Functional management structure

Functional management structure
Functional management structure

The functional management structure is a set of departments, each of which has a specific task and responsibilities. Within this structure, each governing body, as well as the performer, has a specialization in the performance of certain managerial functions. Thus, the enterprise creates a certain apparatus of specialists who are responsible for only one area of ​​work.

functional management structure

The functional structure of management basically contains the principle of full control, and the implementation of the orders of this body within the boundaries of its competence is mandatory for units. And general issues at the enterprise are resolved collectively.

The functional management structure has the following advantages:

- a high level of competence of specialists who are responsible for performing certain functions;

- narrow specialization of the unit, focused on the performance of a certain type of management activity, which contributes to the absence of duplication of functions of individualservices;

- empowering line managers in terms of production management due to their release from other special issues.

personnel management structure

With all these advantages, the functional management structure has a number of disadvantages, the main ones are listed below:

- in connection with the implementation of the principle of full control, the principle of unity of command is violated;

- significant duration of the decision-making procedure;

- difficulty in maintaining close relationships between individual functional services;

- each functional manager and department prioritizes their own issues that are not fully aligned with the goals set for the company.

Personnel is one of the most difficult objects of management in the organization, since it is he who has the ability to make decisions and evaluate the requirements placed on him from a critical point of view. Also, the staff is very sensitive to any managerial influences, to which the reaction cannot be unambiguously determined.

brigade management structure

The personnel management structure is a combination of methods, techniques and technologies for organizing work with personnel. There are various ways to build it, the choice of which depends on the model of a particular enterprise and its organizational structure.

The basis of the management structure is the organization of work in certain working groups. brigade structuremanagement is a rather ancient organizational form (for example, workers' artels). Its main principles are:

- work of teams offline;

- decision-making is carried out by working groups independently with horizontal coordination of activities;

- replacement of rigid managerial connections with flexible connections;

- use of knowledge and experience in development, solving some problems of specialists from other departments.

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