How to solve puzzles, crosswords and other puzzles

How to solve puzzles, crosswords and other puzzles
How to solve puzzles, crosswords and other puzzles

Solving crosswords is difficult only for those people who are absolutely not friends with logic. Everyone else is advised to solve at least one crossword puzzle, crossword puzzle or some other puzzle a day, because finding answers to questions helps to develop thinking.

You should start with the fact that each type of logic puzzle needs to be solved only in a certain way.

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Even a first-grader knows how to solve puzzles, because there is nothing unbearably difficult in them. Filling in crossword puzzles is a more difficult task, here you need to have at least superficial knowledge in various fields of science and life. A person of 15 years old today is unlikely to be able to solve a crossword puzzle, the answers to which are concepts from the times of the USSR, which cannot be said about an adult lover of logical entertainment.

And in order to solve crossword puzzles, you need to have quite a lot of erudition. But this statement applies, of course, only to traditional crossword puzzles, where you are required to enter words into cells. You may be surprised, but there are crossword puzzles in which the answers are pictures.Japanese word puzzles are just such an example.

Forget about how to solve puzzles, because for Japanese puzzles you will have to exert not so much erudition as mathematical abilities, because you will need to count a lot. Japanese scanwords look rather unusual: a field of cells and incomprehensible columns of numbers along the edges. No wonder beginners will be confused and afraid to solve these puzzles at first. And the usual Japanese scanword is solved very simply. The numbers in the columns indicate the arrays of filled cells that need to be placed in a certain line.

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The difficulty lies in the fact that it is required to calculate in advance the possibility of crossing some arrays of filled cells with others, and also leave spaces for spaces, without which Japanese scanwords would turn into a "sea battle" game.

Since we are talking about Japan, it will not be superfluous to remember about Sudoku. I will now explain to you how to solve puzzles of this type, but first you should tell a little about the history of their appearance. Many people think that the Land of the Rising Sun is the birthplace of this puzzle. This statement is actually erroneous, since Sudoku was invented by the famous mathematician L. Euler, who was not Japanese. The game was generally called at first by a rather strange name "chislobus" and was not particularly popular among scholars. Only after penetration into Japan did the number of buses become of interest to a wide range of people and received their current name.

How to solve Sudoku puzzles if you've never done it before?

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I assure you, there will be no difficulties, especially if you first take on a puzzle of low difficulty. The essence of the game is that you are given a square of 9 by 9 cells, further divided into 3 by 3 squares. Each small square must contain numbers from 1 to 9, just like the lines of the large square. In this case, the numbers in the lines and small squares should not be repeated. It is Sudoku that will help you pass the long winter evenings.

Of course, these are not all puzzles that have already been invented by man. There are kakuro, keywords, Rubik's ball … But before you take on them, you first need to learn how to quickly solve crosswords, crosswords and sudoku, which will be your first step towards developing your own intelligence.

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