Son of Vera Sotnikova Yan Nikolsky: biography, activities and interesting facts

Son of Vera Sotnikova Yan Nikolsky: biography, activities and interesting facts
Son of Vera Sotnikova Yan Nikolsky: biography, activities and interesting facts

Yan Nikolsky is the son of Vera Sotnikova, who won the hearts of her fans not only with her excellent acting, but also with her impeccable appearance.

Jan Nikolsky

Biography of Jan's mother

Vera Sotnikova was born in 1960 in Stalingrad. A year later, the city received the name that it bears to this day, namely Volgograd.

Vera Sotnikova was born into a simple family, where her father worked at a factory and her mother worked as a telephone operator. Vera had an older sister, Galina. Raising two daughters, parents tried to instill in them a love of art. They very often attended cultural events with their children: exhibitions, museums, theaters, galleries, etc. Vera's parents were creative people themselves - her mother wrote poetry, and her father wrote military memoirs.

From childhood, Vera Sotnikova was a very active child, she took part in various school activities. It gave her real pleasure. Little Verochka demonstrated her talents at evening parties and ceremonial events, recited poetry superbly and with pleasure demonstrated her acting skills on the stage of her native school. And after the lessons, the restless Vera attended, if not all circles and sections, then exactly half.

son of Vera Sotnikova Yan Nikolsky what does he do

Active life of mother and son

As for the weight of the popular actress, it is approximately 62 kg, and she is 160 centimeters tall (although, according to some reports - 172 cm.). At the same time, the actress is 56 years old. Based on these facts, we can safely say that Vera is in excellent shape, which does not go unnoticed by the male half of the population. Vera Sotnikova is an excellent example for all women. She says that every woman must look after her appearance, regardless of age.

Sotnikova's son Yan Nikolsky also leads an active lifestyle, often going to the gym. The proof of this is the photo of Jan, where he is in excellent physical shape

But Yan Nikolsky's mother, Vera, does not go in for sports to maintain a slender figure, she just moves a lot because of her work. The actress fully agrees with the expression of Ranevskaya, who said: "To be thin, you need to close your mouth in time." Vera adheres to this position.

From schoolgirl to theater and film actress. Mom to be proud of

When the future actress graduated from high school, she decided to try her luck in Saratov by trying to enter the theater school. This very school was graduated by her eldest sister Galya, who advised Vera to enter there. The sister gave Sotnikova Jr. an excerpt from the work of O. Henry and wished her luck on the exam, however, luck in this case turned her back on Vera Sotnikova - she could not enter. But the young girl did not despair, but decided to move on.Vera decided to return to Volgograd and there she began to prepare for admission next year. And also the future actress focused on the French language and studied it all year. Her plans were to become a student of the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University.

Exactly one year later, the day came when it was time to go to the capital. Unfortunately, the actress again failed, because she did not have all the necessary medical certificates. Therefore, Moscow University did not accept documents from Vera Sotnikova.

Jan Nikolsky son of Sotnikova. Family

Success in the capital

But the girl came up with the idea to try to enter the Moscow Art Theater School. There was a lot of time before the train home, and Vera decided to pass it. Of course, Sotnikova did not even count on success, and therefore she was not at all worried. Despite the fact that there was a huge competition among applicants, young Sotnikova passed all the tests and entered.

Vera's relationship with Jan's father

It's a well-known fact that Vera had quite a few men. Sotnikova explains this by the fact that she is very amorous. Her men are people of different professions. All of them were attracted by the beauty and mind of Vera. However, Vera Sotnikov was married only once. From the man who became her husband, Vera gave birth to a son, Jan Nikolsky. Who is the boy's father?

The actress met her first love at the age of 18, then it seemed to her that it was for life. But, unfortunately, life turned out to be very harsh and unfair. Vera Sotnikova tied the knot with Yuri Nikolsky, whodistinguished by frivolity and windiness of character.

All romance and idyll collapsed at the moment when the couple realized that Vera was expecting her first child. Yuri was an ordinary spender and did not know how to make money at all. Nikolsky said that he was completely unprepared for a serious family life. Sotnikova tried to save her family, but she managed to do it for a very short time.

Sotnikova felt that the family could not exist led by such an unreliable person. Therefore, the decision was made to dissolve the marriage. This happened when little Jan Nikolsky was only eight months old. All care for the little son fell on the fragile shoulders of the young actress. At that time, she was still studying at the Moscow Art Theater School, and in order to feed herself and feed her little son, she had to do odd jobs.

