Snowberry white - an ideal plant for megacities

Snowberry white - an ideal plant for megacities
Snowberry white - an ideal plant for megacities

White snowberry is a plant belonging to the honeysuckle family, the genus Symphoricarpus. Its homeland is considered the west of North America. It can grow in one place for decades without compromising flowering and fruiting. It perfectly tolerates gas pollution and smoke, it has long been planted near parking lots and gas stations.

snowberry white

The white snowberry is a fast-growing shrub whose branches reach a height of 1.5 m. The root growth is so abundant that, if allowed, it will quickly master several meters in diameter. Its shoots are thin, vertical or slightly inclined. The root system is dense, but superficial. The leaves are arranged oppositely, have a simple ovate-rounded shape with solid edges. Their length is about 6 cm, the color of the upper side is green, the lower side is gray. In autumn, they do not change color for a long time and stay on the shoots.

Blooms from July to September with bell-shaped greenish-pinkish small inconspicuous flowers collected in dense racemose inflorescences located at the ends of the shoots. They are of interest to bees. On the shoots can be both flowers and fruits at the same time. The berries are white, spherical, waxy, a little less than 1 cm in diameter,inedible. They have an unpleasant taste and are not poisonous to adults. However, children may experience vomiting, dizziness, and

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sometimes fainting. The berries stay on the shoots all winter, giving the shrub an elegant look. Here he is, a white snowberry. The photo shows it, as well as the possible use of its original, long-lasting decorative fruit.

Snowberry bushy (as it is sometimes called) - a plant unpretentious, winter-hardy, drought-resistant. It can adapt to any soil, including rocky ones. Grows equally well in full sun and partial shade. An adult plant does not need watering, but it is sensitive to wetting.

Excellently tolerates pruning shrub. The snowberry grows up to 1 m in the first 2 years of life, begins to bloom and bear fruit from the third year. Surprisingly, many people often cannot remember what the flowers look like, even if they pass by this plant every day. But the fruits do not go unnoticed. It is for them that bushes are grown. Branches with berries can be used in dried flower arrangements.

snowberry shrub

Propagate the white snowberry is not difficult. This can be done by dividing the bush, lateral offspring (shoots), green cuttings and seeds. If the latter option is chosen, then the seeds will need stratification. They can also be planted before winter. The place must be chosen so that during the hot period penumbra is formed. Sowing is best done in October, without much deepeningmaterial. Before frost, it is desirable to sketch leaf litter, and later snow.

White snowberry can be used as a hedge, because bushes grow quickly and form dense thickets. By cutting out the excess, it is easy to control the width of the stands. It looks great both in a single planting and in compositions with other plants. Can be grown under trees to create a great contrast with their green foliage.

Plant on your site (and if not, then near the house) a white snowberry, in cold winter it will delight the eye with berries, bringing spring closer.

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