Feminization - is it innate or acquired?

Feminization - is it innate or acquired?
Feminization - is it innate or acquired?

Man is a being, on the one hand, reasonable, on the other hand, endowed with a sufficient number of oddities of various kinds. It happens that everything is relatively harmonious and naturally developed in it. But among people there are also those who have any deviations in the development of their body.


So, sometimes the development of an organism does not follow the traditional path laid down by nature, but some winding paths that sometimes lead to irreversible changes in human essence. A man is no longer a man, and a woman is no longer a woman. And surprisingly, the moment of such changes can happen at any age.

conflict in male and female physiology

In psychology and medicine there is such a thing as feminization. This is a term that characterizes the change in the dynamics of puberty and somatic development in women or men. He characterizes the clinical syndrome associated withrelative or absolute hyperestrogenemia in the representatives of the stronger half, as well as resistance of target organs to androgens.

The term “feminization” itself is a word of Latin origin (femina), which means “woman”. Its synonym is feminism. From the point of view of medicine, the pathology in males is expressed by gynecomastia, the manifestation of female traits in the distribution of subcutaneous tissue and physique. Pathological feminization is not demasculinization, incomplete embryonic masculinization (virile syndrome), eunuchoidism, hypogonadism.

men and feminization

Even if a subject with a male genetic and gonadal sex has an underdeveloped penis, hypospadias, or a vagina with a uterus, he cannot be classified as a group with pathological feminization. After all, these are all symptoms of incomplete embryonic masculinization. This can happen due to testicular androgen deficiency.

Pathology and psychology

Pathological feminization is the development of abnormalities with an absolute or relative excess of estrogens. It can occur with insufficiency of the gonads, the absence of testicles, tumors of the adrenal glands, testicles, pituitary gland, adenoma, as well as long-term use of estrogenic drugs.

If a person with a male genetic and gonadal sex, even in adulthood, retains the female type of sexual hair growth, they speak of a delay in sexual development during puberty. When the proportions of the skeleton are similar to eunuchoid, they are not considered manifestations of feminization. This phenomenon is observed in bothsexes if gonadal deficiency occurs.

Feminization of a man

There is also such a thing as the forced feminization of men, boys and boys. This is a phrase that describes the male's unnatural desire for the manifestation of female traits, which arose as a result of the dominance of another personality. Often the reason for this behavior is the shortcomings in the upbringing of the child in childhood.


If we are talking about pathology, then the feminization syndrome can be detected in the early stages. Then, with the right approach to treatment, the disease will not progress.

Testicular feminization is a hereditary disease when false hermaphroditism occurs: the genotype is male and the phenotype is female.

Testicular feminization is also observed in the female sex, when masculine body characteristics and other pathologies are observed.

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