Krasnodar libraries: list, description, addresses

Krasnodar libraries: list, description, addresses
Krasnodar libraries: list, description, addresses

Libraries today are not just large book repositories, but also information centers. Libraries of Krasnodar can be called temples of literature and culture. Here you can get acquainted with new books, work at the computer, attend a creative evening of local talents. In the new review, we propose to find out what kind of libraries are there in the capital of the Kuban, where are they located?

krasnodar libraries

Children's library named after the Ignatov brothers

Little readers will enjoy this Krasnodar library. It is one of the largest institutions for children in Russia. Its funds are located on an area of ​​​​one square kilometer, and the number of readers exceeds 30 thousand people!

By the way, the first references to the library named after the Ignatov brothers are found in documents dating back to 1933. Then its area was much smaller, but there were twice as many readers! In 1959, the library "moved" to the building where it is located to this day - on Krasnaya Street,26.

Children's Library named after Vitaly Borisovich Bakaldin

Another Krasnodar library for young bookworms is located on Kommunarov Street, 201. It is rightfully considered a center of culture and leisure. It was opened in August 1976. Today, the book fund has about 70 thousand publications. About 53,000 readers visited the library last year!

Youth Library named after Ivan Fedorovich Barabbas

For older readers there is a library in Krasnodar named after the poet, hero of the Great Patriotic War, hero of labor of the Kuban. It was founded in the summer of 1980.

For young readers, there are more than 180 thousand publications - print, electronic and audiovisual! In addition, funds are regularly replenished. The number of readers today is 24 thousand people, and the number of visits to the library is more than 150 thousand. At least 500 public events are held here every year. The most popular are the Library Night, the Decade of the Orthodox Book, the Night of the Arts. This library is located on Officerskaya Street, 43.

Library named after Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

What is the Pushkin Library in Krasnodar? It is the oldest institution in the entire region. It was opened back in 1900! There are more than a million publications in the funds of this temple of literature. These are books, magazines, newspapers, records. The most valuable copies are pre-revolutionary editions. There are books here with autographs of famous writers and poets of Kuban.

Finding this book palace in the city is as easy as shelling pears: it is located on Krasnaya Street, 8. In front of the main entrance there is a monument to the poet,whose name the institution is named.

Pushkin Library Krasnodar

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov Library

The book world for blind Krasnodar residents is opened by a unique library named after Chekhov, located at 87 Gavrilov Street. This institution provides visually impaired and blind people with special books. There is also literature intended for specialists working in the field of blindness compensation: employees of correctional schools, doctors.

Among the users of this Krasnodar library there are almost 6.5 thousand inhabitants of Kuban. These are people of different ages with different categories of disability. On average, every year experts give readers about 400,000 publications. In addition, cultural events are held here - at least two thousand a year!

Nicholas Alekseevich Nekrasov Library

One of the most popular libraries in Krasnodar is the Nekrasov Central City Library. It was first mentioned in documents in 1923. At first, only two librarians worked here. The book fund then numbered a little more than four thousand publications, and there were a little more than a thousand visitors.

Nekrasov Library Krasnodar

Today, the Nekrasov Library (Krasnodar) is a magnificent book collection, modern reading rooms, computer workspaces, and interest clubs. Aspiring poets will love poetry circles! About 15 thousand residents of the city visit the institution.

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