I want to get pregnant, but I can't. What to do?

I want to get pregnant, but I can't. What to do?
I want to get pregnant, but I can't. What to do?

The desire to have a child is inherent in almost every woman. Its occurrence, as a rule, falls on the period when a marriage is concluded with a beloved man and the logical continuation of family happiness, of course, is the birth of a baby. When attempts to get pregnant are unsuccessful, the words are reasonable, like a cry from the heart: “I want to get pregnant - it doesn’t work!”. It is important to remember that undue stress and fuss in dealing with this delicate matter can be detrimental to the likelihood of having children, as well as prolonged inactivity.

I want to get pregnant but I don't know what to do

I want to get pregnant, but I can't. What to do? Modern life dictates new rules. Therefore, planning pregnancy today is considered a necessary condition and guarantee of its favorable course. For starters, a woman needs to see a gynecologist. He will prescribe a series of tests that will identify the possible cause of the problems. Do not forget that the future father of the child must also undergo an examination. After all, there are situations when the culprit of failures is he or both partners. ATin any case, the search for root causes should be entrusted to highly qualified professionals, and not to a midwife from a neighboring village.

I want to get pregnant but I can't

I want to get pregnant, but I can't. What to do? If there are no medical contraindications to conception, or the treatment is completely completed, and the cherished pregnancy does not occur, do not despair. Sometimes a violent desire to have children begins to take on a manic character, which negatively affects the process of conception on a psychological level. In such a case, psychologists recommend not to get hung up, to let go of the situation, to be distracted by other worries. If the help of relatives and friends in this matter does not help, you can contact a specialist.

I want to get pregnant, but I can't. What to do? And what did our grandmothers and great-grandmothers do in those days when medicine was not at such a high level, and the concept of "psychologist" was not in sight? Women turned to God for help. You can visit holy places, pray at the local church or at home. The main thing is that all prayers come from the heart. Only then do they acquire magical powers and truly help the birth of a new life.

i want to get pregnant i can't

I want to get pregnant, but I can't. What to do? It happens that sometimes dubious grandmother's tricks help. For example, if a childless family gets a kitten, then the long-awaited baby is born soon. Or touching the belly of a pregnant woman promises pregnancy to a girl who dreams of having a baby. Skeptics will attribute these strange signs to coincidences,suspicious people - to a miracle. But in this struggle, all means are good. The main thing is that they do not harm the he alth of the mother and her unborn child.

Each woman decides for herself who to turn to for help with the words: “I want to get pregnant, but it doesn’t work!”. Despair in the eyes and in the soul can make a woman a victim of charlatans and pseudo-healers. Do not be left alone with trouble, ask for help from loved ones so as not to be in a critical situation. And then everything will work out!

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