Proverbs about a friend, or How to teach a child the rules of true friendship?

Proverbs about a friend, or How to teach a child the rules of true friendship?
Proverbs about a friend, or How to teach a child the rules of true friendship?

Parents should understand well: it depends on them what future their child will have. And it's not about gifts, clothes or an educational institution. Much more important is what moral and spiritual values ​​they can bring up in their child. After all, it is they who will become that guiding star that will not let their crumbs get lost in the future.

An important point in raising a child is to provide information about friendship. After all, social relationships are an integral part of life. Agree, it is difficult to imagine a happy child who is completely deprived of communication with others. Therefore, it is necessary to teach your child from an early age how to properly build relationships with others. And proverbs about a friend are perfect for this purpose.

proverbs about a friend

Why do kids get lonely?

It's very easy to make friends in kindergarten, because during this period, most children do not pay attention to clothes, social status, age, and so on. But with the transition to school, everything is drasticchanging.

Completely different laws reign here, and those who are not familiar with them quickly find themselves among the “losers”. Such children are like white crows, useless and uninteresting to anyone. But worse, over time, they become easy targets for those who want to raise their social status by humiliating others.

Subsequently, the driven child becomes withdrawn, he begins to have problems with his studies, and faith in people fades away day by day. How to avoid it? It is best to teach the child these unwritten laws of society from the very beginning, so that, once in a new team, he can easily join it. And to help in this, no matter how trite it may sound, the usual proverbs about friends.

proverbs about friends

Why use proverbs?

So, the problem with withdrawn children is that they don't know how to behave in this or that situation. Therefore, it is necessary from an early age to explain to the child the elementary rules of communication, which are based on mutual respect and trust.

Proverbs about a friend can be an ideal means to achieve this goal. There are several reasons for this:

  • Firstly, their content allows you to delve into the psychology of relationships. After all, each proverb is a small rule that clearly shows the principles of friendship. For example, “disappear yourself, but help a friend out.”
  • Secondly, proverbs often consist of one sentence, which allows you to remember them without much effort.
  • Thirdly, the use of folk art will not only strengthen the knowledge of the baby, but also help develophis creativity.
  • proverb best friend

Basic laws of friendship

Now let's talk about friendship itself and what principles it is based on. But you need to understand that if most of what has been said seems like a simple truth to an adult, then for a child it is a dark forest. Therefore, every incomprehensible moment he needs to explain well, and only then move on to the next one.

So, let's start with the basics of friendship, namely trust. After all, who can be friends with someone who cannot be relied upon? What proverbs about a friend can be used as an example?

  1. "One for all and all for one" - perfect for kids of all ages as it's easy to follow.
  2. "No friends - look, found - take care."
  3. Also a good example would be the proverb “An old friend is worth more than two new ones.”

Next, you need to explain to the child that friendship is built on mutual respect. Without it, good relations will not work. For example, the following proverbs about friends are suitable.

  1. "A goose is not a friend to a pig" - that is, you should not try to be friends with someone who does not want it.
  2. "Hay is not friendly with fire" is another analogy that confirms the previous statement.
  3. There is also a proverb: "The best friend in trouble does not leave." It is very simple, but it demonstrates the basics of friendship. You also need to explain to the child that if his friend let him down once, then most likely this will happen again in the future.
  4. proverb old friend

Why is it important to have friends?

During training, it is likely that the child will ask a provocative question: “Why do we need friends at all?” It is very important at this moment not to get confused and give a clear answer so that the baby understands everything correctly.

All the same proverbs about a friend can help with this. For example:

  • "What one with difficulty, then with friends with laughter."
  • "Even the fastest bee alone can't bring much honey."
  • "You can't tie a knot with one hand."
  • "A friendly herd is not afraid of an evil wolf."

In principle, there are many such examples. But the essence is the same for everyone - it is impossible to live happily without friends. And in order for the meaning of the above to better reach the mind of the child, use the images of characters from his favorite cartoons as an additional example. After all, such visualization will greatly facilitate the process of raising your child.

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