Yana Lebedeva: biography, family, personal life

Yana Lebedeva: biography, family, personal life
Yana Lebedeva: biography, family, personal life

Yana is known in many circles. Some call her a playgirl of life and daddy's money, others call her a party girl and a socialite, and some believe that Yana is a serious, business-like business woman with a lot of successful projects.

Who is she? Where does he work, what does he do?

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Yana Lebedeva was born on May 17, 1987 in the family of the famous Russian oil oligarch - Leonid Lebedev. She is not a well-known person, rarely gives interviews, so there is very little information about her on the Internet. Even though he owns several successful projects, he prefers to remain in the background.

So, for example, she is a co-owner, co-producer and editor-in-chief of the well-known fashion Internet project Trendspace, which was created together with Alexei Bokov, but her name is not listed anywhere. And if you go to the site, you can see that a certain Alena Litkovets works as the chief editor.

It is known that until 2009, Yana was organizing fashion projects and actively collaborated with glossy magazines.


Since 2009, Yana has become a co-producer of a well-known fashionable Internet projectTrendspace, which can be described as a guide to the world of fashion, style and cosmetics, she still works here.

At the same time, Yana Lebedeva is the host of the Trash-fashion program, which is broadcast on the Peopleschoice web resource.

Sikharulidze Yana Lebedeva

Where Yana studied is unknown, but judging by her excellent command of English and chic pronunciation, she studied somewhere in London, as it should be for the children of billionaires.

Profession shopaholic

It is often said about Yana that her main profession is a shopaholic. She easily pays six figures just for the label. He loves expensive branded clothes, shoes and accessories. That is why Yana has connected herself with the world of fashion and beauty.

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There are rumors in secular circles that she is a shopaholic with the money of her billionaire father, and working as an editor-in-chief in her own project is her entertainment from boredom, because the project allows you to earn only for “tea”. Such hobbies include charity, in which Yana periodically takes part.

About friends

Yana is a representative of the "golden" youth of Moscow. She is beautiful, smart, rich, successful, constantly attends prestigious parties and social events, closed VIP parties. She herself constantly arranges such meetings, to which she invites only VIPs. Among Yana's friends are such as Daria Zhukova - Roman Abramovich's wife, Mikhail Gorbachev's granddaughter, Nastya Virganskaya, Alexei Garber and Roman Rotenberg. A circleYana Lebedeva's communication can be compared with the Forbes list, because the parents of her friends are on the list of the richest people on the planet according to the magazine.

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Yana Lebedeva, daughter of a billionaire, meets her friends more often in Courchevel than in Moscow. There they all have fun together with their parents' money.

Model business?

Yana Lebedeva is a model, has good external data and a figure, so she can afford to wear very short skirts and come to a secular party without makeup, only slightly touching up her lips with gloss. She could have made a modeling career for herself, but chose to work in the shadows of the fashion world. Although she loves to arrange photo shoots in different outfits and poses for cameras with pleasure. Loved by many photographers Yana Lebedeva. Photos of the girl adorn the spreads of glossy magazines, often get into the press after various parties.

Yana Lebedeva daughter of a billionaire

About taste and style

In addition to outstanding external data, Yana has an impeccable refined taste. She always dresses stylishly, almost every appearance of her is discussed. Knowing this, Yana tries to look her best. Although she herself says that it is necessary to be more relaxed in matters of clothing. She claims that she does not think over her outfits a month in advance. Even since the evening she does not think what to wear tomorrow. She dresses, in her words, absolutely spontaneously. Judging by the numerous photographs from various events, Yana prefers plain clothes. But sometimes you can meetvery bold outfits in bright colors. Everything in her wardrobe is appropriate and goes well with each other.


Yana also has an older sister, Yulia, who lives in Hollywood and is building a successful career as a film producer. Yulia's very first film was a success because Orlando Bloom played the title role. The same billionaire dad who invests fabulous money in his daughter's projects helps his sister to advance in Hollywood.

A little more is known about dad than about daughters. Leonid Lebedev is a successful oilman and power engineer. He is a co-owner of the Sintez group of companies, conducts political activities, is a member of the United Russia party, and has recently become seriously interested in film production. Together with Todorovsky, he opened the Strela film studio, which released the film Stilyagi and many others. That is why the father willingly invests in the Hollywood projects of his eldest daughter.

yana lebedeva biography personal life

According to Forbes, Leonid Lebedev's fortune is estimated at more than $ 2 billion, so Yana is considered a "golden girl" and an enviable bride. The father is the owner of numerous real estate in Russia and abroad.

Yana Lebedeva: biography, personal life

Yana keeps her personal life and biography details a big secret, reluctantly gives interviews to the press. She was credited with romances with many famous children of billionaires whose parents are on the Forbes list.

In 2011, at the age of 24, she met the Olympic figure skating champion -Anton Sikharulidze. Yana Lebedeva fell in love with him without a memory, although he was 10 years older.

Her entourage could not understand why Yana chose a man who does not have a fortune with six or more zeros, especially since Anton himself was considered an ordinary womanizer, was not particularly handsome and not so young anymore.

Nevertheless, six months later, Yana Lebedeva and Anton Sikharulidze got married.

The wedding of Yana and Anton made a lot of noise with its luxury. The rings were purchased from Cartier, and for the wedding dress, Yana went to the Vera Wang fashion show and bought a wedding dress for $70,000. A castle in Spain was rented, the world's best musicians were invited.

Then it was said that Yana wanted to play family life, but very soon she would get tired of it.

Yana took her husband to social events, willingly posed for cameras, and seemed happy as never before. She looked so inspired that everyone believed in this love.

But 2 years later, when the billionaire's daughter turned 26 and Anton turned 36, Yana filed for divorce, which went quietly, almost went unnoticed. The press wrote that the daughter of a billionaire and the Olympic champion divorced in a civilized manner and remained good friends. The former spouses did not comment on the situation with the divorce, so the true reason remained unknown.

After the divorce, Yana returned to her usual party life and plunged into work even more. She didn't seem unhappy at all. While Yana remains in the status of a free enviable bride.

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