Many women can envy Vera's stamina and masculinity. After all, she was able to objectively assess the situation and decide what would be best for her child.

Vera Sotnikova, Yan Nikolsky

The fate of Yan Nikolsky, son of Vera Sotnikova

When all the problems of a single mother lay on Sotnikova's fragile shoulders, she could not bear it, watching her little son need everything. Vera, with pain in her heart, decided to send Yan to her grandmother in her native Volgograd.

Time passed, and Sotnikova slowly got on her feet, having finished her studies and began to work constantly. However, for some reason, Sotnikova was in no hurry to return her son back. After all, the son of Vera Sotnikova, Yan Nikolsky, could prevent her from building a career andpersonal life. Perhaps he would be a burden to her, standing in the way of her career.

But still, the son returned to his mother. However, he returned at a young age, having finished the ninth grade.

Now the actress may be blaming herself for the fact that then it was convenient for her to live alone, leaving the child to her mother.

Jan Nikolsky. Who is he

Continuation of Sotnikova's love vicissitudes

After a hard break with Nikolsky, five years later, Sotnikova met a new love - the actress met the German businessman Ernest. Ernest Pindur was much older than her - by as much as 16 years. But this big age difference did not prevent their love. This relationship continued for many years. Ernest showered her with expensive gifts and attention.

However, on their way there was a significant problem - the distance. After all, Vera Sotnikova could not move to Germany, because she was building a career in Russia. And Ernest, in turn, could not leave the business in Germany. Thus, their relationship, which lasted for many years, collapsed.

Plus, to all this, Vera Sotnikova met a new love, forgetting about Ernest, who continued to love her even after parting. He always looked for a meeting with her, but it was in vain, because the actress was already carried away by Vladimir Kuzmin. She admitted in one of her interviews that she considers Kuzmin the biggest love of her life.

All this time, Jan was next to his mother and supported her in all situations. Perhaps he has something to be offended by his mother for. At least for the fact that she left it to her grandmother in the earlyage to build a successful career. However, Yan Nikolsky never judged and does not judge his mother for this. He is just there and loves her. He loves to spend time with his family, inviting the star mother to visit, who willingly accepts the invitation, because she loves to mess with her little granddaughter Maxim.

Jan Nikolsky. Personal life

Love of all life of Vera Sotnikova

Nikolsky's mother and Vladimir Kuzmin lived in a civil marriage for seven years. It was an ideal relationship filled with love and understanding. In addition to Sotnikova's son Yan Nikolsky, six more children of Kuzmin lived in the family.

The couple never got married. But despite this, their relationship lasted for seven years. Vladimir Kuzmin has always had a reputation as a skilled lover, but his relationship with Vera settled him down and turned him into a family man. For several years they lived in understanding and love, giving parental love to the six children of Kuzmin and the son of Vera.

Jan Nikolsky. Who is the father

Took her lover away from Pugacheva herself

An interesting fact is that Sotnikova stole Kuzmin from the Primadonna Alla Pugacheva herself. The musician noticed Vera at one of the concerts and immediately fell head over heels in love. Despite the fact that his beloved Pugacheva was in the hall, he gave signs of attention to Sotnikova. And Vera herself was brought to the concert by her boyfriend Anton Tabakov.

Alla Pugacheva was incredibly jealous of Vladimir for Sotnikova. But after all, Kuzmin has long been famous for his love affairs. And he had a double romance - with Sotnikova and Pugacheva. Romance withPugacheva continued for quite a long time, until the musician realized that he still loves Sotnikova.

Yan Nikolsky. Who is he?

The boy was brought up by his grandmother and aunt until the tenth grade. His father left him at the age of eight months, and his mother had to build a career as an actress in the capital (this was already mentioned above). Now 32-year-old Yan Nikolsky (son of Sotnikova, whose family is surprised that the guy did not follow in the footsteps of his mother) has become an exemplary family man. It is known that he has a son Maxim. And also Vera Sotnikova in one of her interviews said that she loves to spend her free time with her grandson and son. She noted that there is not much work now and she has a lot of time left that she can give to her beloved family.

What the son of Vera Sotnikova Yan Nikolsky does is unknown. Because the guy leads a life closed to journalists.

It is known that for some time he was a member of the famous TV show "House 2". Also, nothing is known about the personal life of Jan Nikolsky. He never talks about his wife or reveals her name. Jan carefully guards the hearth, protecting it from annoying journalists.

Recently, the guy was taken to the hospital, where he underwent a serious operation. Now his life is not in danger. And his mother is nearby and helps her son recover.

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