Military motto and team name. Military slogans and mottos

Military motto and team name. Military slogans and mottos
Military motto and team name. Military slogans and mottos

The culture of any society is multifaceted and consists of many layers. One of the most unusual and ambiguous is army traditions, which to one degree or another we encounter almost daily. Let's try to consider a small part of them through a story about such a manifestation of it as military names and mottos.

Military motto: why and for what?

military motto

Military motto is a short saying that carries a certain semantic load. They have the mottos of both types of troops and individual military units with a long military history. Examples include the famous "No one but us!" at the Airborne Forces or "Where we are, there is victory!" - Marine Corps of the Russian Federation.

For any soldier or officer, the motto of the unit carries a certain sacred meaning. This is more than just a beautiful saying. This is the battle cry with which they enter the battle, die, win. The military motto becomes a piece of the heart of a fighter, who is not to be disgraced - a matter of honor.


The first of the military mottos in the modern sense can be considered the famous Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant! ("Those going to death greet you,Caesar!"). By right of the mighty, the Imperial legions took this saying from the gladiators entering the arena, greeting their commander before the battle.

military mottos and team names

The German-speaking principalities, and then Hitler, for centuries carried out expansion into the lands of the Russian states under the general slogan Drang nach Osten (Onslaught to the East), which can be safely considered the motto of an aggressive policy. The expression "White Man's Burden" has always been considered an unofficial justification for the colonial atrocities of the British Empire.

All subsequent history is replete with similar examples. Here are a few related to Russia: "For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland" - the motto of the Russian imperial army, or "For our Soviet Motherland!" - Red Army during the war with Nazi Germany.


The military motto as one of the elements of the distinctive symbols of the types and branches of the armed forces is widely used around the world. For example, Finnish pilots carry the inscription “Quality is our strength” on their wings; the emblem of their colleagues from Australia adorns the proud "Through thorns to the stars"; the army of France depicts on chevrons - "Honor and Fatherland"; the Germans have a concise and strict - "We serve Germany."

military names and mottos

The US Army approaches this issue with the greatest pathos. Here, not only the state structure itself has its own motto (“Army from one”, which replaced “Become everything you can” in 2001), but most parts flaunt similar “named” pearls. For example, the 101st Airborne Division operates underthe slogan "Date with fate", and the 2nd Infantry says "We will not yield to anyone!". By the way, both units participated in campaigns where American weapons, to put it mildly, did not win military glory - Korea, Vietnam, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan. However, the impudence and self-confidence of the Yankees did not diminish from this.

In the army of the USSR, and then in Russia, this tradition was not very common. However, a certain trend has recently emerged, and, according to the order of the Minister of Defense Sergei Kuzhugetovich Shoigu, the rear forces have officially received the military motto "No one is better than us!".


No wonder there is a separate section of humor called "army". Wits in uniform for a long time and in large numbers "give birth" to various unofficial military slogans and mottos, many of which are firmly "stuck" to certain types and branches of the military. One has only to hear them, and it immediately becomes clear who exactly they are talking about: “I don’t fly myself and won’t let others” - the Air Defense Forces (Air Defense), “For communication without marriage” - signalmen, “We are changing landscapes” or “After we have only silence" - the guys of the Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN). The slogan "The fact that you are not yet in prison is not your merit, but our shortcoming" - does not require comments.


military motto

Boys cannot do without games, and even when they grow up, they sometimes want to play "war". The way out has been found! Grown up young men invented a large number of different games and activities on a military theme -airsoft, laser tag, paintball and many others. As a rule, these are team types of entertainment. Each of the teams is trying to stand out from the mass of others, and therefore the military names and mottos of the teams are sometimes striking in their originality. But there may also be complete copies of parts that exist in real life. For example, the name and motto of one of the special forces of the Russian Federation (the slogan of the Vympel detachment is the phrase "Terrorism is a disease. Meet the doctor!") appears quite often at various airsoft events.

Fans of historical reenactments deserve a special mention. Fans of this type of entertainment with special care restore the uniforms, ammunition and weapons of various units that took part in a particular battle. At the same time, all, even the smallest, parts of equipment are copied. That is why on chevrons, emblems and standards you can see the military motto of the unit that the participant represents. This is especially noticeable on the form of the Imperial Guard of Napoleon and parts of the SS.

Children's games

military mottos for teams

Military mottos and team names are used not only in "adult" entertainment. Many people remember the old pioneer game Zarnitsa, which has now been transformed into a variety of team games as part of the program of military-patriotic education of the younger generation.

These camps are called "paramilitary" for a reason. Everything here is like in the army: from the daily routine and life in the field to the strict requirement of discipline. One of the firsttasks for newcomers, as a rule, is to come up with the name of the team, company, platoon, etc., as well as a motto on a military theme. A serious educational effect is hidden here: the motto will become that guiding star for the detachment, the light of which will illuminate the path of the unit throughout its existence.

However, even in ordinary, "civilian" children's holiday camps, the wards are divided into separate units. And quite often, a detachment can choose a military-themed motto for itself. This does not at all mean aggressiveness to vacationers. Rather, it is about excess energy and certain ambitions. And how military mottos and team names are applied and developed depends entirely on the surrounding adults.

Psychological aspects

military motto

If you look from the point of view of psychology, then military mottos for teams act in two main qualities.

  • Firstly, this is a powerful way to suppress the "ego" of each of the fighters, and at the same time direct their strengths and capabilities to achieve a team result. Everyone must understand that victory can only be achieved by joining the efforts of all who are nearby. For example, the slogan of the Canadian military "We stand guard over you": here is a direct message to unity and community ("We"), and the main task of the army ("guardian" of the state) is indicated.

  • Secondly, if the motto of the unit is perceived by the fighter as something inseparable from him, very personal and valuable, it serves as an impetus to action, a kind of trigger that mobilizes all the internal forces of a person. No onethe paratrooper, knowing the great "No one but us!", will not even think in a critical situation to chicken out, retreat, evade the fight. Everything is simple here: he understands that, apart from him, no one will do this. And a warrior is not only obliged, but also must, and can, and will do it.


military slogans and mottos

Military motto is an essential attribute of any structure, one way or another adopting paramilitary features. It is impossible to invent it "on the spot", to order - it is born from sweat, blood and flame. And only those who perceive it as a whole, who understand its essence, are able to proudly carry the banner of their ancestors. Relating to the motto as a beautiful set of words, he is easily able to refuse in difficult times, since for such an individual these words cost nothing and do not carry any motive. With the slogan "For the Motherland! For Stalin!" tens of thousands of our great-grandfathers went on the attack and went to enemy machine guns, dying and losing comrades. But with this slogan, they won because they carried it in their hearts.

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