What do solid men look like? Tips for changing the image

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What do solid men look like? Tips for changing the image
What do solid men look like? Tips for changing the image

Strong men always seem attractive and reliable, which allows them to find a common language not only with women, but also with work colleagues. Are you not completely confident in yourself, is something going wrong in your work and personal life? Consider changing your style. So, what are the traits of solid men?


They see off according to the mind, but they always meet according to their clothes. It is the appearance of a man that makes the first impression on people. What it will be, positive or negative, depends only on you. Pay attention to the following tips:

  1. Freshness and style to your image will give clean, washed hair. In this case, it is not at all necessary to do a haircut.
  2. Do you have a beard or mustache? It is wonderful! Don't forget to take care of them, groom them from time to time.
  3. Apply deodorants and colognes to a clean body, only in this way they will produce the desired effect.
  4. Being a married man doesn't mean you can forget about your appearance.
  5. Of course, comfortable clothes are good. But try to make sure that it suits you. Baggy and frayed jeans don't look good.
  6. Remember thatsolid - it is not necessarily a we althy man. If you want to focus on this, choose an interesting accessory for yourself - for example, an expensive watch.
  7. You'd be surprised how many people notice shoes first when they meet. Give her due attention, always keep her clean.
Solid men

Choose a suit

As you know, the main attribute of any man is a suit. This is a beautiful universal thing that can be worn at work, and on a holiday, and on a date. How to choose the right suit? Remember the main rule - you need it to suit you. Respectable men choose high-quality suits bought in company stores or made to order. Remember: the miser pays twice. An expensive suit bought will serve you for more than one year, while cheap and low-quality options will often have to be changed. The darker the color of the suit you choose, the more refined it is. A black or gray jacket will look chic and more expensive than a light-colored jacket, regardless of their actual price. Colored suits (brown, green) are not designed for work. They are meant to be worn to the club or outing.

You can wear a jacket and trousers from different sets. It is only necessary to ensure that their fabrics are combined with each other in texture and color. The jacket can be single-breasted or double-breasted. The choice depends only on your preferences. In the second case, the jacket must be fastened with all buttons. When choosing a shirt for a suit, pay attention to cotton or synthetic options.It is better if it is light - white, pale blue, light gray. The color of the tie should match the color of the shirt and suit.

Appearance of a man

Image errors

Strong men make mistakes too. Here are some of them:

  • Velvet fabric in suit.
  • Too short socks that leave part of the leg exposed in the cross-leg position.
  • An old used handkerchief.
  • Dangling, incompletely sewn on buttons.
  • Wrinkled, unironed suit or shirt.
  • Wrong tie.
  • Too bright clothing details, color mismatch.
  • Elements of sports or military style in a suit (patch pockets, shoulder straps).
We althy man


Appearance isn't everything. The solidity of a man lies in his behavior. In the way he speaks and what he does. Solid men are an important unit of this society. Each of them is reliable and irreplaceable. "Solidity" is interpreted from the Latin language as "dense, full, whole." A prerequisite for this characteristic is a sense of inner integrity. Such a man does not need to worry and worry - he is initially confident in himself.

In communication, a respectable man is simple. He avoids talkativeness and idle talk, which from the first second inspires confidence in his interlocutors. The people around him listen, and he, in turn, listens to their words. He does not interrupt, does not shout over, does not require approval. His voice is confident, crisp, clear. He's not in a hurrybut doesn't pause too long.

Married man

If you are a married man, you do not flirt with other ladies in public, thus maintaining your reputation. You always speak positively about your spouse, do not discuss your personal life with other people. Ultimately, everyone chooses how to dress and how to behave. Remember that success in all areas of life depends on your appearance and behavior.

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