Memorial - is it a monument or not?

Memorial - is it a monument or not?
Memorial - is it a monument or not?

The word "memorial" is found in the press quite often, and, frankly, it is not always clear what exactly is meant. So they can call the Egyptian pyramid, and the former concentration camp in Auschwitz, and even running competitions. What is a memorial? Monument or not? Let's try to understand this in detail.

Origin of the concept

So, to begin with, let's say that the word itself comes from the Latin memoria, which has a number of meanings. This is a memory, and a legend, and a chronicle, and written evidence, and, of course, a monument.

memorial is

As we see, one way or another, the concept itself is connected with memory and the means of fixing it. In the broadest sense, a memorial is some kind of tangible or intangible reminder of an event, a person, or even an entire era.

For the edification of future generations

Humanity is still trying to learn from the mistakes of the past and does its best to preserve the memory of it. For the average layman, such reminders are most often associated with some fallen heroes. And even if with ordinary people, then all the same - the dead. Whether it is a memorial of glory dedicated to the victory in the Great Patriotic War, or an obelisk to the victims of the Holocaust, fascism, Holodomor - all this is frozen in stonea reminder of the tragic pages of human history. In defense of the average layman, it should be noted that there are indeed thousands of monuments on this planet dedicated to human bloodthirstiness, and the invention of the rabies vaccine - only one.

Petrified Culture

However, in fairness, let's say that a memorial of memory is not always associated with a tragedy. It can be a building that is a symbol of goodwill or a reminder of something bright. For example, the mysterious English Stonehenge is the embodiment of ancient culture and its unsolved mysteries.

memorial of memory

Some structures of this kind are designed not only to commemorate some event, they can also be functional - after all, the church in which services are held is also important as a place of worship. In addition, not only a grandiose monument can be called a memorial, but even a modest commemorative plaque, indicating that Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin lived and composed his brilliant poems in this house in 1820.

Sporty approach

Athletes have an interesting perspective on the subject of our study. In their opinion, the memorial is a competition. Maybe because athletes, as incredibly focused people, simply cannot imagine a better way to perpetuate the name and honor the memory of an outstanding colleague.

When an appropriate idea arises, they organize some kind of regular (or one-time) tournament and name it after a person who has reached significant heightsin a particular sport: the Lobanovsky memorial - an international football competition among junior teams; or a hockey tournament dedicated to the memory of Romazan, or a chess tournament named after Alekhine. This approach is generally very good, because the tournament is a guarantee not only that the great athlete will be remembered again, but also that the cause of this person will not die with him. And this is not to mention how useful such events are for promoting a he althy lifestyle.

Evidence of what happened

Every accountant knows what a memorial order is - this is a document that reflects certain financial transactions for a specific period of time. Back in 1654, the great scientist Blaise Pascal saw either a vision or a hallucination and wrote this revelation on parchment (which is still known as Pascal's memorial).

a memorial is a memorial

He sewed the paper into the lining of his coat and kept it until his death. He claimed that he was guided by this "summary" in all everyday affairs. True or not, historians continue to argue, but the said parchment definitely exists. Thus, a memorial is not only a monument or a sporting event, but also a document, written evidence of certain events.

The Internet is sweeping the planet…

Today, when our society is immersed deeper and deeper into the computer monitor (who knows if this is good or bad?), you can find anything on the global network, even a tombstone. Memorial "PomniPro" - this is the name of the site where everyonecan create a page dedicated to a deceased relative or friend.

Some users, of course, began to make fun of the topic of "one-corpses", but, in principle, there is nothing wrong with this - a person who is not able to visit the place where a loved one is buried can instead visit the corresponding page on the Internet (Another thing is whether it can satisfy him). On the other hand, everyone experiences this kind of loss in their own way - and if such a resource can help someone cope with grief, then its existence is more than justified.

monument memorial

What do we remember?

Memorial most often carries the message "we will not forget, we will not forgive" - ​​and it turns out that it broadcasts hatred. But a reminder of an event can carry another meaning, and from this point of view it makes a favorable impression. Valley of the Fallen - a monument and burial place for all those who died during the Spanish Civil War (in 1936-1939). Then the Republicans and nationalists seriously tried to "crush each other into small crumbs." There is no and cannot be any justification for the atrocities of either side. But sometimes you just need to stop identifying more or less guilty, and just draw the appropriate conclusions and move on.

glory memorial

In the 40s of the last century, Franco ordered that something like this be erected in memory of the victims of a bloody war, regardless of their political beliefs - and the monument turned out to be grandiose. The area of ​​the complex is about 1365 hectares, on the territorymore than thirty thousand people are buried (including the dictator himself), a huge 150-meter cross crowns the memorial. His photo can be found in all tourist booklets inviting you to visit Spain.

During Franco's time, the building was meant to remind the nation of the need for reconciliation. However, the road to hell is paved with good intentions - the Spaniards are still having lively discussions: either about what kind of victims the memorial should be considered a monument (the socialists suggest - to the victims of Franco himself), then they are trying to move the remains of the not beloved ruler from the Valley to another place. In general, the attempt to try on society was hardly one hundred percent successful. But the Spaniards at least tried…

Variety of forms, unity of purpose

Memorial can be considered a memorial plaque on some house, and a whole complex built at the cemetery of German prisoners of war, and a football tournament, and a written confirmation of something (even hallucinations of a great mathematician), and even a website on the Internet. What all these, to put it mildly, different things have in common is their purpose. All of them call to remember something important: for the individual, the nation, all of humanity.

memorial photo

So, it's time to answer the question of whether the statement that a memorial is a monument is true. It seems that not quite, even if both of these structures are designed to perpetuate something, and in some cases can be synonymous. But still, the shade of meaning is slightly different for them, because sometimes a memorial is also a testimony. And it happens that evensymbol.

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