A fallen woman is A woman with low social responsibility. walking woman

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A fallen woman is A woman with low social responsibility. walking woman
A fallen woman is A woman with low social responsibility. walking woman

This expression still has not lost its relevance, although it can be heard less and less in everyday life. Much more often it is replaced by the word "prostitute". But this is not entirely correct, since a fallen woman is not only a priestess of love. Today you will find out to whom such an appeal applies, what it means.

There is a difference

In Europe, a fallen woman is a drug addict, an immigrant, a victim of violence. But if we turn to Russian history, then such an epithet was "awarded" mainly to ladies who were not particularly picky in choosing sexual partners. Moreover, it could be a woman who had several official marriages. In Soviet times, this was condemned by both the party and the people. A real communist had to get married once and carry this cross all her life, even if the marriage was not very successful. Artists were an exception: they could be forgiven for some frivolity in this matter, since creative people are different from the general population.

Prostitutes of the last century


The first mention of harlot women in the Old Testament is interesting. The daughter of Jacob was traveling in foreign lands and attracted the attention of the son of the prince of Shechem. He dishonored Dina, but later asked for the girl's hand from her father. The unfortunate brothers reacted sharply and declared that their sister was not a harlot to do this to her. Consent to the marriage was obtained, but the prince had to agree: all the men in the city were circumcised.

Jesus Christ said that harlots go ahead of everyone into the Kingdom of God. Another fallen woman is Tamar. The girl who sold her services for a kid. Rembrandt even captured this scene in a painting. It is known that the ancient Israelite society even guarded harlots, but the ministers of the churches were forbidden to take them as spouses.

Judah and Tamar

Walking woman

As a rule, this is a lady who is not bound by marriage and regularly changes men. It is free from obligations and unburdened by moral values. Can we call her a fallen woman? It depends on the society in which this person rotates. If she is on the bottom rung of social strata, then such an expression may be applicable. But to call a pop star or a famous actress that way, no one will turn their tongue. Although there is no particular difference in behavior between them, but the colossal gap in terms of social status changes everything. A walking woman can be both a legal spouse and a mother of a large family. It all depends on the character and upbringing of the woman.

money from the client

Girls with low social responsibility

You don't have to be a prostitute to get such an offensive nickname. Girls who grew up in dysfunctional families often have a weak concept of morality. Before their eyes, such scenes took place that by the time they mature, they do not consider it necessary to look for a permanent partner. They do not take money for their services, they just give their body to everyone who shows interest.

The result of such a life is addiction to alcohol or drug addiction. Then from a simple frivolous person the girl turns into a full-fledged prostitute. For a dose or a bottle, she is ready to trade the body, but now it is already considered work, and not a means for obtaining pleasure. Among the outcasts, there are plenty of such persons: in any brothel there is such a fallen woman who provides her intimate services in exchange for the right drug.

drug addict girl


These ladies can also be called fallen, but they are at the highest level. They also sell their bodies, but not to the hucksters or the working class, but to the we althiest men. Moreover, there are cases when such elite prostitutes became the wives of their clients. But still, in most cases, they remain only girls who can accompany them to any event and provide intimate services. Their work is paid very highly, but money cannot wash away the stigma of a fallen woman, which they will bear for the rest of their lives. They are also considered girls with low social responsibility, although they candrive at the same time on cars of the premier class.


Prostitution is the biggest niche in which every woman is considered fallen. Although this is one of the oldest professions, it is still considered the most shameful. Prostitutes are not respected, they have no rights. For their hard and thankless work, they can get a term. This profession has no age. Girls as young as 14 as well as women over 60 can be prostitutes.

Girls with low social responsibility

Why do girls become prostitutes?

It would seem that there are no pluses from this way of earning at all, and there are more and more fallen women! Selling your body on the street drives both need and lack of demand. Often, after graduating from university, girls cannot find work. This is especially true for those who come from small towns and villages. There is no desire to return to the wilderness, and it is very difficult to get settled in the metropolis. The girl decides to earn some money with her own body until she has a chance to find a real good job. However, few succeed in breaking out of the vicious circle.

For those who are unfortunate, who failed their exams, the road to confusion becomes even shorter. They stay in a strange city in the hope of trying their luck in a year. Without a profession and a livelihood, girls are forced to go to the panel.

Fallen woman

Need and more

The average mother of several children can also become a fallen woman. Unemployed husband, lack of help from relatives and many othersfactors can push to this desperate step. Sometimes such ladies have official work, and at night they earn extra money by prostitution. Relatives and friends may not even know about her additional income.

Some are attracted to this type of income. Girls think that this is the easiest way to get rich. But the real picture is far from being as colorful as inexperienced debutantes paint it. A pimp and the police, problems with the law and he alth, lack of privacy - this is not the whole list of what awaits a fallen woman.

Pimp and prostitute

Why addicted girls become prostitutes, we have already explained. But very often, ladies acquire addictions already in the process of work, in order to look at life easier and easier to endure moral torment. Then the life of a prostitute becomes like a carousel: the search for a dose, the client, again the search for a dose. The existence of a fallen woman is unenviable, no matter what level she is.

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