What does Hell look like? What is Ray like?

What does Hell look like? What is Ray like?
What does Hell look like? What is Ray like?

Hell and Heaven - these words have been heard by everyone, regardless of religion. Of course, not everyone believes in their existence, but vague suspicions visited, probably, everyone - even atheists. After all, it is not without reason (as many people think) that almost every religion mentions places identical to them!

What does hell look like

And it's true - it's hard to find a faith in which a person after death is not rewarded for his earthly deeds: happiness - for righteousness, torment - for sinfulness. Buddhism, Krishnaism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity - this is not alien to any of the world religions.

One of the few systems that do not recognize Hell or Heaven is paganism. According to his postulates, after death, a person is given a semblance of another life, in which there will be both good and bad - just like in the real world.

But still, let's get back to more categorical religions. This article will discuss three of them: Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.

What Hell looks like in Christianity, probably everyone knows. This religion is painfully popular not only in life, but also in film productions, literature, and painting.

hell or heaven

So, sinners who believed in Christ, but did not keep the commandments, after death will fall (or rather, their soul will fall) into a terrible place:dark, filled with smoke, brimstone and fire. And forever - until the terrible judgment breaks out, they will be subjected to cruel torments there. Demons will fry them on fire, poke them with pitchforks and sharp tails, and Lucifer - a fallen angel and part-time owner of hell - will chew on those who have committed especially terrible crimes. Since Hell looks very intimidating, and it smells there accordingly, sinners will experience both moral and aesthetic torment. It is easy enough to believe in the latter, but physical suffering is doubtful - after all, one soul gets into the underworld, the body remains on earth … Well, yes, this is not very important.

With Paradise, everything is simple for Christians - this is the place where righteous people go, beautiful and divine. There, souls can continue to lead a righteous life, communicate with angels, and indulge in other sinless amusements.

It is pointless to write about Islam in such detail, since Hell looks about the same there, with the only difference that sinners greatly increase in size: "… and their tooth is the size of a mountain." This should cause an increase in their torment.

heaven and hell

But Paradise among the worshipers of Allah is somewhat more interesting - in addition to flowering gardens, it also has beautiful maidens-houris with whom the righteous can indulge in amusements (I wonder how innocent).

Buddhist ideas are quite close to pagan ones. Not a single bearer of this faith will answer unequivocally what Hell looks like. This religion says that there are a great many parallel worlds - some are better, some are worse, in one ofwhich a person gets after death. Moreover, his soul goes there not by itself, but in a new body.

So, an unrighteous person can not only go to one of the numerous Hells (and there are more than a thousand of them) but also be born in the body of an animal. In the same way, a cat can become a human after death, and a representative of Homo sapiens can get into Nirvana (a kind of paradise) or simply get a different, better fate.

Another thing is that all this may be a simple fiction. After all, doctors justifiably explain the visions of dying Hell or Paradise by dying hallucinations.

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