Max Scheler. Philosophical anthropology of Max Scheler

Max Scheler. Philosophical anthropology of Max Scheler
Max Scheler. Philosophical anthropology of Max Scheler

Max Scheler was born and lived in an era of rapid social changes in the world, which resulted in revolutions and wars. His worldview was influenced by the teachings of many German thinkers, whose ideas he met as a student. He himself became famous in connection with his philosophical anthropology, which he considered in the last years of his life.

The article provides information about the biography of the philosopher, his personal life, creative path and philosophical quest.

Short biography

The German philosopher Max Scheler was born on August 22, 1874 in Munich. His mother, Sophia, was an adherent of Orthodox Judaism. Father, Gottlieb is a Protestant.

Max Scheler

At twenty years old, young Max graduates from high school and begins his further studies at various universities in the country:

  • studying medicine, philosophy, psychology in Munich;
  • sociology and philosophy of Simmel and Dilthey in Berlin;
  • philosophies of Eucken and Liebman;
  • Pierstoff's national economy;
  • Regel's geography;
  • protectsdissertation under Aiken;
  • undergoes an internship at the University of Heidelberg;
  • starts working at the University of Jena.

In September 1899, he changes his religion, accepting Catholicism. In 1902, he met Husserl.

The philosopher studied at different universities in the country. It was the same with his work. At various times he taught at the universities of Munich, Göttingen, Cologne, and Frankfurt. He rose to the rank of professor. During this time, he wrote and published many of his scientific works.

Death overtook him in Frankfurt on May 19, 1928. The body was buried in the South Cemetery of Cologne.

Private life

Scheler was officially married three times in his life. His first wife was Amelia Ottilie, whom he married in 1899. From their marriage, the boy Wolfgang was born in 1906. After thirteen years of life, Max Scheler divorces and marries Maria Furtwängler.

translation from German into Russian

In 1920, he meets Maria Shea, but he will divorce his second wife only in 1923. The following year, he will legitimize his relationship with his mistress, who, a week after his death, will give birth to his son Max Georg. She will also edit and publish the collected works of the German thinker after his death.

Creative Stages

Researchers of the philosopher's creative path distinguish two main stages. At the first of them, Max Scheler explores issues that relate to ethics, feelings, religion. This period lasted until about1922. At that time, he was in close contact with Husserl.

The second stage lasted until the death of the scientist, it was devoted to the interpretation of the Deity as unfinished, as something that goes along the path of becoming along with the cosmos and human history.

The issues that the philosopher covered in his work can be found by studying his works. Their translation from German into Russian will help the Russian-speaking population in this.

Key piece

One of Scheler's most famous works is his response to Heidegger's "The position of man in space". In it, he stressed the need for the formation of philosophical anthropology, which would become the fundamental science of human essence.

philosophical anthropology of Max Scheler

For the first time he will introduce these thoughts in 1927 at the “School of Wisdom” to those present with the help of the report “The Special Condition of Man”, which he will subsequently finalize and rename.

In the work, which has its own translation from German into Russian, the author sees man as part of wildlife. The book belongs to the final period of the thinker's work.

Philosophical anthropology

Max Scheler was most concerned about the essence of man. He sought to answer the question: what is a man? The thinker realized that it was rather difficult to find an answer, since a person is too wide and diverse to find a definition for him.

His idea was formed in times of violent social upheaval, when the world shuddered from bloody wars. Moreover, the German nation was, like no other,involved in these events. Scheler Max, whose books are known all over the world, set himself the task of developing a doctrine that could solve the most acute national problems. He sought to find a saving way for his people.

Scheler Max books

An important feature of his anthropology was the assertion of a certain discord in the inner world of people. The philosopher decided of the two types of cultures that existed in Western anthropology, to choose a sense of shame, not guilt. At the same time, he believed that a modern developed society requires great sacrifices from the natural needs of people. He called this phenomenon over-intellectualism.

In his opinion, a person must himself understand and be aware of his inconsistency in the system of being. He must fulfill his role in this unified system with great responsibility. One of the most important issues of modern society, he considered the responsibility of each person for the existence of human civilization.

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