gently than usual. This effect is achieved due to natural plant components and lactic acid. In addition, a special soap for the care of the genitals does not contain dyes and fragrances that can adversely affect the microflora.

Mousse or foam are suitable for gentle cleansing of very sensitive skin prone to irritation. This hygiene product for women gently cleanses, does not cause dryness and preserves the microflora. Special wipes do not contain alcohol and harmful additives, therefore they are suitable for use in conditions where it is not possible to wash normally.

Intimate cream designed to soothe the skin after epilation and prevent irritation. In addition, it is recommended to apply the cream before swimming in any open water (and even in the pool). This feminine hygiene product can also be used as a lubricant.

Intimate deodorant helps fight the unpleasant odor that occurs during dysbacteriosis. Until the situation returns to normal, you can spray deodorant on the skin and clean linen after a shower to maintain freshness for a long time. But it is important to remember that not a single intimate hygiene product will cure dysbacteriosis. With suchproblem, you need to contact a gynecologist.

intimate hygiene products for women

Rules for choosing hygiene products

During ovulation and on critical days, it is better to choose intimate cosmetics that support an acidified environment. If you are concerned about the feeling of dryness (this often happens with various disorders, menstrual irregularities or during menopause), you should give preference to the most neutral means.

The best intimate hygiene product for women suffering from vaginal dysbacteriosis - with antiseptics that inhibit the growth of pathogenic microflora. Such gels and mousses are sold in pharmacies or specialized cosmetic stores, where all requirements for storage conditions are met.

When choosing cosmetics for intimate hygiene, you must definitely read the composition. The product should not contain preservatives and flavorings. The presence of perfume additives can be determined by smell, and too long shelf life (more than a year) indicates preservatives in the composition.

For the purpose of daily use, you need to choose a feminine hygiene product that has a neutral pH or a slightly sour reaction. Cosmetics should be as natural and high quality as possible.

Composition of intimate hygiene products

Intimate hygiene products must contain lactic acid, which is produced by bacteria that normally live in the vagina. This substance inhibits pathogenic microflora and stimulates the growth of useful. Usually, the funds also contain a number of useful additives:

  • sage extract (suitable for sensitive skin that is prone to inflammatory reactions);
  • chamomile extract (heals microdamages on the mucous membranes and skin, relieves itching and burning);
  • calendula extract (relieves redness and relieves inflammatory reactions);
  • aloe extract (effectively moisturizes the skin and has a slight soothing effect);
  • panthenol (activates the restoration of the skin and mucous membranes in case of damage, gently cares for and heals microcracks);
  • vitamin D (heals and soothes the skin, moisturizes well).

Lactacyd Femina gel with lactic acid

The gel does not contain soap and rarely causes irritation (in case of individual intolerance to the component), suitable for frequent use. Lactic acid ensures that the normal level of acidity in the vagina is maintained. Manufacturers recommend using Lactacyd Femina daily, but it is still better to limit the frequency of contact with hygiene products for women on the mucous membranes. The cost of the gel is 170-200 rubles. Also under this brand are napkins for intimate hygiene and mousse for owners of sensitive skin.

lactacid femina

Green Pharmacy Bacterial Soap

Pharmacy for intimate hygiene for women perfectly cleanses, has a bactericidal and mild anti-inflammatory effect due to the presence of tea tree oil in the composition. There is also vitamin B5, which moisturizes the skin and stimulates the healing of microcracks. intimate soapvery sparing, but it is still not recommended to use it more than two or three times a week. The cost of one bottle with a dispenser is 130-150 rubles. According to reviews, the product is used very sparingly.

green pharmacy

TianDe Delicate Care Gel

The gel has an optimal level of acidity, is a soft and natural remedy. When used correctly, it does not cause an allergic reaction and irritation, helps prevent the appearance of a stale smell, and prevents dryness of the mucous membranes and skin. The antibacterial effect allows you to restrain the growth of opportunistic bacteria, but with frequent use it can adversely affect the beneficial microflora. The composition of the gel includes a complex of vitamins, extracts of chamomile, lemon balm, sage and aloe. The cost of one bottle with a convenient dispenser is about 350 rubles.

Gel TianDe

Carefree Natural Intimate Hygiene Gel

In the Carefree range of feminine hygiene products, gel for the care of intimate areas has appeared for a long time. The gel has a light aroma and neutral pH, does not contain soap, alcohol and chemical additives. It acts very gently, does not disturb the natural microflora, therefore it is suitable for daily use. Judging by the reviews, the intimate hygiene product for women does not foam well (like any gel with a truly natural composition). Carefree gel costs 150-200 rubles. To maintain freshness throughout the day, you can additionally purchase intimate hygiene wipes from the same brand. More napkins fit inas a means of hygiene for bedridden women.

care free gel

Gentle Cleansing: Intimate by Nivea

Gel for intimate hygiene does not contain dyes, soap, but contains lactic acid and chamomile extract. The product does not irritate or dry the skin even with frequent use, soothes inflammation and has a slight deodorizing effect. For this reason, an intimate hygiene product is suitable for a woman over 50 and older, that is, during menopause. The cost of Intimate is 160-200 rubles.

Intimate by Nivea

Sesderma Intimate Hygiene Gel

The gel contains burdock extract, panthenol and hyaluronic acid. Means for intimate hygiene relieves minor inflammation and relieves the unpleasant manifestations of thrush, maintains skin elasticity, soothes and gently cares for the most delicate areas. Judging by the reviews, the only drawback of the tool is the high cost. The gel costs about 2400 rubles.

Sesderma Intimate Hygiene Gel

Epigen Intim Feminine Hygiene Gel

"Epigen Intim" contains not only lactic acid, which maintains the normal microflora of the vagina, but also glycyrrhizin, which effectively resists bacteria. Therefore, the gel is not recommended for daily use, but for problematic moments - during menstruation, after intercourse or in the treatment of thrush. In pharmacies, the drug costs a little more than 500 rubles.

Gel for feminine hygiene "Epigen Intim"

SebaMed: gel for young girls

The gel has a low pH (3, 8), so it is more suitable for young girls, most of whom have a slightly acidic balance in the vagina. The composition of the product for intimate hygiene includes a fragrance, but the aroma is light, barely perceptible. There are also natural ingredients, such as betaine, panthenol and Virginian cut extract, which restore the microflora and relieve inflammation.

seba med

Harm of feminine hygiene products

Special intimate hygiene products for women are safer than ordinary soap, but regular use of such beauty products can be dangerous. For example, with the help of intimate cosmetics, women often try to mask an unpleasant odor. But any gel or cream (including the one sold in a pharmacy) is not a medicine. In such a situation, you need to contact a gynecologist, and not try to get rid of the unpleasant odor using wipes and deodorants.

In addition, excessive activity in the care of the genitals is often more dangerous than a complete disregard for hygiene. In a he althy state, the natural microflora independently inhibits the growth of opportunistic microorganisms, stimulates self-purification and maintains an optimal level of acidity. Intensive cleansing deprives the genitals of natural protection and can lead to dysbacteriosis. According to gynecologists, frequent exacerbations of vaginal candidiasis are associated precisely with excessive hygiene.

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