Comfrey. plant application

Comfrey. plant application
Comfrey. plant application

A herbaceous plant that grows in one place for several years and reaches one meter in height, has spreading leaves and branches at the top - this is comfrey. Its use as a medicine in traditional medicine is very common. This plant can significantly affect human he alth and put even a hopeless patient on his feet. Infusions, decoctions, ointments and other drugs are prepared from it.

comfrey application

Larkspur, comfrey are the main names of the herb. It grows in damp places, on the edges of forests, near ditches, in thickets of shrubs, in damp meadows. The plant can be found in the Caucasus, the Carpathians, Central Asia, the western part of Siberia and the eastern part of Kazakhstan. Comfrey blooms throughout the summer, its flowers are purple or purple. The entire trunk, leaves and inflorescences are pubescent with bristly white hairs. The roots and leaves have medicinal properties, the latter are harvested at any time, but the rhizomes are dug up onlylate autumn

Astringent, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, enveloping, antimicrobial - these are the main properties that comfrey has. Its application is very wide. The plant has a softening and healing effect on the skin. Stops internal bleeding, improves appetite, cures diarrhea and colitis, improves tone healing comfrey.

comfrey grass

The use of its leaves is very different: you can simply apply them to wounds, or you can prepare ointments, decoctions and tinctures with them, which are very effective in healing old wounds, bone fusion. They contain a substance such as allantoin, which has a beneficial effect on the speedy fusion of bones in complex fractures. The leaves are finely chopped and applied to the sore spot, of course, if no plaster is applied.

Comfrey roots have also found their application. They are turned into powder and ointments are prepared, the basis for which can be internal pork fat. This homemade medicine treats osteoarthritis, gout, spinal osteochondrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, polyarthritis. One part of the roots accounts for four parts of lard, the ointment is stored in the refrigerator. She needs to thoroughly lubricate the sore spots before going to bed, and then wrap them with a warm cloth, then comfrey will work better.

larkspur comfrey

The use of the tincture of the plant has an anti-inflammatory effect on the internal organs. To prepare it, you need to pour two teaspoons of roots into 300 ml of warm boiled water, leave it all for 8hours. For a day you need to drink 0.5 liters. People with sore joints are advised to take baths and make compresses with comfrey. 100 g of roots are added to a liter of water and boiled for 10 minutes. The drug is filtered and poured into a bath of water, you can also make compresses from it, applying it to diseased areas of the body.

It must be remembered that although this plant is medicinal, comfrey is still very poisonous. The herb contains cynoglossin, consolidin and alkaloids, which, accumulating in the body in large doses, can adversely affect the central nervous system and cause paralysis. The use of decoctions inside can adversely affect the functioning of the liver; when used externally, you also need to be careful. Comfrey is also contraindicated during pregnancy.

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