Is pacifism a utopia or a real possibility?

Is pacifism a utopia or a real possibility?
Is pacifism a utopia or a real possibility?

Pacifism is the belief that the world is the apotheosis of bliss, the truest form of being. This cultural and philosophical trend suggests that everything can be achieved through negotiations, compromises and concessions. Nowadays, this current has two main prejudices, however, unfortunately, neither of them is effective.

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What is pacifism

In the first case, which can be called political, pacifism is the disarmament of peoples who do not want to live in war. In this case, it is assumed that every state where peace reigns, and people are not in the mood for fighting for anything, should give up the opportunity to maintain an army and ammunition. It also implies the cancellation of all military training and training.

In the second case, pacifism is rather a philosophical movement, where war is condemned by all norms of morality and human rights. As examples, reports are given that indicate the number of dead people, destroyed buildings that had historical and cultural significance, and destroyed monuments. Alsopacifists draw attention to the brutal nature of any war, which is inevitably accompanied by blood, suffering and death.

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Modern problems of society

However, by all measures, our world has not yet reached that state of harmony and balance, in which it would be possible to avoid such phenomena. Any peace-loving state, having lost its army, will become a bait for others, who will immediately attack it and tear it to pieces, depriving it of religion, traditions and cultural heritage. In turn, the same can be said about the second stereotype of pacifism. If we consider war as barbarism, then we automatically lose the right to avenge the insults and defeats inflicted, to protect those who are under the care of the state.

Based on modern life principles, we can say that pacifism is a utopia that can be achieved either by completely suppressing a person’s feelings, or by turning all the people of the world to a single faith, common traditions and rules. Neither one nor the other seems real, since each individual will defend his native customs, will defend his homeland and apply both weapons and his emotions and feelings to this.

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History of the term

The very definition of "pacifism" comes from the English word "pacific", which means "peaceful", "calm". This term arose in the 20th century in England, when the war went beyond the previously familiar framework and acquired the character of a nuclear one. Around that time, many countries signedacts that de alt with military neutrality and a ban on entry into any war.

At the same time, a symbol of pacifism was developed, indicating the nuclear disarmament of the UK. It was drawn by the English artist Gerald Holtom, after which the symbol appeared on all flags and on the uniform of soldiers who were supposed to participate in the march against the atomic war. It is also believed that this symbol has ancient Indian roots. Many people confuse it with one of the magical runes. However, in all cases, whenever this sign is encountered, it symbolizes calmness, balance and peace. It is based on a circle - a figure that does not have sharp ends and corners. It is perfect and in no way sets a person on a military footing.

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