Madumarov Adakhan Kimsanbayevich: biography pages

Madumarov Adakhan Kimsanbayevich: biography pages
Madumarov Adakhan Kimsanbayevich: biography pages

Madumarov Adakhan Kimsanbayevich is a popular statesman, chairman of the Butun Kyrgyzstan party, quite widely known in Kyrgyzstan for his political activity. A historian and lawyer by education, he is fluent not only in the Kyrgyz language, but also in some others: Kazakh, Russian, Uzbek and English.

Adakhan Kimsanbayevich Madumarov, biography

The future politician was born on March 9, 1965 in the village of Kurshab (Uzgen district, Osh region, Kyrgyz SSR). In 1982, after graduating from high school in his native village, he got a job as a worker at the Kainar state farm in his own district, from where in 1983 he was called up for military service in the Soviet army. After demobilization in 1985, he returned to work at the same state farm.

In 1987, Madumarov Adakhan Kimsanbaevich became a student at Tver State University, after which in 1992, having received a diploma in history and social science, he got a job as an assistant to the Republican Minister of Press, and then took the post of editor-in-chief of the Turk Aalami newspaper ".

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By 1994 hewent from simple to editor-in-chief and headed the editorial office for children's and youth television programs at the republican national state television and radio company.

By 1995, he was already working in this state-owned company as a political observer for the main directorate of television programs.

Political activities

In 1995 Madumarov Adakhan Kimsanbayevich was elected to the deputy corps of the Jogorku Kenesh (parliament) of the Kyrgyz Republic. He was a deputy of this legislative body until 2005 (from the first to the third convocations), headed the committee on social policy, labor and veterans. During this period, Madumarov managed to get a second education, legal, within the walls of the Kyrgyz National State University. He graduated from this university in 1999.

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Madumarov co-founded the new political social movement "Ata-Jurt", which means "Fatherland" in Russian.

In April 2005, he was appointed Acting Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic. In 2006-2007, Adakhan Kimsanbayevich Madumarov served as Secretary of State of the Kyrgyz Republic. From 2007 to October 2008, he was the speaker of the Jogorku Kenesh of Kyrgyzstan of the fourth convocation. From November 5, 2008 to November 26, 2009, Madumarov served as acting secretary of the Republican Security Council.

In 2010, he headed the political party "Butun Kyrgyzstan", which means "United Kyrgyzstan" in Kyrgyz.

In August 2013 Madumarov AdahanKimsanbayevich took over as Deputy Secretary General of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking Countries.

On the politician's personal life and awards

Madumarov is married and has two sons. The eldest is called Nurmukhammed, the youngest is Dinmukhammed.

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For his achievements, Madumarov was awarded various awards, including the Russian medal "For Merit". She was presented to the politician in February 2007. A year earlier, the Union of Writers of Kyrgyzstan awarded Madumarov with the "Golden Feather", a special badge accompanied by an honorary diploma.

Taking into account the outstanding contribution to the formation of the information space of the Commonwe alth of Independent States, the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly awarded Adakhan Kimsanbaevich the gold medal "Tree of Friendship".

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