Kirkorova Victoria Markovna: biography, photo

Kirkorova Victoria Markovna: biography, photo
Kirkorova Victoria Markovna: biography, photo

People who are fond of domestic pop music have an ambiguous opinion about the work of Philip Kirkorov. Some admire the singer's voice, others say that going to the concerts of the king of pop is a manifestation of bad taste. You can laugh at Philip's outrageous behavior on stage, condemn his participation in secular scandals. But there is one quality in the artist's character that deserves the respect of both fans and enemies. This is his reverent attitude towards his parents, especially his mother.

Kirkorova Victoria Markovna

What was Victoria Markovna Kirkorova like? The biography of this woman is inextricably linked with the work of her famous son. Very little is known about her. She rarely appeared on TV screens, practically did not participate in secular parties. She passed away in 1994. The cause of death is a terrible disease, for which there is no reliable cure yet.

Family, parents, work

OhVirtually no information has been preserved about Victoria's childhood and youth, since she herself never gave interviews to journalists. Everything that concerns her personality, we know only from the words of her husband Bedros and son Philip. It is known that Victoria Markovna's maiden name is Likhacheva, she was born on April 6, 1937, before her marriage she worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Her mother was a circus artist, and her father was an engineer - an employee of one of the Soviet research institutes. During the years of Stalinist repressions, Mark Likhachev spent several years in camps, where he undermined his he alth. By the time of his daughter's marriage, he was very ill and died literally the day after the wedding of Victoria and Bedros.

Nationality and origin

During the long years of Philip's presence on stage, no one had any questions about his origin. Everyone knew that he, like his father, was a Bulgarian. Recently, it has become fashionable to "dig into the dirty laundry" of celebrities. Probably, all kinds of talk shows and sensational revelations on the pages of the yellow press became the reason for this.

Victoria Markovna Kirkorova

Several years ago, for the sake of the public, journalists managed to find out that Philip's paternal grandfather and grandmother, although they lived in Bulgaria, were Armenians. It would seem that this can be put an end to. It is the Armenian roots that explain the languorous look and black curls of the king of the stage. An, no! Driven by anti-Semitic sentiments, individuals began to wonder: is Viktoria Markovna Kirkorova a Jew? The nationality of Philip's mother is unknown to us, especiallythat the fifth column in the passports does not exist for a long time. Judging by her father's last name, she could very well be Russian. And Philip's maternal grandmother had French, Russian and gypsy roots.

Love at first sight and for life

Kirkorov's future parents met in Sochi, where Bedros gave a concert as part of the Eddie Rosner Orchestra, and Victoria was sitting in the auditorium. When the girl approached the Bulgarian artist to take an autograph, he in response invited her to walk together along the night streets of the resort town. The next morning, Bedros made an offer to Victoria, and she agreed. They got married in November 1964, and in 1967 the son Philip was born to the Kirkorovs. The marriage lasted exactly 30 years, until the last days of Victoria Markovna's life.

There is such a profession - to be a mother

Philip, like his father, was born in Varna, but unlike Bedros, Kirkorov Jr. has dual citizenship - Bulgarian and Russian. With the birth of her son, Victoria left her job and devoted her life to raising him. Of course, she could not sit at home, and when Philip grew up a little, she began to accompany her husband on tour, acted as an entertainer at his concerts.

Soon the Kirkorov family moves from Bulgaria to Moscow, little Philip is sent to a music school, after which he enters the Gnessin College. Mom is always with her son. She firmly believed that a great future awaited him, and she was not mistaken. Wise, kind, understanding, like all mothers - such was Victoria Markovna Kirkorova. A photo from the family archive gives out in it andamazingly beautiful woman.

The trouble came unexpectedly

Being already quite a famous and popular singer, Philip never neglected the advice of his mother. He knew that she would always come to the rescue in difficult times, console with a kind word and cheer with wise guidance. Only with her could he share his deepest secrets. In the past few years, his mother accompanied him on all trips, was his personal secretary and guardian angel.

Victoria Markovna Kirkorova biography

In 1992, feeling unwell, Victoria Markovna Kirkorova went to the hospital. Her diagnosis - liver cancer - shocked the whole family. Doctors insisted on immediate surgical intervention. The operation was done, there was hope that everything would work out. For two years, the woman fought for life, but the disease did not recede.

Granny Vanga's Predictions

According to the stories of Bedros Kirkorov, he sincerely believed that his wife could recover. To reinforce this conviction, he went to Bulgaria to the world-famous soothsayer, to whom he had turned for advice before. Vanga did not say anything definite, gave instructions on treatment, ordered to come again in a week.

Inspired by hope, Bedros went to Moscow, took his wife the drugs that Vanga advised to take. But Viktoria Markovna Kirkorova, her beloved wife and loving mother, was fading away literally before our eyes. A little later, Bedros found out what Vanga’s wording “come in a week” meant - she often said such words to people if she foresaw an imminent death intheir immediate surroundings.

Shattered hope for salvation

At that time, Professor Gradov worked in one of the Leningrad clinics, whose efforts saved more than one life of cancer patients. The famous doctor appointed Victoria Markovna procedures, as a result of which cancerous metastases in the liver were localized. The woman felt better, things went on the mend. But then Gradov himself gets on the operating table, his patients found themselves without the necessary assistance.

Kirkorova Victoria Markovna nationality

A few days later Viktoria Markovna Kirkorova felt worse, because, having broken through the drug blockade, cancer metastases began to spread throughout her body. At the end of April 1994, it became clear that the miracle everyone had hoped for would not happen.

Farewell words

Philip found it hard to accept the thought that his mother's days were numbered. He did not want to go to the hospital so as not to see his mother in a helpless state. Alla Borisovna, with whom Philip was getting married, insisted that the singer fulfill his last filial duty. Entering the ward, he did not recognize his mother in the woman lying on the hospital bed - Viktoria Markovna Kirkorova had aged so much in just a few weeks.

Squatting on the edge of the bed, he barely held back tears, stroking his mother's hand. Pugacheva was also here. They say that the last words of Victoria Markovna were an appeal to Alla with a request to take care of Philip. Even dying, she thought only about the fate of her only son. By a fatal coincidence, she was notbecame April 30 - exactly on the day when Kirkorov was supposed to celebrate his twenty-seventh birthday.

On the last journey

The funeral of Philip's mother took place on May 2, as it should be according to Christian customs, on the third day after her death. The farewell ceremony took place in Moscow, then the body was transported to Bulgaria. Victoria Markovna Kirkorova is buried in a cemetery in the city of Sofia.

Victoria Markovna Kirkorova photo

The day after saying goodbye to his mother, Philip Kirkorov, together with Alla Pugacheva, went on a previously planned tour of Israel. According to the artist, in public it was easier for him to survive grief and cope with terrible depression. “Mom would have understood me and not judged me,” says the pop king.

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