What is the highest mountain in Africa? Kilimanjaro: description, photo

What is the highest mountain in Africa? Kilimanjaro: description, photo
What is the highest mountain in Africa? Kilimanjaro: description, photo

Africa is an exotic continent for many inhabitants of Eurasia. There are huge deserts and savannahs, unusual animals and amazing plants grow here. Do you know what are the highest mountains in Africa? We remember the names of some of them from the school curriculum, others are completely unknown.

General Description

The main feature of the continent is that the high mountains are not in folded structures. For example, the highest mountain in Africa is located on the East African Plateau. In the northwest and south of the continent rise folded mountains - Atlas and Cape. The Ethiopian (Abyssinian) highlands are located in the northeast, the Aberdar Range is in the very center of the continent, the Drakensberg Mountains are in the south, and Ahaggar is in the northwest. In addition, Africa is famous for its active and extinct volcanoes (Kilimanjaro and Cameroon).

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The highest mountain in Africa - Kilimanjaro

This huge mountain range isof the three now extinct volcanoes - Mawenzi (5129 m), Shira (3962 m), and Kibo (5895 m). Accordingly, the height of the highest mountain in Africa is considered to be 5895 meters. The massif is located on the Masai plateau. Today, scientists do not have documentary evidence that in ancient times there was volcanic activity here, only legends speak of this. In the Kilimanjaro region today, only periodic gas emissions are reminiscent of volcanism. However, shifts and collapses have been recorded in the past.

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Africa's highest mountain is famous for its ice cap, as the peak has been covered by glaciers for millennia. Today, many scientists are voicing fears that this huge snow cap could disappear in the coming decades. Probably, their fears are not groundless - over the past 100 years, the cap has decreased in volume by almost 80%. This is not a consequence of rising temperatures, but depends on the decrease in the amount of snow falling in the region.

The highest mountain in Africa was discovered in 1848 by a pastor from Germany, Johannes Rebman. For the first time, the Hungarian count Samuel Teleki tried to conquer the peak, but it was only conquered in 1889 by the German traveler Hans Meyer and his companion, the Austrian climber Ludwig Purtsheller.

Mount Kenya

This is not the highest mountain in Africa, however, its height reaches 5199 meters. Mount Kenya is an extinct stratovolcano and one of the most popular mountain peaks on the African continent. It is located in the Mount Kenya National Park,founded in 1949 to protect the surrounding area.

the highest mountain in africa kilimanjaro

Most often, climbing this mountain is carried out to its three peaks - Batian, Nelion and Point Lenan. From a technical point of view, Point Lenana, located in the southeast of the massif, is considered the most accessible and simple.

Scientists believe that about two million years ago - Mount Kenya was an active volcano. There is a version that in those distant times it was higher than Kilimanjaro.

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In 1849, it was discovered by the German missionary Johann Krapf, and 34 years later, the explorer J. Thompson, who reached its foot from the west, confirmed its discovery.


This mountain is considered the highest in Central Africa. Its height is 4070 meters. Currently, it still exhibits volcanic activity. Cameroon's last eruption was recorded in 2000. The top of the mountain is not always covered with snow, only sometimes a hat appears on it. The volcano has other names - Fako and Mongo ma Ndemi - as the local population calls it.

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This volcano was discovered by Portuguese sailors - members of the expedition, which was looking for a way through Africa to India. Conquered the summit in 1861 by Richard Francis Burton.

Ethiopian highlands

It is located in the northeast of the continent, in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and partly in the north of Somalia. Mount Ras Dashen is considered to be the highest point. Her height is 4550meters. In the east and south, the ledges of the highlands are steep. They descend into deep valleys. The western ledges are distinguished by a stepped shape, indented by deep canyons of the Blue Nile. The valleys divide the highlands into separate massifs (ambas). Compose the Ethiopian highlands gneisses, crystalline schists, above are volcanic rocks.

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The highlands have a monsoonal climate that allows coffee, rye and wheat to be grown here. In addition, there are many minerals - gold, platinum, sulfur, copper and iron ores. Brown coal, limestone and gypsum are mined here.

Atlas Mountains

This mountain range is located in the northwest of the continent. For a long time it was believed that it stretches from the Atlantic coast in Morocco to the very shores of Tunisia. Today it has been established that it stretches for 2300 km from Cape Sirtov to Kotey.

highest mountains in africa

The Atlas Mountains separate the Sahara Desert from the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. They are made up of numerous ridges. The highest point of this massif is Mount Toubkal (4167 m).

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