Konstantin Ivlev - innovator and experimenter

Konstantin Ivlev - innovator and experimenter
Konstantin Ivlev - innovator and experimenter

A charismatic chef with a wonderful sense of humor Konstantin Ivlev has long been known to the Russian public thanks to a television show. And in the upper echelons of the culinary nobility, he is a real star with a worldwide reputation.

Konstantin Ivlev: how it all began

Konstantin was born in Moscow on the twelfth of January in 1974. Since childhood, he loved to spin in the kitchen and help his mother in cooking dinner. When little Kostya was seven years old, the family temporarily moved abroad. Five years after his return, in 1986, Ivlev, very we althy at that time, stood out from his peers, but thanks to wise parents who managed to give the right upbringing, the future chef did not turn up his nose and grew up as an ordinary guy, like all teenagers.

When the time came, the young man thought about the future choice of profession. At his own request, which was supported by his father's advice, Konstantin chose a culinary school, or rather vocational school No. 19. In the same institution, Yuri Rozhkov, the current partner and co-author of Ivlev, studied. After successfully graduating with a red diploma, the newly minted graduate began his difficult journey from a novice cook in a canteen to a chef known throughout Russia.


Konstantin Ivlev, having served in the army, got a job in a restaurant called "Steak House" in 1993. Faced with foreign culinary professionals for the first time, the young chef was stunned.

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He opened the whole palette of tastes, unknown and previously unknown. It turned out that a lot of products, sauces, various subtleties and nuances were simply unknown to him. Therefore, the chef Konstantin Ivlev began to actively learn from foreign colleagues, traveled a lot, literally absorbing skill and skill. At various times he worked in the restaurants Luciano, In Vito, Sheraton Palace Hotel and many others. He successfully trained at the French school Vatel and subsequently became a member of the French gastronomic guild Chaine des Rotissers, and also worked in the USA, Sweden and other countries. At twenty-three, he managed to get the title of chief. This incredible moment in life helped start the next round of self-realization and self-education. Ivlev began to invent recipes himself and created a whole concept of Russian cuisine. For this period of time, several restaurants are under his supervision.

Konstantin Ivlev

Chef willingly shares the secrets of his personnel management. According to Ivlev himself, he is quite strict, able to scream, to put pressure at the right time, but at the same time remains open and accessible to people. It is very important for him that each team member understands well what he is doing and, most importantly, why. It is very valuable when a chef respects and loves customers, because indifference completely destroysall efforts to create something perfect. When hiring, the boss himself conducts interviews and, thanks to his vast experience, quickly determines whether a person is suitable for him or not.

Innovator of Russian cuisine

Thinking about the position of culinary in our country, Konstantin Ivlev came to the conclusion that, in fact, it is buried somewhere deep, under the Soviet perception of dishes and culinary in general. At some point, a brilliant idea came up about a new Russian cuisine, which is based on three main principles. The first is the maximum use of products of domestic origin. The second is the use of modern high-tech methods of cooking (molecular, shock, vacuum, low-temperature technologies). The third and final principle is the serving of the dish. Here the chef tries to surprise, discard any stereotypes and follow only intuition. He can present his creation even on a balalaika without strings, the main thing, in his opinion, is a constant search and a desire to move forward.

Ivlev Konstantin recipes

Konstantin Ivlev willingly placed photos of his dishes in his books: "My philosophy of cuisine", "Russia cooks at home" and others. Many books are co-authored with Rozhkov.

Ask the chef

The television channel called "Domashniy" is broadcasting "Ask the Chef", hosted by Yuri Rozhkov and Ivlev himself.

Chef Konstantin Ivlev

Konstantin, whose recipes become real masterpieces, is very fond of fans of cooking shows andwon the sympathy of a fairly large audience. Each issue, wonderful craftsmen present another unique recipe, telling in detail how to cook your mini-masterpiece.

Chef's recipe

One of the programs showed the recipe for Goose Stuffed with Rice.

First, prepare the marinade. For this, garlic and ginger are kneaded, and then mixed with honey and soy sauce. Grate the goose with this mixture and send it to the oven for three hours, the temperature should be 180 degrees.

While the goose is languishing in the oven, rice is boiled for the filling until half cooked. Raisins and apples cut into pieces, from which the skin was previously removed, are added to it. Chicken liver should be fried in butter with onions and also combined with rice.


- goose - 1 carcass;

- ginger;

- honey - 100 grams;

- raisins - 50 grams;

- rice - 200 grams;

- green apples - 2 medium fruits;

- chicken liver - 150 g;

- onion - 1 medium onion;

- soy sauce - 100 milliliters;

- s alt to taste.

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