Every Stallone daughter is a reward for her father

Every Stallone daughter is a reward for her father
Every Stallone daughter is a reward for her father

Probably, it is not necessary to mention once again who Sylvester Stallone is. Numerous movie roles will do this better than any description of his personality. Yes, Stallone is an actor with a capital letter, who did not chase the number of roles (there are just over 50 of them). He tried to give his best, to play as naturally as possible, which means high quality.

Stallone is not only a first-class actor, he can truly be called a happy person, because in addition to successful creative development, he is also the father of three daughters, in whom he literally does not care. This is evident in the way Stallone blossoms, appearing in public in the company of his four beauties. Why four?

In 1997, Sylvester Stallone married for the third time to American model diva Jennifer Flavin. It was she who gave her beloved husband three charming daughters. Flavin herself is aware that next to her handsome husband she should look not just beautiful - but stunning, which she does very well. Model younger than her husbandfor 22 years. A charming mother and three beautiful Stallone daughters - the photo below eloquently demonstrates how harmonious, beautiful and happy they all are.

Stallone's daughters photo

Three pearls of his father

All three girls are friendly with each other. In the photos that they post on Instagram, it is very noticeable. In Sylvester Stallone's Instagram, selfies of a father with three daughters also often appear - one gets the impression that they are inseparable, everywhere and always together.

For the first time, Stallone, along with his wife and three daughters, appeared in public in the summer of 2016, at the presentation of the Hollywood Press Association's Miss Golden Globe Award (since 1963, the nomination was approved, according to which the status of a worthy high-profile title of a child of a Hollywood celebrity was determined). Prior to this, the star couple tried in every possible way to protect the personal life of their daughters from the press. As Stallone later stated, he and his wife wanted their daughters to grow up in a normal environment, to find real friends, not fans of their parents.

It's hard to say which Stallone's daughter is prettier. All three girls are tall, long-legged brunettes, and each took at least a small particle of external similarity from the legendary father, and all borrowed sophisticated feminine forms from their mother.

Stallone's daughter Sofia

Sophia Stallone

Stallone's eldest daughter Sofia was born in 1996. She was born out of wedlock and only a year after the birth of the child, the parents got married.

Before Flavin and Stallonelegalized their relationship, they met for 9 years, and for the last few years before the wedding they lived together in a so-called civil marriage.

If you look closely at the photo of the girl and compare her with the other two sisters, you can see that she is the most like her father.

Sofia is currently studying at a university in Southern California. Lives in a hostel, like all ordinary students. A few years ago I tried myself in the modeling business, but, apparently, for the time being I decided to direct all my efforts to getting an education.

Sofia has made cameo appearances in several TV series and has also appeared on TV several times: once on the filming of The Expendables (2010), and the second time with her entire family at the aforementioned film award ceremony.

Sylvester Stallone's daughter Sistine

Sistine Stallone

An extravagant girl with a rare name Sistine is Stallone's middle daughter. At the age of 17, Sistine, on the advice of her mother, began modeling. Unlike her older sister, the girl shows good progress in this direction.

A year after the start of her activity, Sistine, without the help of her parents, began to make her way through life, signing the first serious contract with the largest modeling agency. Despite her young age, Sylvester Stallone's daughter Sistine has repeatedly starred for the most fashionable contemporary magazines. Her face graced the February 2016 issue of VOG magazine.

In one of her posts, the girl expressed her intention to further master the modelaffairs. She does not see herself as an actress, like her father, because, in her opinion, she feels quite constrained in front of the cameras.

Though who knows, maybe Sistine just isn't ready for the Hollywood movie set yet, but things could change very soon.

Stallone's daughter

Scarlett Stallone

Scarlett is the youngest daughter of Stallone, who was born when her legendary father was 56 years old.

Baby Scarlett is the most modest of all daughters. She rarely posts her photos on Instagram and prefers to stay in her own world. She spends her free time in harmony with nature. Scarlett shows good progress in school, loves to read and listen to beautiful music. Temperamentally, she bears little resemblance to the rest of her family.

Little is known about Scarlett's future plans. Most likely, she herself does not yet fully understand what she wants to achieve from life. So far, Stallone's youngest daughter does not see herself in a modeling or acting role, although at the age of 14 she already made her debut in a cameo role in the film Get Me If You Can, in which Sylvester Stallone played the main role.

Other children of the actor

Also, Stallone is the father of two sons from his first marriage. In 1976, the first-born Sage was born, who followed in his father's footsteps and showed good success in his acting career. But in 2012 he died of a serious illness.

Second son Sergio was born in 1979 with autism syndrome.

As you can see, not everything went smoothly with Stallone's sons, butdaughters - became a real reward for all his life achievements.

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