Life phrases: about the soul, love and more

Life phrases: about the soul, love and more
Life phrases: about the soul, love and more

Short life phrases, statuses, quotes - all running, all in one line. And so we rush in a vicious circle: where the beginning is, and whether there should be an end - is unknown. And what is this life? The question is rhetorical, therefore, the answer with one single phrase is impossible. Long unhurried reflections are appropriate here - thoughts about life …

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With minus sign

As a rule, life is opposed to death. She is her sinister shadow. But not everyone thinks so, or rather, they feel, because to live does not always mean to act, rather to feel. For example, Isaac Asimov compared the life path to a thin chain of losses. It all starts with the loss of youth, then parents, true friends, loved ones leave, and then around the corner you lose good he alth and pleasures. You can, of course, not accept this order of things, but it still won’t get away from us - it wasn’t invented by us. And here calmness and peace of mind begin to leave us.

But the famous science fiction writer is not alone in his attitude. Long before his birth, such thoughts aboutalso visited the great French writer Victor Hugo, who also believed that we could not live without a long chain of losses of people we dearly loved. Under the same "slogan" the Czech writer Josef Shkvoretsky writes about being. In his perception, the great gift of God is nothing but a "leaky vessel." Living water flows out of it drop by drop, to the very bottom, until an empty vessel remains. They will put him in a coffin and bury him.

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With plus sign

Enough of the sad stuff. There are also optimists among us. Let's hear their life phrases. Let's start with the genius - Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy, for whom life is nothing but continuous movement and movement, which in turn is God. It is impossible not to love God, so it is impossible not to love life.

Legendary scientist, father of the theory of relativity - Albert Einstein, could not help but bow before the supreme value - that's how he called life. It is sacred, all other values ​​are subordinate to it.

Our contemporary, French writer Bernard Werber is a true love of life, calling not to listen to talkers about the meaninglessness of existence. Life is Beautiful! Otherwise, it cannot be! Is it not enough for us that this product has been personally tested and approved by sixty-six billion people over several million years? Is this not proof of its excellent quality?

Unity of opposites

Everything in the world has two sides of the coin. They, as you know, are in eternal struggle, and at the same time in amazing unity, which is what makes themessence and meaning. Life is no exception. Life phrases of great people are ready to prove this statement.

life phrases with meaning

For example, William Shakespeare compared the earthly path of a person with a fabric consisting of both good and bad threads. Erich-Maria Remarque believed that life is a fine line between love and doom, luxury and ruin, fun and grief, risk and death. That is why it is wonderful. What follows from this? One should live, because life without trials is not life, as the Greek philosopher Socrates said.

About life and love

Then what is the point, what is the ultimate goal of this mortal earthly existence? And there are many answers to this question. However, most of them come down to one thing - of course, you can roam the world without love if you are satisfied with an aimless lonely wandering, and not a fascinating romantic trip around the world. Definitely, not without risky adventures, but … Here it is better to give the floor to the Greats of this world. Their life phrases are much wiser.

For example, the words of Maxim Gorky, who was sure that without love, life turns into a gray existence, cannot but be touched. There are many different organs in the human body. Each performs its vital function. The soul is given to us as a gift only to love.

Osho's philosophical reasoning is no less interesting. He sees the meaning of our stay on earth only in the opportunity to love, otherwise a person is dead. He lives dead and will leave this world dead. In this state, he only goes through different stagesof death. If we experience love from birth, then with the course of life, the fullness of it and its secrets are revealed to us more and more. The very peak is the desire to connect with the whole. This is the main point.

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In other words, setting off on a long voyage, we set the course - love, raise the anchor, and finally start the engine … How should it be so that it does not break, does not let us down halfway? Only eternal. And that is only the soul. I think life phrases will help to understand this matter as well.

Russian writer Ivan Bunin said that we filled our lives with an endless amount of unnecessary deeds, some creeds, scientific hypotheses about the world, about the happiness of the individual. Then, tearing to shreds this happiness from each other, they shed a lot of blood. Paradox. But in fact, the earthly path should consist only in the suppression of personal, egoistic desires and the fulfillment of one thing - the law of love. And it is possible to fulfill it only in the life of the spirit, and not of the body. The fruit of the spirit is faith, mercy, joy, temperance, humility.

about life and love


Life phrases with meaning… They cannot be counted, they are countless, like stars in the sky. And to say that this star is the brightest, the most beautiful, is simply impossible, and even stupid. They cannot be compared. Everyone has their own wisdom. They are all countless facets of one diamond - truth. And the more of them, the more dazzling its radiance.

But in conclusion, the words of Mother Teresa are asking for: “Life is a chance, take advantage ofthem. This is a dream, make it come true. It's a commitment, keep it. This is a great value, appreciate it. This is love, enjoy it. This is the chain of troubles, break it. This is a fight, start it. This is luck, look for it. Life is so beautiful, don't lose it! This is beauty, enjoy it. This is a challenge, accept it. It's a game, be a player. It's a treasure, take care of it. This is the secret, know it. This is the song, finish it. This is the abyss of the unknown: step into it! This is your life - keep it!" Nothing to add to them.

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