Berezovskaya GRES - two stations, two countries

Berezovskaya GRES - two stations, two countries
Berezovskaya GRES - two stations, two countries

In the CIS, two state district power plants, bearing the name Berezovsky, have been built and are being operated. One is in Belarus, the other is in Siberia.

Berezovskaya GRES

Berezovskaya GRES (Krasnoyarsk Territory) is one of the first large thermal power plants operating on coal from the Kansk-Achinsk basin, located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory of the Russian Federation. The power plant is located at a distance of 14 km from the open pit coal mine. This method of mining provides a low cost of coal. Considering that in the cost of electricity produced at the power plant, the price of fuel is half the price of electricity, the price of 1 kWh is low.

Berezovskaya GRES was designed in the late 70s. Construction began in 1980. In 1987, the first power unit with a capacity of 800 MW was put into operation, in 1990 the second, also 800 MW, was put into operation. The total capacity of the station according to the original design was to be 6400 MW.

The KATEK project was supposed to build a group of eight powerful CPPs of 6,400 MW each on the basis of brown coal from this coal basin. Producedcities of Siberia, the Urals and the Center of the European part of the USSR were supposed to receive electricity through ultra-high voltage transmission lines. Note that the Soviet projects were built only partially, but what they managed to build surprises even now. The modern Berezovskaya GRES, with a capacity of 1,600 MW, with a chimney having a height of 370 m (in the Guinness Book of Records). The construction of the third unit for 800 MW is nearing completion, which will significantly increase the station's capacity. Further development is constrained by weak power lines. To improve efficiency, Berezovskaya GRES is being transferred to the category of thermal power plant by expanding heating networks.

Berezovskaya GRES Belarus

Berezovskaya GRES (Belarus) is the largest IES in the country. It is located near Brest, on the shore of the lake. White, which is used as a source of water and as a cooling pond for waste water. The capacity of Berezovskaya GRES is 900 MW. The station has six power units of 150 MW each. Construction began in 1958, the last block began to provide electricity in 1967. Donbass coal and seasonal surpluses of natural gas were used as fuel. The original project was to use a gas-oil mixture as fuel. To remove 99% purified flue gas, two pipes 100 and 180 m were built.

Belovskaya GRES

Belovskaya GRES is located in the center of the Kuznetsk coal basin in the Kemerovo region of the Russian Federation. The center of Kuzbass was chosen because this area needed a lot of electricity, and on its territory, nearby, there was nothere was not a single power plant.

The construction of this facility lasted more than 8 years. The first unit was launched in 1964. There are 6 power units at the station, each with 200 MW. Additional heat supply capacity 125 Gcal/hour.

In 2010, the modernization process began at Belovskaya GRES. An agreement was signed with OJSC Power Machines for the manufacture and installation of two new 225 MW turbines. These turbines will replace the exhausted units at Units 4 and 6. The first replacement at Unit 4 is scheduled for late 2013, and the second at Unit 6 at the end of 2014. As a result of this upgrade, the station will increase its reliability and increase electricity generation.

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