NPF "Welfare" is an opportunity to receive an additional pension

NPF "Welfare" is an opportunity to receive an additional pension
NPF "Welfare" is an opportunity to receive an additional pension

The non-state pension fund "Welfare" was established in 1996. Currently under the control of Russian Railways. As of early 2015, the organization serves over 1 million clients. NPF "Welfare" is a non-profit institution that manages the pension savings of citizens. In fact, it took over part of the function of the PFR and significantly expanded the opportunities for citizens who want to receive a decent pension in the future. Most of the clients of the Welfare Fund are railway workers, and borrowers from some banks are also actively involved in the number of participants.

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Services for private clients

NPF "Welfare" offers individuals who want to secure a decent old age to conclude an agreement with him on their own. At the same time, by paying contributions, a person forms an additional pension. Its size will depend on the size of the regular payment and the term of formation.

The Welfare Foundation is an organization with voluntary participation. The client has the right to terminate the contract at any time and uponto receive not only all the savings, but also the income received by the fund from their investment. In addition, if necessary, it is proposed to also appoint heirs.

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Corporate clients

In the labor market, despite the crisis, there are always a large number of offers from employers. Especially if the company requires highly qualified professionals. Increasingly, organizations are offering corporate retirement plans to their employees to further their benefits. In developed countries, this practice has long been used to form the future pension of an employee, and in many it is even a mandatory requirement for the employer.

Corporate programs from the Welfare Foundation are an opportunity not only to attract new staff, but also to motivate and retain staff. In addition, organizations participating in the formation of an additional pension for an employee receive tax benefits.

Formation of the future pension can only take place at the expense of the enterprise or with the participation of the employee himself. Specialists of NPF "Blagosostoyanie" are always ready to help their clients and choose the best corporate programs for them from existing ones or develop new ones.

How much will the additional pension be?

In most cases, regular contributions to a non-state pension fund will allow you to receive an additional half of your last earnings. "Welfare" is an organization with extensive experience in the market. Thanks to this, the client canindependently choose the size and frequency of payments and future payments.

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