Home woman. A housewife. Ideal life partner

Home woman. A housewife. Ideal life partner
Home woman. A housewife. Ideal life partner

What is meant by the expression "domestic woman"? First of all, this is, without a doubt, a housewife who does not have an official job. However, this difficult phrase also has a deeper meaning: a domestic woman is a woman who not only creates comfort in the house, but feels comfortable within the walls of her apartment or cottage. Achieving complete harmony between the inner world and the atmosphere of your own home is not easy, but it is quite possible - it is enough to make every effort.



Traditionally, it is wives and mothers who are responsible for maintaining the hearth: cooking, cleaning rooms, putting things in order wherever necessary. If you are just recently married and starting to manage your own household, take note of the following tips:

  • A married woman always takes care of what her husband and children eat. Ideally, only homemade dishes should be served on the table. If you feel uncomfortable at the stove, try to implement interesting recipes for a slow cooker or air grill. Keep a varied menu: it should include vegetables, fruits, mushrooms,meat, poultry, fish, dairy products. It is good to cook soups and borscht for dinner - they unload the gastrointestinal tract and make heavier food easier to digest.
  • Keep your house clean so that your husband is happy to come home from work. Scattered things, mountains of dirty dishes, unhe althy smells and old stains on furniture contribute to increased stress and imperceptibly, but very significantly spoil relationships between family members.
  • Every household woman does a lot and often erases. If it seems to you that the volumes of washing are too large, and ironing and laying clothes in the cabinets take too much time, involve the children in the business: let them help as much as possible. They can be assigned to put their own things on the shelves or sort clothespins.
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Active life

  • Every day you have to deal with numerous responsibilities, so make it a rule to get up in the morning as early as possible. If you are an owl by nature, set an alarm clock: an excessively long sleep will still not bring the feeling of a good rest, and an early rise will allow you to redo many useful things in advance - for example, prepare a he althy breakfast for the whole family and check if the child took everything with him to school.
  • A collected and punctual domestic woman always adheres to an individual schedule. Make your own schedule for cleaning and cooking, remembering to leave small periods of time for force majeure and unplanned affairs. You might want to sharehousehold duties with children - fix in writing (you can directly on the calendar) who and on what days dusts, washes dishes, waters indoor flowers.

Matrimonial life

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  • First, you should discuss your mutual plans for marriage with your husband. How do you both see your life together? What should be the house, economy? Which duties, in your opinion, are masculine, and which are primordially feminine? Remember that any expectations must be realistic first and foremost.
  • If you are a domestic woman and do not go to work, perhaps after a while you will be seized by the desire to control not only the household, but also family members. However, do not forget that your husband is no longer a child and has every right to personal choice. He chooses his own hobbies, food, clothes and so on. Do you value your personal space? Let your spouse have his own.
  • Listen more. A good partner listens to a loved one without interruption, showing empathy and allowing the interlocutor to express everything that boils.
  • Good intimate relationships are of paramount importance to any marriage - especially if you hope to live side by side with the chosen one until old age. Make sex your priority. This does not mean that you need to try different positions and sex toys every day - just find that middle ground when both you and your husband are satisfied with both the quantity and quality of sex. Ideal life partners are women who are able to provide all the natural needs of a man.

In society

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  • In an effort to satisfy the basic needs of a spouse, one should not forget about the children - they need good educational games, contests and competitions with their peers. Throw a kid's party at home with the little ones you know, or take the whole family on a camping trip - kids of all ages love wildlife.
  • Don't forget about traditional holidays and invite guests. An experienced housewife knows what dishes to prepare for the Easter or Christmas table, how to entertain friends and relatives, and how to decorate an apartment for a birthday or wedding anniversary. If you do not work and rarely go out, use the opportunity to communicate with people in conditions that are comfortable for you.

Your hands are not for boredom

Every married woman on maternity leave faces the same problem - boredom from being in the same place for a long time. Fight this decadent feeling - find a favorite hobby that you won't mind wasting your precious free time on. It is better if this hobby is productive - try, for example, sewing or baking.


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  • Spare your time and energy on education. Even if you do not need an academic degree for work, this does not mean that you can give up and limit yourself to the knowledge and skills that you were taught in an educational institution. It's enough just to read books - the more, the better. For those who want to improve inreal academic disciplines, special online courses have been developed - many of them can be enrolled for free.
  • Find a part-time job. Whether it be copywriting, custom sewing, cosmetics distribution or electronic data processing - small but real money will allow you to purchase the desired item and enjoy the fact that you are making your own contribution to the family budget.

These useful tips together may give you a general idea of ​​how to be a happy wife. However, remember: you, your husband and your children are individuals, and ensuring the happiness of everyone is only in your hands.

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