Vladimir Lyubimtsev: fate is an amazing thing

Vladimir Lyubimtsev: fate is an amazing thing
Vladimir Lyubimtsev: fate is an amazing thing

“National Security Agent” - it was thanks to this series that most of us learned about Mikhail Porechenkov, who perfectly played the main role. Porechenkov has a huge filmography and many admirers throughout Russia and abroad, the actor has received various prizes and awards. Therefore, he can safely be called a successful and accomplished person.

Vladimir Lyubimtsev son of Porechenkov photo

Mikhail Porechenkov: children and grandchildren

Mikhail Porechenkov has five children, and even already has a granddaughter.

The first marriage to Ekaterina Porechenkova (a successful businessman and translator) bore fruit, giving the couple a daughter, Varvara (March 10, 1998).

In the second marriage with Olga Porechenkova (she is an artist by profession), three children were born:

  • Sons Michael (October 12, 2002) and Peter (July 12, 2010).
  • Daughter Maria (December 26, 2004).

Before the first legal relationship, Porechenkov had a beloved woman, Irina Lyubimtseva, with whom he lived in a civil marriage. It was then that the first-born Vladimir Lyubimtsev was born. It will be discussed further.

Vladimir Lyubimtsev

Vladimir Lyubimtsev, son of Porechenkov

There is a photo of Porechenkov's eldest son in our article. We will also offer readers a little information about the past and present of the hero of the article.

Very little information about Vladimir's childhood and youth was leaked to the press. He was born on December 22, 1989. It is also known only that when the boy was 3 years old, his mother died, and his aunt and grandmother took care of him.

During his school years, Vladimir Lyubimtsev was fond of sports, or rather boxing, just like his father, Mikhail Porechenkov. Perhaps, choosing a sport, it was the achievements of his father that he considered fundamental. According to Vladimir, they never hid from him who exactly his father was. He followed the personal life of the actor, reading new information in the media, enjoyed watching films and TV shows with his father, but for a long time he could not tune in to contact.

And finally, when Vladimir was 19 years old, he found the strength and called Porechenkov in Moscow. After a long-awaited conversation and an even more desirable meeting, father and son found a common language, and Porechenkov offered his son to move to Moscow, to which he happily agreed.

Vladimir Lyubimtsev himself claims that he adequately assesses the current life situation and does not hold a grudge against his father. Moreover, his aunt and grandmother repeatedly told excerpts from the life of his parents, which revealed to Vladimir only the best sides of their, though not long, but real and loving relationship.

Vladimir Lyubimtsev and his wife Julia Fall

And what about myselfPorechenkov?

For the first time, information about Porechenkov's son appeared in the press in 2009, before that no one suspected that the star had an older son. In numerous interviews, Mikhail repeatedly said that he did not participate in raising his son due to the circumstances, but when Volodya called, he met him with great joy.

The Porechenkov family received the guy very warmly. According to Porechenkov himself, the son has joined the family so well that one gets the impression that he has always been here.

Porechenkov and his son spent a lot of time together, especially since they share many common hobbies: boxing, shooting. Porechenkov even taught Volodya some knife fighting techniques.

For some time Vladimir Lyubimtsev lived with his father and his family, then he went into the army. Since Vladimir has Estonian citizenship, he also served in Estonia, in the logistics battalion. After demobilization, at the age of 23, Vladimir returned to Moscow and almost immediately entered the Higher Theater School. Shchepkin. As you can see, he thoroughly decided to follow in the footsteps of his father.

After returning from the army, the guy began to intensively build his life: in addition to mastering theatrical skills, Vladimir Lyubimtsev decided to take another important step - he proposed to his beloved. He met her when he was in the army.

Vladimir Lyubimtsev and his wife Julia Fall photo

Vladimir Lyubimtsev and his wife Julia Fall: the most beautiful couple

Vladimir and Julia before marriagedated for about two years. This time was enough for them to get to know each other and understand that life without each other is unbearable. In 2014, Volodya proposed to his chosen one, and she agreed. In the same year, the couple got married, and a year later Mikhail Porechenkov could hold baby Miroslava, his first granddaughter, in his arms and along the way get used to his new status as a grandfather.

What can be said about the young? An incredibly beautiful and at the same time happy couple - Vladimir Lyubimtsev and his wife Yulia Fall. The photos in which they are together simply shine with joy and happiness. Keep it up!

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