What is an emergency situation? How to get out of it?

What is an emergency situation? How to get out of it?
What is an emergency situation? How to get out of it?

Any deviation from the usual and well-coordinated (routine) management of a certain unit in absolutely any field of human activity can lead to a situation called an emergency. Each division must immediately notify the higher authorities of changes in the course of events accepted by the norms. All measures and actions that need to be taken in case of non-standard situations, as a rule, are prescribed in the relevant official documents. But due to the difference in the spheres of human activity, the actions in the event of a system failure will also be different.


Any event that caused negative consequences, affecting people working in a particular area, the organization itself, equipment, manufactured product, environment (this is an emergency situation) provides for certain actions to get out of it. Today, experts incomputer technology is working hard to create and improve programs to manage such situations.

At its core, this is a catastrophic event that causes a severe failure of the entire system, regardless of its profile. The reasons for which an emergency situation may arise are different: from a natural disaster to equipment damage. The occurrence of such events is influenced by factors of a different nature, depending on the person and completely independent, which are difficult to foresee and difficult to influence.

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Training situations

At every enterprise and in general in any organizational structure, a typical emergency situation for this area, its causes should be modeled and worked out, and all preventive measures should be taken to prevent the occurrence of failures in the system.

The lack of such planning and exercises can lead to great risks associated not only with economic losses, but also with human casu alties. The enterprise must necessarily develop a plan for emergency situations, restore damage to systems, and employees must receive certain skills and qualifications.

Another important point is that no matter what an emergency situation arises, people should not panic and should remember that human life is the greatest value.

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Sources of occurrence

Conventionally, situations leading out of the usual course of events can be divided by sourceoccurrence on:

  • caused by natural disasters, environment (ice, fog, etc.);
  • caused by changes in road communication (destruction of the pavement, foreign objects caught on the roadway, construction and repair work related to the roadway);
  • caused by a malfunction of technical means;
  • caused by accidents in traffic, shipping, air;
  • caused by human error;
  • caused by force majeure circumstances that could not have been prevented or foreseen.
the occurrence of an emergency

What kind of emergencies at work can occur?

Actually, the question is not easy. The fact is that everyone's work is different, and it is necessary to talk about cases of violation of the normal working rhythm specifically for each type of activity. There are no general instructions. They, as mentioned above, should be developed by the relevant bodies of certain organizations.

It is one thing, for example, the situation in the air when performing a parachute jump, another thing is an emergency landing of an aircraft. There are situations of sudden failure of automated systems, a computer system, a hacker attack. These are all different situations.

There are conflict situations in the store, there are strikes by the company's staff, and there are large-scale protests. There are a lot of situations that violate the planned course of events. They are different and require separate consideration.

Special situation

If an emergency situation occurs in the process of working onany project creates an operational control group consisting of management participants. This group includes representatives from all areas of the project.

At one time in the Soviet Union, the issue of preparing entire units for rescue operations in case of emergency situations when weapons of mass destruction were used was seriously raised.

The participation of various units, means and forces in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster confirmed the need to prepare special forces and the civilian population for the emergence of such situations. Today, a new threat has emerged that is being discussed all over the world - terrorism. He is able to change the course of events at any hour and in any place. And we are taught today to be ready for such turns.

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Unique in its kind is an emergency situation in space, where astronauts are lonely in a certain sense, and help from Earth is a big question. For example, on March 18, 1965, Alexei Leonov and Pavel Belyaev encountered incredible emergency situations that seemed even unsolvable.

Leonov was the first in the world to go into outer space. He took this bold step, but he and his partner had to take risks five times. If not for the psychological preparation of the astronauts and the ability to take responsibility for their decisions, perhaps everything would have ended tragically.

To find a way out of emergency situations, you need to have certain skills and special knowledge. Butan important factor is the intuitive ability to make the right choice. Responsibility is a must.

contingency in space

Instinct for life

The example of cosmonauts Leonov and Belyaev perfectly demonstrates the behavior that is needed in any situation that is out of control. Surprisingly, while still on earth, Leonov began to suffocate in the pressure chamber, but the Leonov-Belyaev tandem was not broken, and together they headed into outer space.

They almost got a lethal dose of solar radiation, then Leonov almost returned to the ship, the spacesuit swelled up, the astronaut had to violate the instructions, but in this way a life was saved. The ship received an excess dose of oxygen, which the astronauts also had a hard time with, but managed. And finally, Voskhod had to be planted manually, as the automated system failed. It seemed that everything was against it, but the astronauts coped, even acting sometimes not according to instructions. Apparently, the vital instinct was stronger. Plus psychological stability, experience and professionalism.

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