The million dollar question: how do men like it?

The million dollar question: how do men like it?
The million dollar question: how do men like it?

From early childhood, the female gender is preoccupied with the thought that men like. A little girl, wearing her mother's beads and limping uncertainly to the mirror in oversized high-heeled shoes, is already meticulously assessing the measure of her attractiveness.

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The girl has already grown a little. She is already thirteen, and she has a lot of complexes: "such a huge nose" or "terrible hair color" or "I'm too fat." As a young girl gets older, she often asks herself questions like, “Am I pretty enough? Are my breasts small? Are my legs long enough?”

Really, what kind of legs do men like? Long, long - a lot of women will immediately exclaim. Are you sure? Even having become old enough and wise enough, we ladies do not stop asking the question: what do men like more? What exactly attracts the stronger sex in a woman? How to draw attention to yourself? And most importantly - how to keep it? Maybe behave as men like, that is, be obedient or wayward, meek or windy?

For centuries, the roles of the stronger and weaker sexes have been strictly defined. Men are warriors, hunters, defenders,miners. Women - home, kitchen, children. From childhood, the future keepers of the hearth were inspired, explained what and how men like it. It was supposed to be modest, beautiful, hardworking, not to argue with the "breadwinner" in anything. After all, an unmarried girl in those days, and what to dissemble - sometimes in the modern world is considered almost an outcast. Not having such physical strength as a man, a woman could not cut down a hut herself or fight hand-to-hand with numerous enemies, lie in wait for prey with a spear in her hands all day, or go around a restive horse.

what do men like more

But times have changed. It is quite possible to buy a hut, the game in the supermarket does not run away, and the car has replaced the horses. And yet we can't do without men. After all, someone should evaluate a new short skirt or boots with heels. Everything is the same as in childhood, having now put on our own beads, more confidently walking on fifteen-centimeter “stiletto heels”, painting ourselves in all the colors of the rainbow, inserting silicone into different places of the body, we women do not stop playing the old game called “catch man." The further progress progresses, the less fair the game turns out, the more we learn to deceive the stronger sex. Quite harmless, with the help of cosmetics, false hair and eyelashes, and sometimes plastic surgery. And which one of us is the hunter now?

what kind of legs do men like

In my opinion, wondering how men like you, you first need to think about how to please yourself. And it doesn't matter what kind of legs you have and what size chest, if youlike yourself, the guy will definitely feel it. From your eyes, as from the windows of a cozy house in wet weather, the genuine warmth of your soul will blaze and warm the person standing next to you. And he will understand - you are the one who will understand him, and you are real.

Lovely girls, women, let's just love ourselves for who we are. There are so many difficulties in life. And if the question of how men like you is not the only important one for you, then with the advent of other interests in life, there will be more free time to simply love yourself and others, to simply enjoy and be loved. Please yourself, love yourself - and immediately please others, and others will love you.

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