Allison Harvard (Allison Harvard) - a model with a doll appearance

Allison Harvard (Allison Harvard) - a model with a doll appearance
Allison Harvard (Allison Harvard) - a model with a doll appearance

The modeling business is full of not only immaculately equally ideal faces. Now this area is full of interesting and special people with a unique appearance. The fashion industry was blown up by Winnie Harlaw, Jemma Ward, Georgia May Jagger and, of course, Allison Harvard.

About model

Allison Harvard

Allison Harvard was born on January 8, 1988 in Houston, Texas. Studied at Louisiana State University, then transferred to New Orleans University.

Allison has painted in the surreal and psychedelic genres and has been active online as creepy chan on image boards and MySpace.

In 2007, Allison Harvard illustrations graced Liza Kuznetsova's book "A Story Told at Night".

Allison Harvard's height, according to Nomus modeling agency, is 175 centimeters.

  • Bust - 86 centimeters.
  • Waist - 61 cm.
  • Hip circumference - 90 centimeters.

She hasblue eyes and light blond natural hair color.

Shooting in the show "America's Next Top Model"

In 2008, Allison Harvard came to television. She blew away the preselection jury with her doll-like appearance and strange fondness for depicting blood.

Allison Harvard, whose photos were already in full view of Internet users, quickly became the favorite of the judges. As a result, the 12th season of "America's Next Top Model" Allison left with 2nd place.

After 3 years, she returned to the show for the 17th stellar season, which featured favorites from previous episodes. There she wrote the song Underwater by Allison Harvard and dedicated it to her deceased father. She also left this season with second place.

The show "America's Next Top Model" brought her worldwide fame and many contracts with modeling agencies.

After the show activities

In addition to many catwalk appearances and work with famous designers and fashion designers, Allison was engaged in conceptual video blogging, designing clothes with prints of her own production. In 2012, she performed at New York Fashion Week.

Also, Allison Harvard has also appeared in several TV series in a cameo role and in films: in the independent film "Insensibility" as Karina and in the film "Dangerous Words for the Fearless".

Now she works as a fashion model and continues to collaborate with designers and modeling agencies. Big round eyes and a delicate physique attract employers to this day.

allisonharvard photo

Unusual faces are always of interest to the fashion industry, but there are few unique features in appearance. There must be charisma, charm and talent. Allison Harvard became famous not only because of her unusual face. She is a talented girl who has achieved success not only in the modeling business, but also in art, music and design.

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