Fatih Akin's top five films

Fatih Akin's top five films
Fatih Akin's top five films

Fatih Akin is a German director, screenwriter, producer and actor who has won several awards for his work. In the article, we will pay attention to his career and the best works.

Short biography and first works

Fatih was born in Hamburg in 1973 to Turkish immigrants. Films Fatih Akin began to shoot in 1995, and the first of them was the short film "Sessin, it's you!", For eleven minutes, showing how a young Turk is trying to woo the girl of his dreams. And three years later, the director shot the full-length thriller Quickly and Without Pain (1998) about three friends who dream of ending crime and starting a normal life. For his work, he received two awards, defining him as the best young director.

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This inspired him to continue his career. First came the adventure melodrama The Sun of the Aztecs (2000), then the comedy drama Solino (2002), and a year later the drama Head Against the Wall, for which Fatih received the highest award of the Berlin Festival - the Golden Bear. And having shown the film "Beyond the Bosphorus" (2005) at the Cannes Film Festival, he received the prize for the best screenplay.

Fatih Akin's filmography now includes about twenty projects. It's not much, butgiven how successful some of his films are, the list goes on and on. In the meantime, let's focus on his best work.

Quick and No Pain (1998)

In his first film, director Fatih Akin tells the story of three friends: Bobby the Serbian, Jebrail the Turk and Costa the Greek. All of them are connected in one way or another with crime, but in their hearts they dream of a different future. True, the present clearly hints that their plans will never come true.

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But, as it turns out, not everything is so hopeless. After all, one of them manages to change his fate - he leaves Hamburg and moves to Istanbul, where he starts a new life. The question is, can others even get that close to fulfilling their dreams?

Solino (2002)

In the drama Solino, Fatih Akin tells the story of an Italian family living in a town called Solino. Now Romano, Rosa and their two sons, Gigi and Giancarlo, are trying to settle down in Germany. They open a pizzeria named after their hometown. True, unlike her husband, Rosa still cannot get used to the new environment.

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The brothers are wildly excited about life in Germany, because there are completely new opportunities for entertainment, one of which is smoking marijuana. They are always together and ready to support each other. In general, everything is brotherly with them, at least until a girl appears who both like. From this moment, disagreements begin between the two close friends.people.

Head on the Wall (2003)

The film, for which Fatih Akin received the Golden Bear and the Fipresci award, tells the story of an oriental beauty named Sybil. The girl lives in Hamburg, but her Muslim background does not allow her to fully enjoy Western life. She would like to go to clubs and meet guys, but her parents do not give her such an opportunity. Therefore, she decides to get married in order to finally escape from the family.

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The girl chooses Cahit Tomruk from Mersin for the role of her fiancé, who recently got into a major car accident. At first, they agree to just live together and build their own destiny. But gradually they get closer, and then fall in love. Of course, you can just be happy for them, but there are still many tests ahead of the guys.

Soul Kitchen (2010)

The protagonist of the film, Zinos Kazantzakis, is the owner of a small restaurant in Hamburg. He cooks his own food, because it is because of this that he always has visitors. The restaurant, of course, does not bring much profit, but he really likes this place. That's why the guy didn't leave with his girlfriend when she decided to work in China.

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But parting with her was not the only problem for him. Recently, while dragging weights, he injured his back, due to which he temporarily lost the ability to stand at the stove. And the new chef only scared away the customers with his cooking. In addition, he had to arrange for his brother so that he could leave the prison quarters during the day. Butthe worst thing is that an old acquaintance of Zinos has his eye on his institution in order to use it for his own purposes.

"Scar" (2014)

In 1915, during the genocide, Nazareth lost his daughters. This is really a great misfortune, so the man grieved for a very long time. But time has passed, and gradually the horror of those terrible events begins to fade in it. That's when he learns that his daughters may still be alive.

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Nazareth does not believe for a long time, but still decides to find them. First, he goes to a small village located in the heart of the Mesopotamian desert. And then it travels thousands of miles to get to North Dakota. And all the while, he's not sure if he can reunite with his family so that the deep scar in his soul can finally heal.

In May 2017, Fatih Akin finished shooting the drama "On the Limit" about a girl named Katya, who lost her husband and son as a result of a terrorist attack. Most likely, this is not his last work, because the director is still very young, he has to shoot and shoot. The main thing is to have ideas.

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