The black crow is a wise scary bird

The black crow is a wise scary bird
The black crow is a wise scary bird

Since ancient times, a black crow has been associated with a person with a symbol of death and the hardest sorrows. All this is due to its large size, dark coloration with a metallic sheen and intimidating croak.

Wise bird

black Crow

The black crow is a faithful companion. She very scrupulously selects a partner for herself, but for most of her conscious life she remains devoted to her chosen one. This mysterious bird lives from 55 to 75 years. During this time, she sees and learns a lot, which is why she is called wise and prophetic. In folk beliefs, she is credited with a longer life cycle, which lasts from 100 to 300 years.

What does a crow eat

The black crow is a bird that eats everything, disdaining absolutely nothing. It even includes carrion in its nutritious diet. In appearance, the female is no different from the male of her kind, only weighs a little less, namely, on average, from 800 g to 1300 kg. If you look from the side, you can surely notice that it is somewhat similar to a rook, only larger in size.

Description of the black crow

Adult black crow has resin plumage in the area of ​​the head, neck and wingspurple-green colors. On the abdomen - its color with a bluish or metallic sheen. The wings are very long, their span during flight reaches more than one meter. The tail is pointed towards the bottom. The beak is black, thick, with the shape of a cone, slightly bent down. The paws have very sharp and strongly curved claws. Her iris is a pronounced red-brown color.

Where black crows live

black crows

These big fearsome black crows live throughout the vast land. The only places where they haven't been seen yet are South America and New Zealand. Why they are not satisfied with these fabulous, beautiful areas - is unknown. Black-winged representatives of this genus of birds have a very strong nervous system and excellent memory. They accumulate previous experience, on the basis of which conditioned reflexes are born in them. From an early age, they observe the actions of adult birds, and then apply the knowledge gained in practice. For example, this is how the struggle for their territory takes place.

Black Crow Settlements

yahonta black raven

Crows like to settle in flocks and build their nests only within the occupied territory. They also get food for food directly in their possessions, and in the late evening they return to their penates. Although it seems to us that a huge number of ravens live on earth, this is not so: the number of these flying individuals has significantly decreased today, despite their extreme caution. And yet they still trust a person, preferringsettle in crowded places, in barnyards and landfills. And in the very vicinity of people, they build their nests on the tops of water towers, high-rise buildings, bell towers.

Yakhont group. Song "Black Raven"

A lot of poems and songs have been written about these birds. For example, the Yakhont group. "Black Raven" is a famous song that has become their hallmark. The work was performed by the soloist of the group, Sergei Selivanov, with such anguish and revelation, as if he felt his death. "Why?" - you ask. Because the image of this bird is so demonic and chaotic that sometimes you just shudder when you see it. No wonder they associate this black-winged creature with the realm of the dead and with death. And now it’s worth considering whether the lead singer of the group brought trouble to himself, or whether it was destined for him by fate.

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