What does a loving woman mean?

What does a loving woman mean?
What does a loving woman mean?

For many millennia, the best minds in the world cannot find answers to two questions. The first of them is associated with heartfelt feelings, and the second - with the psychology of the beautiful half of humanity. The mixture of these elements gave rise to the greatest mystery of life. So what does a loving woman mean?

The Millennium Question

From the beginning of the foundation of the world, all feats were performed in the name of beautiful young ladies. Greek philosophers tried to unravel the mystery of their soul. Medieval knights took part in difficult fights for the attention of the lady of the heart. Renaissance artists were inspired by real muses. Numerous poems were dedicated to women, they were depicted in paintings, they became the impetus for bold and crazy deeds. For the love of beautiful maidens, they started wars, did evil and stopped injustice. Many stories have been written about the feelings of men and thousands of legends have been created. But what does female affection look like and what does a loving woman mean?

what does loving mean

Of course, the experiences of the beautiful half of humanity are much more emotional and richer. Women constantly complicate situations, demand the impossible from others and force them to change for the better. Here the question arises: "Lady,who is not satisfied with her companion, friend or son, can she be considered loving?" The answer is partly given by psychology.

What the treatises offer

Our society is full of all sorts of stereotypes. Most of them are introduced by the science of the human soul, which focuses on statistics and is based on general information. What does a loving woman mean according to the theory of psychology?

The first and main characteristic of her is mastering the art of the golden mean. She knows how to find a consensus between two basic forms of relationship: either the gentleman holds her in his fist, or the lady pushes him under the heel. The so-called carrot and stick theory also applies here.

Here it is worth noting that the items listed below do not depend on the marital status, age and social status of the strong half of humanity. It doesn't matter if it's a husband, brother, son or father - he always remains a man.

what does loving mean

The Art of the Middle

Those who believe that a woman in love is ready to do anything to fulfill the whims of the object of her worship are mistaken. Such relationships are doomed from the very beginning, since limitless anarchy, like total control, will soon get bored, and one of the partners will start looking for adventures on the side.

A person who knows how to correlate the useful with the pleasant - that's what a loving person means. A woman with pure and sincere feelings will never allow her loved ones to do stupid things that they will later regret. She will make sure that decisions are right, actions are just, and time is notwasted. She is not indifferent to who her chosen one communicates with, how she eats, what she wears. If a young lady in love sticks her nose into other people's affairs, therefore, the situation requires intervention.

Two sides of the same coin

A smart lady leaves the choice to her companion when she is sure that he can overcome this obstacle on his own. Such a woman clearly distinguishes between care and importunity. She knows how to combine tenderness with perseverance. A woman's fragile nature gradually acquires the knowledge by which one can accurately separate an insult from a fair judgment.

What does a loving person mean in a romantic relationship? They can be compared to a medal, where on the one hand is your personality, and on the other - the feeling of a friend. Sometimes, in order to get around troubles and negotiate, you need to stand on a thin line of the edge and carefully keep your balance.

what does loving person mean

Transformation theory

Millions of men around the world say with one voice that each new chosen one is trying to change them to her liking. Indeed, there are dozens of couples familiar to everyone, where one or both partners seek to convey their plans, passions and even elementary habits to the satellite. Such efforts will not bear fruit. A companion who accepts you for who you really are is what it means to be a loving person.

If the feelings are mutual, then the object of affection will want changes to satisfy your desires. That is why the boys stop hooliganism and console these mothers, the brother restrains emotions,in order not to harm their sister with a word, young men become more attentive to the feelings of the girls they meet, men show emotions to their daughters.

what does loving girl mean

In this case, the transformation should be initiated by the object that wants to change.

Someone else's role in your play

Relationships are built from many complex emotions. One of the building blocks of a family is jealousy. What does a loving wife mean and does she have such a feeling as property? Of course, every woman has not only duties to her companion, but also certain rights to him. And the lady can find out the relationship when it comes to her chosen one and another young lady. But other times you don't need to throw tantrums.

what does a loving wife mean

The lady who really loves, subconsciously, in addition to the role of wife and mistress, also plays the role of mother and girlfriend. She is not jealous, like the above-mentioned persons, for other areas of life, but instead supports them in every possible way. For example, which parent will dissuade his son from playing sports or which of his friends will be against his going fishing?

A wife should become not only a man's first adviser, but also a friend.

Men's attitude is a mirror effect

Another unpleasant side of any relationship is quarrels. Oddly enough, but you need to be able to scandal. Disagreements are especially difficult and tragic in the phase of sympathy.

What does it mean to be a loving girl who does not practice emotional release and declares that she will never have a reason to fight?In most cases, this is a sign that the chosen one is not ready to solve difficult problems and will let them go with the flow.

If a woman is truly in love, this does not mean that the relationship will never suffer a crisis. But the person who is actually experiencing something knows how to behave during the fuse. First, she does not rebuke for past wrongdoings. Secondly, he does not look at his partner as if in a mirror, and does not look for the cause of his problems in his image. And most importantly, the conversation will take place only when the emotions cool down.

what does a loving woman mean

Private space

Many men say that the happiest time of their lives is childhood. Then they knew what a loving mother means, her disinterestedness and desire to do everything for the success of her son. It is on this model that all future relationships are built.

But this does not mean at all that the chosen one should be a young copy of the mother. It's just worth being selfless and not demanding the same in return. Why is that? Because a person who does not thank for feelings or answers with coldness is not your destiny.

In a relationship, everything should be smooth and mutual. If the difference is noticeable, one of the partners will constantly feel inferior.

You should also stick to the boundaries of personal space. What does loving woman mean? This is the one that will not try to enter into all areas of the partner's life. If a young lady is constantly present next to her friend of the heart at work, with family, friends and during leisure, a person will simply suffocate.

Ode to Faith

The only ones who have come as close as possible to the secret of the female soul are writers. Especially many discoveries can be made by reading the poems of the great Russian poet Konstantin Simonov. In June 1941, the man was called up for war. There he understood what a loving woman means.

what is a loving mother

Once, instead of prosaic lines, a soldier sent rhymes to his chosen one. The poem was called "Wait for me." This is the story of a simple military man who keeps the fire in his heart with the sincere feelings of his girlfriend. The lines are an ode to fidelity and hope, which only a sincere and kind person is capable of. The image of the main character is a symbol of light, to which the soul of the poet is drawn.

So, what is devotion for a man? First of all, this is when a companion believes in his dreams and strengths. She doesn't care what others think or say. Let them give examples, statistics, tell terrible and sad stories, and she will sit silently and just dream with him.

Life is full of unpleasant surprises and incomprehensible situations. Because of such misunderstandings, many couples diverge. But families, where not only passion reigns, but also trust, as well as the desire to resolve emerging problems, remain together in spite of all adversity. The willingness to share a dream with you and go together to achieve it - that's what a loving person means. The power of faith in other people's desires cannot be overestimated.

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