The best life-affirming phrases

The best life-affirming phrases
The best life-affirming phrases

Everyone puts their own meaning in the expression "love life". However, we can say with confidence - to love your life means to appreciate what you have at the moment. A person who loves life feels the meaning in everything that happens to him. What expressions help inspire love for life?

life-affirming phrases

Motivation for a new day

For many, life-affirming phrases are a kind of nourishment. They, like a cup of coffee in the morning, help to recharge with positive for the whole day. Here is one of such expressions: "Who does not miss opportunities - he has every opportunity to succeed." Moreover, a person is a master in overcoming the limit of his capabilities. Those people who do not see any opportunities in their lives often cannot take advantage of those that are actually available to them. They simply miss these chances of fate because of their pessimism.

Everyone knows from experience: there are rich people, but completely unhappy; and there are poor people who are pleased with every little thing. There are young people who perceive the world through the prism of gloomy depression and anxious anticipation of the future; and there are elders who cherish every moment. Of course, this experience does not mean at all that it is the only true one - youth,undoubtedly provides a person with more opportunities, just as we alth is better than poverty. However, it must be remembered that a lot depends on the perception of the person himself. If he knows how to see opportunities in his life, then the Universe will provide him with new ones. This is confirmed by a fair and life-affirming phrase from the Bible: “To the one who has, it will be given; and from the one who does not have, even what he has will be taken away.”

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Life is like a miracle

Imagine for a moment that you have to participate in a race with over 100 million more participants running. The chances of winning are practically negligible. It is unlikely that even professional athletes would agree to take part in such a competition. After all, one of the participants may be stronger, someone will have more endurance, and someone will simply be more dexterous than others. However, in reality, each of us is such a winner. Human life is a miracle in the truest sense of the word. And life-affirming phrases only help to remember this again. Here is what Tyutchev said in his poems: "Whatever life teaches us, but the heart believes in miracles…"

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The main thing is to believe

And here's another life-affirming quote from science fiction writer Ray Bradbury: "Never question miracles when they happen." It often happens that something unusual happens in front of a person. For example, he finds an answer to a question that has tormented him for a long time, or hehaving a prophetic dream. Sometimes a new job is also a miracle. After a long and unsuccessful search, fate seems to give a gift to a person. However, many tend to be skeptical about everything unusual - they strive to rationalize it, they try to explain everything out of the ordinary by objective factors. Anyone who has encountered miracles at least once should remember: the more a person believes in unusual things, the more they can meet on their way.

If a person tries to love life, to change the negative focus of perception to a positive one, then sooner or later he starts to succeed. To stop being a pessimist, you need to make a lot of effort: circumstances often strive to drag a person into their swamp again. You can help yourself adjust by taking small steps. It can be reading life-affirming phrases, watching comedies and positive films of other genres, communicating with nice people. When a person begins to live and perceive the world differently, his whole existence is literally transformed. He cherishes every minute of his life, he wants to travel and visit new places. Yesterday's pessimist understands that he is not satisfied with work or relationships that bring only negativity and oppression. He seeks to create something new in his life, bring more creativity into it and eliminate negative factors.

Here is a life-affirming quote from Lewis Carroll's most famous work, Alice in Wonderland:

" - Every morning, like my father, I try to believe in six crazy miracles.

– This is greatexercise!”.

Life-affirming phrases for teens

Adolescence is one of the most difficult times. Just like adults, teenagers need to keep a few things in mind. A person who begins to appreciate life always strives to explore the world around him. Where everything is clear, natural and predictable for a pessimist, an optimist will find a hundred riddles for himself. In life, discomfort and suffering cannot be avoided - however, everyone has a choice on what to focus on. F. M. Dostoevsky wrote that for a happy life one needs as much happiness as unhappiness. This is not to say that this is not so - because otherwise people could not appreciate their happiness. And Ernest Hemingway wrote: “I don't care what the world is. All I need to understand is how to live in it.”

life-affirming phrases for women

Quotes for girls

And how can beautiful ladies cheer themselves up? Life-affirming phrases for women are one of the best ways to do this. Mother Teresa said: "Peace begins with a smile." And here are the words of Coco Chanel that will inspire anyone: “Everything is in our hands. So you can't let them go." Women who know how to inspire themselves inevitably become inspirations for others - husbands, children, relatives, acquaintances and colleagues.

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