Monuments of the Eagle: photo

Monuments of the Eagle: photo
Monuments of the Eagle: photo

The city of Orel is the third cultural capital of Russia. This small town has a rich history and looks to the future with confidence.

Historical background

By order of Ivan the Terrible in 1566, a fortress was erected at the confluence of the Orlik and Oka rivers to protect the southern borders of the state. The fortress stood in the way of the Tatar troops marching towards Moscow from the Crimean Khanate.

There are several versions about the name of the city. One of the legends says that when the fortress was built, a mighty eagle sat on its wall. The builders took this as a good sign and gave the fortress its name.

For more than 400 years of existence, the city has been repeatedly subjected to cruel raids, was plundered and practically wiped off the face of the earth. But every time, like a Phoenix bird, it was reborn from the ashes.

Modern Eagle

Today Orel is a modern, dynamically developing city, the administrative center of the region of the same name. It has about 300,000 inhabitants. It is a developed industrial center with enterprises of mechanical engineering, metallurgy, as well as light and food industries.

Sights of Orel

The city has many museums, art galleries and exhibition halls. The great Russian was born herewriter I. S. Turgenev. A. A. Fet, I. A. Bunin, M. M. Prishvin came here in search of inspiration. The memory of them is imprinted on the historical pages of the annals of the city. Those who come to the city to see the monuments of the Eagle, certainly visit these museums. There are many old churches and monuments dedicated to various periods of the city's life.

Monument to Ivan the Terrible

In October 2016, a monument to the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible was opened in the city with a scandal. The opening of the monument was accompanied by controversy, protests and even litigation. Nevertheless, a monument to Ivan the Terrible was erected in Orel. It was by decree of the king that the fortress was laid, around which the city arose.

eagle monuments

Eagle Monument

On the station square, visitors are greeted by a monument to the formidable eagle. This unusual and slightly intimidating sculpture was created from straw bolted to a wire frame. When the composition was installed, it caused a wave of indignation among local residents. The authorities even feared that he would not be subjected to acts of vandalism. But over time, the townspeople got used to the bird, and now it has become one of the symbols of the city. The plans of the administration include the reconstruction of the station square, the construction of new buildings, but there is no place for the formidable eagle.

monument to the terrible in the eagle

By the way, there are structures made of straw and wire in other parts of the city. So, a bear is standing at the monument to Leskov, and a ship is installed at the monument to the Komsomol members of the Oryol region, spreading its sails in the wind.

Historic Center

Almost all the main sights and monuments of Orel are concentrated on the right bank of the Oka. This is the historical, cultural and administrative center of the city.

At the confluence of two rivers, popularly called the Strelka, a memorial stele was erected in the year of the 400th anniversary of the Eagle. At the base of the monument is a capsule with a message to posterity, which should be opened on the day of the 500th anniversary of the city. It will be celebrated in 2066.

eagle monuments

Museum of Fine Arts

Those whose soul longs to meet the beautiful can go to the Museum of Fine Arts. The museum has a lot of exhibits covering a huge time period.

Epiphany Cathedral

The city throughout history was not only a strategic center. Churches and temples were built in it. Not all of them have survived to this day. The oldest building in the city is the Cathedral of the Epiphany. It was erected in the middle of the 17th century. It was repeatedly rebuilt and reconstructed, but after large-scale restoration work carried out in 2013, the temple acquired its original appearance. Today, thousands of believers flock to the temple for services. And tourists are in a hurry to see with their own eyes a marvelous example of Russian architecture.

Holy Assumption Monastery

Another historical monument of Orel is the Holy Assumption Monastery, built in 1686. With the coming to power of the Bolsheviks, the monastery was closed, the building was used at the discretion of the city authorities. There was even a children's colony here. Almost all monastic buildings were destroyed.buildings, except for the Trinity Church. After the collapse of the USSR, the building was transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church, and in 1996 the first monks again began their novice service within the walls of the ancient monastery. Now the reconstruction of the temple is completed.

monuments in eagle

Turgenev Museum

Citizens are proud that the great Russian writer V. S. Turgenev was born here. When visiting the monuments of Orel, it is impossible not to look into the State Art Museum, which bears the name of the classic. This is not one house, but several buildings located in different parts of the city, united by a common idea. Visitors can learn about the life and work of the writer, see personal things, feel the spirit of the times.

Military History Museum

Eagle bears the proud title of "City of Military Glory". During the war years, it was a strategic milestone on the way of the Germans to Moscow. The fighting here was fierce. When the Germans nevertheless managed to capture the city, the locals did not give up and carried on active underground work. The military history museum is dedicated to the heroic past. It presents dioramas of military actions, a rich exposition of weapons and other items of terrible times.

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Old Oak

An old oak tree miraculously survived on Pobeda Boulevard after the brutal military bombings. Now its age exceeds 150 years. Monuments to the Red Army soldiers, the Victory Monument, a tank erected on a pedestal are dedicated to the heroic past.

Other attractions

Monuments of the city of Orel can be listed for a long time. You can also visit museums in the city.Andreev, Leskov, Bunin. Pray in the churches of Sergius of Radonezh, Nikola Rybny, the Vvedensky Monastery. View architectural masterpieces such as the House of Governors or a flat house on Lenin Street. Orel monuments dedicated to Turgenev, Lomonosov, Bunin, Lenin, Fet and Dzerzhinsky, heroes of the civil war and war veterans.

monuments of the city of eagle

Eagle is famous not only for old monuments. It also installs new sculptural compositions, such as a monument to a family or a sculpture of a guide. Many monuments of the Eagle, photos of which are taken by tourists and citizens, please with positive and humorous, for example, the sculpture “Officer and Entrepreneur”. These compositions decorate the city, bring a smile, and make someone think.

It's a pleasure to walk in this city, admiring the wondrous nature and sights. Monuments in Orel reflect its heroic past, which the townspeople are proud of, and hopes for a happy future.

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