Golyanovsky pond: rest in the city

Golyanovsky pond: rest in the city
Golyanovsky pond: rest in the city

Moscow is an amazing huge city growing right before our eyes. Back in the sixties, on the site of the Golyanovskiy Pond, which is now spread out, there was a swamp and the Sosenka River flowed, and twenty years later the territory was ennobled, cleaned and presented to the townspeople a new area with a magnificent reservoir and landscaped park.

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Let's talk about this unique corner of wildlife, so necessary for a huge metropolis, learn about its origin and features.

A bit of history

Golyanovsky Pond got its name due to the area of ​​the same name on which it is located. The Golyanovo district is located in the east of present-day Moscow. The first mention of it dates back to the sixties of the seventeenth century. It was a suburb of the palace village of Pokrovskoe, the population of which was about 500 people, and there were a little more than fifty peasant farmsteads. Golyanovo stretched on the hills in the upper reaches of Sosenka, in the waters of which there has long been a small loach minnow, which gave the name to the area. Here, in the floodplain of the river, stood a vast swamp, by willhuman genius, later transformed into a pond.

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Golyanovo became the metropolitan area in 1960, at the same time the territory was planned, the construction of residential buildings and infrastructure facilities began. In the early eighties, the decision taken by the city authorities to improve the territory was carried out: the riverbed was piped, the swamp was drained, and in its place a pond with reinforced concrete banks was built. But today's neat and cozy look of the Golyanovskiy Pond and the territory of the square around it was acquired after a large-scale reconstruction carried out in 2011.


This romantic corner of nature gives an unforgettable pleasure to everyone who visits it: the discreet beauty of Central Russian nature, the water surface of the pond and the opportunity to observe the life of birds relieve stress, calm and give strength. After the reconstruction, the entire coastal territory has turned into a cozy green area: the pond embankment has been restored, smooth paths around the reservoir are lined with paving slabs, children's and sports grounds have been laid out, comfortable benches have been installed, and bicycle trails have been equipped. The pond and the park area are constantly maintained.

Very close to the water there is a stage where various festive events are held and performances of numerous creative teams are held. Members of the Pelican Club compete in the water area of ​​the pond, modeling radio-controlled boats.

Characteristics of the reservoir

Golyanovskythe pond is located on the outskirts of Losiny Island, anticipating the beginning of the forest zone. The area of ​​the water surface is just over 8.5 hectares, and the total volume of water is 160 thousand cubic meters. m.

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Horse pond, formed in the floodplain of the river on the site of a swamp, its average depth does not exceed 2 meters. "Marsh origin" has done its job, the bottom of the reservoir is muddy and covered with aquatic vegetation, so swimming there is not recommended. On the other hand, the Golyanovskiy Pond is a haven for many ducks, which the townspeople love to feed. Numerous duck families cut through the water surface, bringing peace to the world around them, conquering with their touchingness, accepting treats with gratitude.

Frequent guests at the pond are fishermen. It's not about the huge catches that are left in the past, but sitting by the water, fishing in your ear and enjoying the beauty and peace is the best way to spend time for many city dwellers.

Where is the Golyanovskiy pond

The pond adorns the possessions of the Losiny Ostrov National Park, which has a rich history. From the 15th century, royal people hunted here: Ivan the Terrible loved these places full of game, and Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov, enjoying the beauty of nature, made the most important government decisions. He also built the first candle factory in Russia in these places.

Elk Island was given the status of a national park in 1983. Of the 12 hectares of the park area, the third part is located within the boundaries of Moscow. Here, in the eastern part of the city, not far from the Shchelkovo highway,there is a reservoir and the Golyanovo district itself.

where is golyanovskiy pond

Two streets - Uralskaya and Altaiskaya - surround Golyanovskiy Pond. How to get to it? It's very simple. Motorists are usually guided by the official address of the building closest to it - Altaiskaya street, house 4. Moscow always welcomes all its guests.

Golyanovsky pond, Schelkovskaya metro station

This metro station is another landmark from which you can get to the pond by bus (No. 223, 257), trolleybus No. 23 or fixed-route taxi (No. 23m, 171m, 236m, 583) to the stop "Uralskaya street".

We talked about the most beautiful place of rest for Muscovites, captivating with measuredness and peace. This is exactly what Golyanovskiy Pond looks like today.

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